By Pete Jakomin





            February 11, 2002. It was over 150 years since the last rise of Dracula. For some reason he didn’t awake after one century like he normally did. Because of this, everybody believed that the fight against evil was finished. But they were wrong.



            Ethan was frightened as his plane, a Boeing 767, pulled away from the gate at Los Angeles Airport. Ethan had a fear of flying, and flying on the 11th of a month didn’t help his fear much either. He was afraid of many things. Mechanical failures, engine fires, terrorists. Dracula didn’t even cross his mind.

            His plane was now on the runway gaining speed. As the plane began climbing off the ground, Ethan closed his eyes. He was flying to Romania, to visit his Uncle David, and Aunt Maria. His Uncle David, his mother’s brother was a Belmont. His mother was a Belmont. He was a Belmont. Although His last name was Lessman, he was a Belmont.

            Ethan was muscular person. He was quite tall for his age too. A 14 year old at a height of 5’ 9”. Although he was tall and muscular, he wasn’t very smart. When he heard that he’d be traveling to Romania, he wanted to know if he’d get to meet the Pope.

            Ethan’s flight took over 12 hours, but when he arrived he was happy. Happy to see his aunt. Happy to see his uncle. Happy to be on the ground. But soon, he would wish that he were in a plane, or a car, or a train. He would come face to face with the Evil.

            On the way to his aunt, and uncle’s place, Ethan noticed that the sky became dark with clouds, and noticed a swirl in the clouds over a patch of forest. He then saw a big flash of light out of the clouds, and then the swirl was gone, and the car they were in pulled into a driveway. He was there.

            Later that night, Ethan was woken up by screaming. It was his aunt! “Help Ethan!” she screamed. Ethan ran out of the house, looking for his aunt and uncle, but as he was running, he ran into somebody. “I am the dark priest Shaft,” said the person. “I have kidnapped your aunt and uncle. The Count needs them.” After saying this, the person disappeared. Ethan was very scared. He didn’t know where his family was. Ethan looked into the sky, and was frightened even more. The swirl was back. Ethan ran towards where the swirl in the clouds was at. He ran through a patch of trees, then saw a castle. The swirl was directly over the castle. Ethan knew this is where his family had to be, and he ran towards the castle. This is where the quest of another Belmont began.


            Ethan was at the castle wall. The drawbridge was up, and he had no way of getting in. He turned around to leave. As he was walking back, the bridge began to drop down. He heard a loud boom as the bridge hit the ground. He turned around upon hearing this, and entered the castle.

            When Ethan was inside the castle, he was in a large hall with many candles hanging on the wall. He walked through the hall. As he neared a door, a zombie came out of the ground. Ethan didn’t know what to do. More zombies came out of the ground. He had no where to run. He was now up against the wall. The zombies came closer and closer. Ethan had no weapons to fight the zombies off. He was a goner. Then he had an idea. He pulled a candle off the wall, and threw it at a zombie. The zombie went up in flames, and was gone. Ethan was still in trouble though. There were still too many zombies in the room for him to escape. He then noticed that on the ground where the zombie he killed stood, there was a chain whip. Ethan ran and picked it up. He then began hitting zombies with it. Soon the zombies were gone, and he was able to go through the door.

            Ethan went through the door, and was in a room with a stairway in it. He climbed the stairway, and there was more trouble. Serious trouble. Medusa was there. Ethan hit her with his whip. She didn’t die. He hit her again. Still didn’t die. Then a snake was flying towards Ethan. He was hit. He fell on to the ground, but quickly got back up. He hit Medusa again with his whip. And again, and again. She finally fell back, and died. Ethan was in pain though. He was bleeding from where the snake hit him, and he was poisoned. He could hardly move. A zombie came out of the ground. Ethan didn’t have the strength to hit it with his whip. He noticed he was right next to a candle. He grabbed the candle, but he dropped it. When the candle hit the ground, it disappeared, and in its place was some serum, in a strange bottle. It was a cure ampoule. He drank the serum, and was back to normal. He hit the zombie with his whip, and continued onward. A door was at the end of the room he was in. He went through it.

            Ethan was now inside a tower of the castle. It was crumbled, and had ivy, and weeds growing through the walls.  Ethan walked around in the tower. Up stairs, through doors, and encountered only a few monsters. A couple of skeletons, a few bats. Nothing that challenged him too much. He went through another door, and waiting for him were two mummies, nearly twice his size. He began whipping them frantically. One of the mummies was defeated almost instantly, but the other wouldn’t die. It began shooting out bandages at Ethan. Ethan hit the bandages with his whip, and the disintegrated. Then the mummy became surrounded in a yellow mist. It was a poisonous gas. Ethan tried to hit the mummy with his whip, but breathed in some of the gas. He was paralyzed. The mummy shot out a bandage. It hit Ethan. Ethan fell to the ground, but was no longer paralyzed. Painfully Ethan stood back up. There was no way for him to defeat the mummy with his whip. There were to candles by the doorway. By now he knew that if the candles were destroyed, he’d get something useful from them. He hit one of the candles with his whip. It was holy water. He threw the holy water at the mummy. The mummy went up in flames, and disintegrated. Ethan ran down to where the mummy was at. There was another whip, a longer whip. He picked it up. All of the sudden there was a rumbling noise in the room. The tower, which the room was located in, was caving in! Stones blocked the door Ethan entered through. The walls were beginning to cave in. Then the floor under Ethan gave way, and he was falling through a large, deep shaft.

