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Fan Stuff / Re: Castlevania: Umbra of Sorrow (1999 Fan Project)
« Last post by Dracula9 on Today at 01:13:13 PM »
Both incorrect.

Additional hint:

There is a particular something in Aria that is never given any real explanation. This character is related to that something.
Fan Stuff / Re: Vamprotector fan Game
« Last post by Lelygax on Today at 01:11:39 PM »
Yes, I'm back! For the people that has been PM-ing me, the project is still on going strong! Just been submerged with my 3D projects. Vamprotector is still going strong behind the scenes!

I'll release a secret.
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Happy Memorial Day to all that served!

A weapon to surpass Metal Gear Pachinko games!  ;D
it's looking very interesting.

considering they said their favorite outside their own games, is CVIII because it doesn't tell a story but rather the stroy unfolds through the gameplay progression, maybe they will take some tips from Dark Souls when it comes to progression and being more subtle with story, so players can interpret things more deeply and stuff, instead of hamfisted plot made to entertain instead of immerse.

think the less story driven it is, the more open its castle progression and nonlinear it could be.

Fan Stuff / Re: Castlevania: Umbra of Sorrow (1999 Fan Project)
« Last post by Lelygax on Today at 12:23:21 PM »
I can tell some things:

-It's a he.
-On myth and legend, he's not known as a vampire. Here he is a vampire, but there is still a strong connection with his own lore.
-We took bits of things from the series to make them into a single character. This character will retroactively be some of the unnamed entities that have already appeared on the series, having now finally "shown himself".
-He's not as powerful as Olrox and Carmilla, but he still holds command over one of Dracula's "properties".

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I can only think about two entities with this kind of description, if they appeared more than one time in the series:

-Wraith: Like in Simon Wraith, Fake Trevor/Sypha/Grant, but more importantly in Castlevania 3 it appears like a spirit before entering in the coffin to revive a fallen boss body and control it.

-Doppelganger: It appeared a lot of times too, yet I don't see how it would be linked to ashes, it can morph (one of Dracula's magical "properties").

Now if you meant properties as some item or monster, I can go as far to think its Doctor Frankenstein. I've discarded Walter as a possibility since you said its a new vampire and appears in myths and legends, even having its own lore.
So...about that deadeye Behemoth....

That was quite the anticlimactic fight...took him on a few nights ago and I was expecting to die a few times. Turns out none of my characters took any damage whatsoever, and the fight was over pretty quick. Didn't help that he got stuck in his pathfinding after he jumped up a cliff, and I could safely plug away at him, but as soon as he made it to a barrel....

I loved the setup for the fight...too bad it was all for naught in terms of challenge

Not that I haven't gotten whooped running into various level 50 mobs early on, but still...

I beat the Stormblod story, and its the greatest story in the whole franchise!! especially when factoring in ARR and HW arcs enhancing the events, developments and journey through that point even further!!

Stormblood is flippin AWESOME, it enhances the world and everything! and both Red Mage and Samurai are incredible,
though I really like Red Mage's advantages and being able to cure and raise have saved certain parties!!
Hardcore Gaming 101 / Re: SNES Classic
« Last post by Bloodreign on Today at 04:41:47 AM »
The only thing this has that I don't already own and care about is Secret of Mana (Earthbound I don't give a shit about, always felt it was overrated over stuff like the Mana games, and a lot of other SNES/SFC RPG's, Chrono Trigger I have on the PS1), it has a few games I don't own on it, never had the desire to own them (including both Star Fox games and Super Punch Out). They'll do what they did with the NES Classic, make so many, let the consumers kill each other trying to procure one, then spend a shitload of money on Ebay to have one. No thanks.

Edit: Looks like the Japanese one has Fire Emblem and Panel de Pon (big FU to Tetris Attack, now that I know better, I hate changes to games to appease to certain markets, especially now that I know better). More people know about Panel de Pon now than they did back in the 90's, not to mention the Japanese version actually gives you a hidden extra fight if you do well in the game (that versions "Bowser" is actually the second to last guy, and not the final like in TA. And I know he isn't Bowser, just using him as an example). Especially puzzle games, they did it for Magica Drop (all characters personalities, gone), Puyo Puyo (Kirby and Robotnik, grrrr), and Puchi Carat (no pre match dialogue, half the endings cut out), and Panel  de Pon (which I don't have.....yet. That's why I go Japanese versions for my puzzle games. You just don't screw with my puzzle games.
Off Topic / Re: What anime are you currently watching....
« Last post by Bloodreign on Today at 02:52:27 AM »
Back in time to one from 1995, before CGI, and when things were still cel drawings, Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach. Very much reminded of Sailor Moon with this one, same kind of genre, same goofy humor, maybe less clumsy heroine. Looks to follow the same formula too, main character transforms (with a wedding dress too), her 2 friends don't just yet Looked ahead, there are 4, though that's 1 less than Sailor Moon, and no outer senshi.

Randomly picked anime FTW. Last one was Asu no Yoichi, which was supposed to be a romance and harem anime, delivered really on neither. But I'm a sucker for Sailor Moon type shows.
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