The Trial of Alucard

The night. Cold and uncaring. Those which underestimate its force will pay the ultimate price. A price no man can afford to pay. Unless he is a Vampire. 1 : A New Beginning

Chapter 1 : A New Beginning

Alucard stands by a cliff face looking onwards at his once called home. Castlevania has crumbled away into nothingness, no trace remains of the evil which once dwelled there. Alucard stands motionless. His black cape swirls around his body, like mist or fog. His pale, expressionless face reveals nothing of the torment that tears at him inside.

Father.......why did you force me into this position again. Curse you for what you tried to do.....for what you did to Lisa.....and to me. Farewell land of my Birth, never again will these eyes gaze upon your beauty.

Suddenly there is a rustle in the tree's several feet away. Quickly but silently, Alucard draws his sword. Although old, not a single scratch rests upon it and is as sharp as ever. The sound draws closer. Someone or something is running directly at him. In one fluid motion Alucard jumps into the air and spins around. Upon reaching the floor, he grabs the intruder from behind, sword pressed hard against their jugular.


The vampire stops. His hand turns into ice as he drops his weapon to the ground. So surprised is Alucard, he finds himself stuttering.

"Forgive me....I did not.......I could have killed you."

Maria is unaware of his words. The surprise attack has left her gasping for air and unable to concentrate for a few moments.

He is so strong, and yet at the same time, so gentle?

"Maria, why have you come?"

There is a silence as Alucard extends his hand towards her in a gentlemanly fashion. He had removed his gloves moments earlier but did not realize that they remained ungloved. His hand touches hers, and she is chilled to the bone.

He's so cold.

Alucard lifts her to her feet. Her green and white costume is covered in rips and tares. She is still shaking from the vampires assault but somehow she manages to speak.

"Alucard.....I followed you here to help you. To help us both"

A puzzled look follows from the Vampire. He continues to stare at her, as if he's expecting more. Eventually he replies.

"Thanks you Maria. But I have no need for your assistance. As you can see, I am unharmed."

Maria frowns. Is he missing the point, or simply ignoring it?

"What I mean is, I want to go with you. To wherever your going."

"Why? I have completed my task here. You have no further need of me."

That was deliberate. He's avoiding the issue.

"Look, I understand how you are feeling. Please let me comfort you. I know who your father was, but you are not like him. You have honor and care you for those weaker than yourself. Your father was so unlike you. Let me help you overcome your torment."

He turns away. His long black cape wraps around his body as if to conceal a deeper truth that lies within him.

"Please Alucard, do not......"

He cuts her off.

"Maria, please. Do not speak such folly. You know not what you say. I am a Vampire. Immortal blood flows through my veins. I need not your help."

Maria approaches him. Slowly she places her hand upon his shoulder. To comfort him, to touch him. A cold wind sweeps the area and Maria is forced to take back her gesture. Alucard quickly notices her shivering and wraps his black cloak around her body. She looked beautiful. Like his cousin once did. She smiles generously, but his pale stone face refuses to move. Instead he glances behind her at a small white dove that lands in the distance. Perching upon the rock where the castle once stood.

Does this signify..........hope?

Maria, still cold, wraps her arms around him. Alucard freezes for a moment. He finds himself lost for words as she clings on tighter.

"Maria please. I must go...."

"Shhhh . Let me hold you. Just for a minute."

Why? She does not know. He's still cold. Colder than the air that wraps around her, the air she breaths. But still she clings on. His large masculine body dwarfs her tiny frame. The two seem so different and yet, somehow, are the same. For the first time in his life, emotion takes over. His hands move up to her golden hair and slowly he runs his fingers through it. She looks upwards at his face. Still expressionless as ever....but now something is different. His eyes, what do they hide.
Conflict, lust, love? She pulls him closer. Slowly, their lips meet.

Alucard finds himself shaking. He opens his eyes but all he can see is Maria's soft and tender neck.

Blood. Gently he kisses her throat. Blood. Each kiss harder and more passionate than the last. Blood.


He pulls away.

This is the closest I've ever come. Damn me.

"Alucard, what's wrong? Did I do something......"

There is another uncomfortable silence. The dove upon the hill still remains in the same position. Staring at the setting sun. as if in awe of the red beauty that emanates from it.

Maria stares at him innocently.

"You can, if you want to."

A rage burns in the vampire like never before. His eyes turn to daggers and mentally he thrashes at her.

"How dare you!! I am not my father. Do you condemn me as you condemn him? Leave me be Belmont."

"Belmont? I am no Belmont"

"No, but you are a hunter. Like Richter. You will not rest until all my kind are dead. Until I am dead."

She tries vainly to respond.

"Alucard I....."

Again their eyes meet. Now she can she emotion in his face. Anger is clear. But lust is still strong within him. So confused is Maria, she throws her arms around him. Softly she kisses him, and again Alucard finds himself in the same position. Her neck calls to him. Vampiric fangs emerge from his mouth. He tries with all his might but it is to no avail. It's in his blood. He closes his eyes, tries to pull back, but it is to no avail.

Slowly he sinks his teeth into her neck and the unquenchable thirst is finally filled.

Briefly, Alucard stares upwards to see the white dove sit motionless as a night black hawk swoops down from the heavens.

The strong are born to prey on the weak.

And no man or beast can change it.