            At the end of the shaft was a waterway. The only solid ground in the water was the floor from the room, which Ethan fell from. Then from the distance on the water came a strange figure. There was something inside a boat. A strange looking man. The man said to Ethan, “I’ll take you where you want to go.” Ethan walked onto the boat, and without saying a word, the man began rowing the boat.

            A few minutes later the boat stopped. Ethan was at the other end of the waterway. He got off the boat and there where two jail cells. Inside one of the cells was Ethan’s aunt. “Thank you Ethan! I’m so glad to see you,” she said. “They took your uncle.” “Where? Who?” asked Ethan. “Two men. I believe there names were Shaft, and Gilles de Rais. They said they’d be taking him to Dracula,” said his aunt. “Dracula you say. So that’s whose castle this is. What would Dracula need with Uncle David?” asked Ethan. “Ethan, your mother will hate me for telling you this, but your uncle’s last name is Belmont, and so was your mother’s. A very long time ago, one of your ancestors, Sonia Belmont thought that what Dracula practiced was wrong. Killing innocent people for no reason. She traveled to this exact castle, to put an end to Dracula’s evil practices. Dracula’s son Alucard also thought that his father’s practices were evil. Although he was half vampire, his human side is what controlled him. They eventually met, and put and destroyed Dracula. The two then got married, and had a child. Trevor Belmont. What they didn’t know is that Dracula put a curse on Alucard, sealing him into a deep sleep. They also didn’t know that Dracula would return every 100 years to spread evil throughout the world. Every time Dracula would rise, another Belmont would kill him. By kidnapping your uncle, Dracula could not be destroyed. At least he thought. You’re a Belmont, you can destroy him.” “How?” asked Ethan. “I don’t know. I’m not a true Belmont. You are a Belmont descendant. You have to destroy Dracula though. You’re the world’s only hope.”

            After the long speech by his aunt, Ethan noticed a stairway in the other jail cell. He freed his aunt, and they both went up the stairway. They were now inside a giant clock. It was the clock tower. Together, Ethan and his aunt climbed through the tower, walking across gears, and climbing stairways. When they reached the top of the tower, there was an axe. Ethan picked it up, and then A man jumped out at him. It was Shaft. “You have made it far. But now your work will be a complete waste. I will kill you,” said Shaft. Then Shaft began shooting little green balls at Ethan. Ethan began hitting Shaft with his whip. It did nothing. Ethan threw the axe at Shaft. Shaft fell back, and then Ethan began hitting him with his whip. Shaft was quickly defeated. Then another man jumped out. It was Gilles de Rais. Ethan was cornered by this man. The only way out was to jump all the way to the bottom of the clock tower. A certain death. Gilles de Rais reached out his had toward Ethan. Ethan couldn’t breath. Then Gilles de Rais went towards Ethan’s neck, to bite him. Closer, and closer. Ethan couldn’t do anything. Closer, and closer. Then all of the sudden the man fell. All the way to the bottom of the clock tower. It was Ethan’s aunt. She pushed him. “Thanks,” said Ethan, and a door opened up. The door led to a stairway, and up the stairway was the castle keep.


            Ethan climbed the stairs to the castle keep, his aunt close behind him. He opened the door into the castle keep, and there was a candle on a stand. He tipped the stand over, and the candle burned up. Where the candle was located, was a boomerang shaped like a cross. He grabbed the cross, and continued to another door. He opened it, and there was his uncle, standing in the middle of the room. In a throne against a wall sat Count Dracula. Dracula pointed a hand at Ethan’s uncle, and then at Ethan. Ethan’s uncle quickly dove at Ethan trying to tackle him. Ethan dodged his uncle, and then screamed to Dracula, “What have you done to him?” Dracula replied, “He is under my command now. With him as my guard, no one will be able to defeat me!” Ethan’s uncle got up off the ground, and dove at him again. This time it was a direct hit. Ethan went flying right to the ground. His uncle got off of him, and showed Ethan, that he had stolen his boomerang. Ethan got back up, but he was hit by the boomerang, and went back into the ground. Ethan tried getting up again. The boomerang was coming towards Ethan again, but it was too high. It missed him. Ethan, knowing that his uncle was a danger to him, hit his uncle with the whip. His uncle dropped the boomerang. Ethan quickly picked it up, and began throwing it at his uncle.

