INTRODUCTION: Transylvania, 1200 AD This takes place in an isolated area of Transylvania. Dracula's jealous brother, Alexander Perseus Tepes plots to overthrow him. He plots to slowly use the factions under his controls to slowly infiltrate all of Transylvania. Alexander came into power, as a child, in approximately 1200AD, a time when chivalry abounded. The only reason this was not known was because of his small influence over a small province.

With the assistance of his undead servant, Simmons, Alexander has managed to take a firm hold of this small province. However, his control is only limited to the wolves and bats and has not yet attained the ability to raise the dead or summon demons.

A distant cousin to the Belmont family, Miriel Sethram has often wanted to share the spotlight, but has always been told by her guardian, Simmons, that she is too young for such nonsense. Her beloved foster parent works for the unpopular Count Alexander, whom she has met on occasion.

When Simmons is kidnapped, Miriel seeks out Alexander, but is defeated by him, though he is a child. She is told by an elder member of the local village that she would need to find a holy sword.

CHAPTER 1: PURE HOLY (the seek for the holy sword)

The forest gleamed an emerald green, a majesty which matched non-other. Untainted by Alexander's poison touch, the forest was silent, and serene. Miriel looked at a map of the land. Her long, golden hair wafted in the wind. The map showed the sword to be at the dead center of the forest. She was getting closer, but the forest seemed to be a maze at this point.

Miriel had found a brook, many paces back. Perhaps she should relocate it and start following the brook, which was not shown on the map. Miriel decided to do this. It seemed like the best thing to do.

The brook was ever winding, but it eventually led to a small pool, which she believed was very close to the sword she was looking for. Miriel sat down to rest by the pond, and examined her current sword. It was short, and in her eyes, basically useless. It's blade was wearing down. She tossed it into the pond.

A murky blackness shrouded through the pond. Miriel jumped back in surprise. The black shroud receded as quickly as it had arrived. The pond, which had once been murky, was no crystal clear. Miriel could see beloved Simmons, being attacked by Alexander. The image was startling.

Was this an image created by Alexander to lure me, or is this what actually happened? Miriel dared not to ask the question aloud, but as she was thinking this, an answer came from behind her.

"That is the pond of truth, the Holy powers of the sword have leaked into it, and it shows what you want to know." "This pond has turned into a curse however, the truth is something that beckons to be known, but isn't always pleasant company."

"Who are you?" asked Miriel in surprise, as she whirled about. She looked for the source of the voice, but found nothing.

"I am but one of the shades." the floating appirition replied. "All shades hate vampires, and we may be motivated to help you. Vampires tap into Shade powers to control the land about them. If I am captured, the land will wilt."

"So you mean, Alexander's looking for these Shades?"

"Yes, with them, he can control life, animals, humans, the moon, the sun, and nature!" Every vampire must accomplish this feat before he can attain true power." "Most hopefully, Alexander will not get his hands on the sun shade, most elusive and difficult to attain for a vampire." "You must stop him, and repossess the shades, or soon Alexander will be more powerful than his brother, Dracula."

"Do you know were the sword of holy is?"

"Yes, I will lead you to it."

Amongst much brush, stood the hilt of the Holy Sword. It's ivory hilt glissened in the sun. The sword's blade was shoved deeply into a marble platform. Miriel gingerly stepped onto the platform and slowly removed the sword.

The blade gleamed like gold. It seemed that the sword would shimmer in complete darkness. Miriel swore by that sword to avenge the people of this province in Transylvania, and her foster parent as well.


Mayor Vargas sat in a comfortable chair in the upstairs room of his comfortable house. He looked outside the window. The sight was utterly unpleasant. Icey thin clouds meandered over the full moon, the only bright thing in the sky. Mayor Vargas slowly opened the window. It was unpleasanly cold out. He could almost feal the whisper of death upon his shoulder. How he dreaded the night sky! How he dreaded those who flew through the night sky--bats. By chance, one came through his window. Mr. Vargas dropped his glass of wine and grabbed for the broom. He instantly beat the bat. This was a fatal error on his part. Another bat came, only this time he gazed in awe. The bat landed on his window sil, and gazed at him coldly. He openned his mouth as if to speak. In an instant, Alexander had his incisors locked into the Mayor's neck.

Alexander was in an orgasmic state. The sucking of blood was so invigorating, and so regenerating. The poisoned human blood was being filtered as it was sucked up into his teeth. This human's blood tasted rich, and sweet. Alexander had tasted none better. However, he knew of a bloodline far sweeter. He slowly pulled his fangs out. He watched the pale body fall to the ground with a thud. A satisfaction came with knowing that he had one more servant to do his bidding.

Mayor Vargas awoke. He did not wonder what had just happened to him. There was a voice in his head. It was commanding him what to do. This voice drowned out any rational or original thought in his head. Mayor Vargas now had a shroud of evil surrounding his soul.