Prelude the First
"Fate, monstrous and empty, a whirling wheel you are;
if badly placed, health is vain..."
 --O Fortuna, "Carmina Burana"

With the fall of Castlevania, the dreaded abode of Count Dracula, a multitude of paths are chosen.

But what would be the overture to the symphony is only the beginning.  Driven by the Wheel of Fortune, those who tread on the thin lines between light and darkness are thrown, blind, to the unbiased jaws of destiny.

Four stars, their spirits in turmoil, know not of the hardships ahead of them:  a forgotten past, a dreaded curse, many a confused thought of a heart striving to confess true feelings...and a tragic, noble soul torn by the ceaseless conflict of a heritage both barely understood and completely loathed.

Most of all, the fiery lust for vengeance burns like a wildfire through many of these hearts.  No sooner does Castlevania crumble to dust that the darkness wells up and spreads across the countryside with increased fury...and the very same souls who continuously search for a true purpose find themselves with reasons to battle the surrounding tempest.

However, the nature of the human race—nay, of all races in general—is to wander the endless earth in search of a purpose true.  Even if it means to forever be in inner turmoil or be pitched in the eternally burning flames of battle.

But if no one takes up the fight, the world is without a single ray of hope.  Nothing is won without conflict.

And how painfully true, both physically and emotionally, this would prove to be for our ill-fated souls...