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Fan Stuff / Re: Simon's Quest Re-imagining Idea.
« Last post by Nightale on Today at 02:46:45 PM »
Great pixelart, I would play this gladly. Tho I never played original Castlevania II.
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Hardcore Gaming 101 / Re: Monster Hunter World beta is amazing !!
« Last post by affinity on Today at 12:57:58 PM »
Is this an MMO or single player? I saw a video yesterday and I just saw one avatar running around doing things...

it has single player and multiplayer.   It should be playable offline, and seems like is designed to be soloable too since there is a palico helper and gameplay is generally viable for any amount of players to complete.

there's lots of gameplay videos out there.  it would be insane if it requires online for single player but I think it could be playable offline for genuine single player too.

and its not an mmorpg, monster hunter is its own genre.  I say it's kind of like PSO but emphasis on hunting 1 or more really strong and durable monsters in open world feeling maps, and there are several open maps.  full version will have 50 minute timer per quest, however I heard you can still free roam even after the timer is over, so it does have open world elements divided into separate huge maps, but designed in different style and structure.

though its definitely more co op friendly than Soulsborne games.
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Fan Stuff / Re: Spritework Request & Showcase Thread
« Last post by Bloo on Today at 07:50:10 AM »
Hardcore Gaming 101 / Re: Savage :The Shard of Gosen
« Last post by Bloo on Today at 07:49:27 AM »

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