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When a heritage denied surfaces for the first time, is there any way back? Or is your fate then decided and are you left to spend the rest of your days wondering if your attempts to conceal it were wasted efforts? Is that the curse of blood?

Chapter 2 : Heritage denied

"To thine own self be true"


The taste of blood stays forever fresh in the vampire's mind as he looks down upon the dying Maria. Two puncture marks stand clear at the side of her neck and small drops of blood trickle from the holes. Her beautiful face is now as white as chalk and her ruby red lips are the color of ice.

Suddenly, Alucard realizes the situation. Fear grips his heart like never before and for the first time since his mother's death, he cries.

Dear God, what have I done?

Gently, he closes her eyes with two fingers and silently he prays for her soul. A single tear falls from his face and lands on Maria's cheek. She releases her last living breath and Alucard finds himself shivering uncontrollably.

The sound of a rapidly approaching horse interrupts his dark and terrifying thoughts.


Richter Belmont rides through the forest with no idea of what to expect.

"Why did I let you go Maria? I should have known that your sister would have told me to go after you." he mumbles to himself as he approaches a clearing. A dark figure is stood in the distance with something held tightly in his arms.

Is that Alucard? He should be with Maria now, surely.

As he draws closer, he is his with a horrifying revelation. Alucard stands tall with tears flowing from his eyes, blood fresh on his lips and Maria held in his arms. Richter's calm, androgynous face crumbles away and is replaced by horror and confusion.

"My God, Alucard. What have you done?"


Is that Richter? Now he will kill me and end my bloodline. No more shall suffer by my hand.

The Belmont jumps off his steed and runs towards the vampire. Horror and anger cloud his face and he grits his teeth as he approaches. He quickly see's the marks on Maria's neck and curses.

"Murderer!! You killed her you cold hearted monster. Why? She wanted to help you."

There is a silence that seems to drag on for an eternity as Richter stares deeply into the eyes of Alucard, the man who had saved his not so long before from the dark priest Shaft. Eventually the silence is broken, by a broken, desperate man.

"Richter......I did not mean to...."

"You did not mean to! That is all your kind are capable of, death. I must have been mad to trust you, you son of Dracula. I swear you will not leave this place alive!"

Alucard refuses to move. A strange sensation envelops his body and his mortal eyes turn dark. Vampire blood surfaces again and Alucard finds that he can no longer control himself. The part of him that is cursed will not allow him to die. He is a vampire, and must fight to survive like the rest of his kind. It's in his blood.

Richter shall die......

Clouds form over the forest almost simultaneously to the disappearance of the sun. Thunder crashes in the distance, and rain pours down from the heavens with terrible fury. Richter clenches his fist as his hands grow numb from the cold. Carefully, Alucard rest Maria's body on a nearby rock and gently he kisses her forehead.

"Get away from her! Your affections are as empty as your soul!" Richter screams as he charges forward at the vampire. He strikes at him with the morning star but Alucard quickly launches himself into the air. He pulls forth his sword and slashes at the hunter who just manages to roll out of harms way. The vampire quickly tosses his sword at the confused hunter, who is struck by the weapon in the chest. The Belmont coughs harshly as blood erupts from his mouth. With what little strength he has left, Richter pulls a small vial of holy water from his belt and tosses is forward.

"Die monster!" Richter cries as the bottle spins through the air. It smashes upon contact with the half breeds arm and blue flames emerge from the substance. Alucard screams out in pain and jumps backwards away from his opponent. Had Alucard been a true vampire, that attack might have killed him. But since he's a Dampile, having blood from both worlds, the waters effects were minimized. Alucard shakes his head vigorously in a bid to control to agonizing pain that runs through his body. Clouds of smoke cover the vampire and Richter looses sight of his foe. Possessing enhanced eye sight, Alucard notices Richter dilemma and he rushes forward. With inhuman strength, Alucard strikes Richter with bare hands. The hunter falls to the ground in considerable pain, his hands clutched tightly around his recently broken ribs. The Belmonts breathing becomes more frequent and far noisier. His chest is covered in fresh blood but still he finds strength to stand up. Truly an incredibly individual. Nevertheless, Alucard will show him no mercy.

"How you defeated my father I will never know." mumbles Alucard. "Your too weak to be a hunter."

What? Was Alucard enjoying this. Truly he has crossed into the world of the undead.

Despite being in horrendous pain, Richter still defends his honor. Fueled with rage from Alucards remark, the Belmont attacks again with his whip. His blow smashes hard against Alucards face and the vampire is thrown backwards by the attack. Blood flies from his cheek in all directions. Whether it is the blood of Alucard or Maria, we will never know. Anger clouds the half breed face and he lets his instincts take over. Fangs grow from his mouth and he runs forward, faster than any known creature or animal. Upon reaching Richter, he spins around. Quickly he grabs the Belmont by the neck and submerges his teeth into his jugular. There is a scream of pain as the vampire sucks the blood from his victim and Alucard drops Richter to the floor.

"Forgive me Richter," exclaims Alucard as he looks down upon the dying hunter.

"but I cannot let you destroy me." Richter tries vainly to respond but his lungs and throat are filled with blood. He gurgles horrible before passing away.

Even though death stares at him directly, Alucard lets out a small and brief grin. The heavens cry out with thunderous fury, as a new prince of darkness is born.

To be continued..........

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