Death. Unstoppable and unavoidable. It's clammy hands embrace us all eventually. The only question is, when? But for a vampire, these rules hold no meaning. The Reapers icy fingers cannot freeze what is already frozen, and the cursed are doomed to live forever, pondering the very nature of their existence. Is that the curse of blood?

Chapter 3 : The Sins of the Father

"Can't you feel time gaining on you, it's like a predator, it's stalking you."

Star Trek : Generations

Alucard's thin, vampire eyes are permanently fixed upon the blood stained corpse of Richter Belmont. The hunter who had died moments ago at the hands of the same man who had saved him yesterday from the clutches of Shaft, the dark priest. Why is Richter dead? We do not know. Perhaps the blood of Dracula has finally found it's way into Alucard's body and the sins of the father are now the sins of the son. Or perhaps there is another explanation, one not seen, as of yet.

What have I done? Alucard's vampire fangs shrink back into his mouth as he once again regains control of his humanity.

The Dampile shakes his head slowly and hides his face in his ghost white hands. The torrential rain still pours down heavily but Alucard does not seem to notice. His thick, jet black cloak absorbs the moisture upon contact. Not that it matters. Vampire's care not for the weather, or the deceased. At least they shouldn't.

Tales of the inhuman monsters that are vampire's have been told for centuries. Blood thirsty creatures who care not for anything but their own sick pleasures. Untouched by life, immune to death, they are the incarnations of evil. A vampire cannot care for those they kill. they cannot care for anything, but themselves. And yet, here is a vampire, his lips covered in fresh blood, and his cool, calm expression shows nothing. Not a shed of remorse. But the tears that flow from his eyes tell a totally different story, one that, although tragic, will not be remembered.


"What are you talking about, Stanley?" questions one of the villagers who sits alone in the well lit corner of the town tavern. The man's voice so loud that it arouses attention from other drinkers and gamblers.

"It's like I said, once Castlevania crumbled away, thanks to Richter and Maria, nobody has seen either of them since. Apart from Annette." Stanley replies rather quickly, trying to explain the situation to the man by his side and the mob of curious villagers that have collected besides him.

"So what? Dracula's dead. Let the two get some relaxation, they deserve it."

"That's not all though. A strange man, dressed all in black,was spotted just opposite the ruins of the castle. People think that he's somehow connected to Richter's disappearance." Upon completing his sentence, the rain outside seemed to worsen. Large drops of water leaked through the badly built tavern roof, splashing several inches away from the man's table. His attention turned to the barman for an instant, who quickly averts his eyes, and then back to Stanley.

"What do you want me to do about it?" the young man mumbles as he places his glass to his mouth. His gaze still locked on the man by his side.

"Well...I...I just thought that you, me and a couple of villagers might want to walk over there and take a closer look. You know how these people are, always panicking at the first sign of trouble." Stanley smiles briefly however it quickly melts away as his compatriots face fails to move. The rain outside slowed slightly and the stranger released a long, troubled sigh.

"Very well" answered Lorien as he stood up from his seat. "When do you want to leave?"


The fire that Alucard recently constructed burns strong and brightly. The raging heat that comes from the flames should keep him warm, but he's still shivering. The decapitated body of Richter Belmont burns upon the fire. Alucard had bitten both Maria and Richter upon the neck and had he not burned their bodies, they too would be cursed, eternally, as he is.

Several minutes pass and Richter's body finally finishes burning. Alucard manages to pull his eyes away from the fire as it begins to die down. He quickly throws several more branches into the inferno and gently picks up Maria's ice cold body. The rain finally seems to stop as Alucard walks over to the fire.

Maria, please forgive me. I do not know what is happening to me. If I was able, I would take my own life so that we could once again be reunited, but the blood in my veins is cursed and will not allow me to die. I will leave this place in search of answers. Bare me no ill will my love, I shall return.

Alucard then throws her lifeless body into the heat. He should have decapitated her, true, but he could not. His feelings for her are too strong. The flames engulf her body almost instantly and Alucard finds himself flinching. He turns away because he dares not look upon such horror. Slowly, Alucard makes his way towards the forest in search of the nearest shelter.

Perhaps I can find some shelter from the bitter cold and at the same time discover what is causing me to loose control of my human side.

As he departs, the body of Maria burns silently on the fire and perhaps the future of Alucard, no, the future of all mankind, is lost with her.


"Are we ready?" cried a voice from the crowd. At least thirty villagers stand around Stanley as he tries to explain the situation to the town. Each villager carries an item. From spears to garden tools, anything that could be used as a weapon, would be used to defend themselves. Lorien's eyes fell down to his golden rimmed pocket watch. 11:37.

By the time we get there, it'll be midnight. A dangerous time to be wandering the forest of Castlevania.

The crowd of villagers turned towards Lorien as Stanley pointed towards him. He was about thirty, with short black hair. His bearded face seemed to make him look older but far more distinguished. The whole town respected him and in times of crisis, although few, the villagers turned to Lorien. This was no crisis, but the villagers needed something to do in the aftermath of the Count. Something to make them feel as though they were doing something. As he set off on his journey, the mob followed, and together they went in search of the mysterious figure.

The rain had stopped for the moment but Lorien knew that the storm was far from over.


Alucard had been walking for what seemed like an hour when his eyes spotted something in the distance, hidden by a thick layer of fog, he could not make out what it was at first. As he drew closer, the shape became more clear. A well lit town, bursting with life and prosperity. He briefly wondered why he did not know it was there, but after a sleep that lasted more than a hundered years, many things had changed. He had been here before however, a long time ago.

Perhaps they will welcome me. If they do not know that I am a vampire, I might be fortunate enough to gain shelter for the night.

He knows it to be a foolish idea, especially in his present condition, but there's something about the town, something that draws him there. His destiny perhaps.

Could the answers I'm searching for be found in such a place? If not, it would be a good place to gather my thoughts.

Alucard then sets off towards his destination but he stops as the winds howl in a Peculiar manner. The sounds of a woman, close to the vampire, blow through the trees. He hears the tone of her voice, the sound of her laughter and then....and then silence. Alucard sheds his final tear for his lost love Maria, and the inky blackness of his cloak envelops his heart as once again a part of his soul is lost. Little does the vampire know that he is one step closer to becoming the very thing he has sworn to destroy.

To be continued......

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