chapter 3: Sanctuary... ...?? Miriel had been instructed to stay in the church by Mayor Vargas, who seemed disconnected. As she opened the large door, Miriel felt a sense of some security. There were many abandoned wooden rows, sprinkled with a filmy dust. Countless stained windows lined the walls. At the front of the room was the altar, and behind that a giant organ. She slowly walked to the front. The church seemed so eerie, without any people inside.

There was no light shining through, so Miriel guessed it had to be night. She plunked her fingers down at the organ and played a little tune. She was instructed that she could sleep in the room above the church, which could be accessed from behind the organ.

As she walked behind the organ, Miriel noticed a huge bloodstain lining the back of the organ. She felt unsecure in this supposed sanctuary. She slowly walked up the spiraling staircase, where she found a cozy little room, secluded from the rest of the world. Only one window was present.

Miriel went to bed that night, gripping her sword. She no longer trusted being here, and questioned Mayor Vargas's logic. She could here the creaking of the roof, which was supported by rafters made of rotting wood.

Miriel could here the chiming of 12 midnight from the clocktower. A loud shattering could be heard from inside the church walls. All of the magnificent stained glass windows lay struin, broken about the churches floor. Miriel leaped out of bed, still clutching the Holy Sword.

In the church, Miriel found Alexander. At his feet were 2 giant wolves. Alexander, though he looked like a child, had the strong eyes of an elder. He merely gestured and the wolves growled, then leaped forward. Miriel held her sword at the ready. Alexander smiled as the wolves ran forward; insanity glowed in their red eyes.

The first wolf leaped upon her, as if going for her jugular. She shoved the wolf off of her. It quickly regained its stance. As it charged, she stabbed it in the back. The second wolf leaped into the air to knock her down; Miriel quickly slashed at its abdomen. The wolf was severely wounded. It tried to attack her again, but just slumped to the ground.

Miriel stood there, eyeing the wolf and breathing heavily. She then looked at Alexander with contempt. She ran towards him, leaped up into the air, and brought her sword down in a vertical chop motion. Alexander, however, had teleported away just in time.

chapter 4: the crossing of werewolf plains

Miriel had just dealt with wolves, and was unenthusiastic about entering the area were Alexander had the most influence. She slowly opened the rusted iron gate that was the exit of town. She gazed out upon the blank plains. They seemed empty. Only a few withered trees dotted the vermilion horizon. A cold, bone chilling wind swept, unchallenged across the plain. At this point, the plain seemed extensive, and vast. Miriel reminded herself that she would have to cross it to reach Alexander's tower.

Miriel checked her pack, there were enough supplies. She trudged slowly into the beyond. She wrapped her recently purchased gray cape about her body, to protect her from the meandering winds.