            After about five minutes of continuously being hit with the boomerang, ant the whip, Ethan’s uncle fell to the ground. He began coughing up blood, then he said, “I’m sorry Ethan.” He closed his eyes, and was dead. “NO!” screamed Ethan. He then turned to Dracula in the chair and said, “You. Look what you’ve done, you monster. You killed him.” “No, you killed him. You were the one who fought him off. I was only the one who commanded him,” said Dracula. “If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t of had to fight him. You are evil,” said Ethan. “What do you expect from me. I am Dracula, the King of Evil. And your uncle. He was a Belmont. The family I hate most. Every time I would try to change this world into hell, my plans would be thwarted by a Belmont. Now, I have become victorious, and there are no more Belmonts.” “You are wrong Dracula. I am a Belmont. I will defeat you,” said Ethan. “You are just a child. No matter what family you are from, you cannot defeat me,” said Dracula. “Then God will help me,” Ethan said. “God cannot help you. Only Satan can give you power. Join with me and you can have all the power that you want. Turn away from that God of yours.” “No!” screamed Ethan. “I will not join you!” “Very well then. If you will not join me, I will defeat you,” said Dracula, and then he shot a fireball out at Ethan. Blocked the fire with his whip, and Dracula disappeared. He then reappeared behind Ethan. “Behind you!” screamed Ethan’s aunt. Ethan turned around, and quickly threw the boomerang at Dracula’s head. It was a direct hit. Dracula disappeared, and reappeared again. This Time in front of Ethan. Ethan hit Dracula with his whip, and Dracula did the trick again. In front of Ethan again he appeared, but to far away to be hit by anything. He shot a fireball. It missed Ethan, but was heading towards Ethan’s aunt. It hit her. She fell to the ground. Ethan was too busy to worry about if she was alive or dead.

            The fight lasted about an hour. Ethan threw his boomerang at Dracula, and his head fell off, and disappeared. Ethan ran over to his aunt. She was alive, but knocked out cold. Then Ethan heard a loud noise, like the sound of an explosion. He turned around, and there was a big beast. The beast said to Ethan, “Now see my true form.” It was Dracula. Ethan pulled out his whip and ran towards Dracula’s second form. He hit the Dracula in the head. Dracula then jumped into the air. Ethan ran really fast, away from Dracula, nearly being trampled on. Ethan pulled out the boomerang, and threw it at Dracula. Dracula continued jumping. After being hit by Ethan’s weapons many times, Dracula began spitting out fireballs too. Ethan continued to throw his boomerang and his whip at Dracula. Dracula continued jumping, and spitting fireballs at Ethan. Dracula spit out another fireball, and it hit Ethan right in the chest. Ethan fell to the ground, clutching his chest in pain. When he was hit, his boomerang flew out of his hands. Ethan couldn’t get up. He was in too much pain. Dracula then said, “Now you are defeated.” He then jumped into the air. He was aiming for Ethan’s head. He was coming down now, and Ethan couldn’t move. Then all of the sudden, Dracula burst into flames, and returned to his normal form, just inches away from Ethan. Then Ethan heard a voice say, “No, now your defeated.” It was his uncle! He was alive! “Uncle David!” screamed Ethan. “Your alive!” Then they heard another voice. A raspy voice. It said, “Yes, but not for long.” It was Dracula. He pointed to the ceiling, and then fell to the ground. Ethan’s aunt awoke. “David, you alive?” asked Ethan’s aunt. “Yes Maria, I am.” Then there was a rumbling noise. The castle was collapsing. “We have to get out of here!” said Ethan. All three of them quickly ran out of the castle. When the reached the outside, the castle began to sink into the ground, and only a small pile of rubble was left. They then continued onward to Ethan’s aunt and uncle’s house.

            When they returned home Ethan said, “Thank God it’s over.” “Yes, it is over, but only for now. Some time in the future, Dracula will once again return. And his castle, Castlevania will once again reappear out of the mist. You can bet that a Belmont will be there to destroy him again too,” said his uncle. “How did you defeat Dracula? You had no weapons,” asked Ethan. “Yes I did,” replied his uncle. “I had this.” He then pulled out the boomerang and gave it to Ethan. “I picked it up off of the ground after you dropped it.”

            It was now time for Ethan to return to Los Angeles. Time to return home to the USA. As his plane was leaving the gate from the Walachia airport, he noticed that he no longer had a fear of flying. After coming face to face with evil, he was no longer afraid of anything.

            Ethan had a nice, peaceful, flight home. He kept the whip, and the boomerang, just in case he ever needed it again. He doubted that Dracula would ever return again in his lifetime, but he would probably need the weapons to prove to his girl friend what he did. And if Dracula did return, Ethan would be happy to defeat him again, using the same exact weapons.



The End


Coming soon… Castlevania 2002 Part II



This fan fiction was created by Pete Jakomin. Any unauthorized re-make of this fan fiction without his consent is Plagiarism and is illegal. This fan fiction was made for viewing at the Castlevania Dungeon. To make comments, E-mail me at Comments are greatly appreciated.