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Jose Bocanegra

The Dark Side


The XX century the perfect time to the worst kind of evil to reborn, mankind has forgotten the old legends of vampirism and darkness, they just has forgotten all the teachings of the past decades, they are the perfect victims to the evil.

Every one hundrer years the forces of good start to awaken, every one hundred years he reborn to storm the world, but at the same time every one hundred years a Belmont raise to defeat him, but it seems this time would be diferent... 

Chapter 1

"The beginning "

Somewhere in Romania, 1992...

A town burn into flames, the people cry in pain, death surround the place, everyone is afraid from the darkness, the vile hordes of evil has attacked the unsuspecting townfolks, decapitated bodies, people crying for their lives, the monsters appear at any direction, the focus of their attack is at one single house at the entrance...

"You never going to win hell bastards! " said the oldest man of the group, a man dressed in an old brown jacket, holding a whip in his right hand and a cross boomerang in his left hand.

"We'll se that mortal! " said a hard voice in the shadows "you're to weak for us, you will perish right here ".

A group of demons mounted in wolfs approach the house for the right side of the street, for the other side skeletons and zombies commanded by a skeleton mounted on a death horse, the skeletons throw some bones to the group of vampire hunters killing some of them.

"You see?, we are more strong than yours " said the same dark voice, a little shining appears in the shadows "prepare for your doom! Rodwain kill them both! ".

Rodwain makes a sight with his left hand all the demons attack the house with the same mission eliminate all the Belmont clan.

"Over my death body! " shout with fury the oldest man.

One of the youngest of the group attack one of the wargs whit a small bottle of holy water, others attack the skeletons with their whips, the old man throw his boomerang to the zombies killing some of them.

"Die son of darkness!!! " .

The warg fell onto the floor and burn into a green flame some zombies burns too but behind of the young man Rodwain appears with his spear.

"Alan look out!!! " Shout the old man.

The warning was too late, Rodwain slice Alan  from the back, tough his upper body Alan fell to the ground, without life.

"You Belmonts are weaker since our last battle, this place will be your tomb, the years without battles weaken your strengths " said the same voice.

"You bastard! " shout one of the adults of the group "How dare you! ".

He try to whip Rodwain  in the face, but his try was in vain, Rodwain dodge the attack and decapitate the men.

One by one the Belmont's fall in heroic battle all their efforts for destroying the evil was in vain... the only one of them standing was the old man, his name was John Morris.

"I will die hardly, even if you kill me, someone would take our place " said John .

"Indeed you will die " said again the voice " Die now Belmont!!! ".

Rodwain strikes forward John he dodge the attack, and whip Rodwain horse destroying it, Rodwain attack again with his spear John dodges the attack once more and throw a bottle of holy water to Rodwain's face, the monster disappear almost instantly.

But he don't notice an Axe Lord behind him, he slice John by the back, John fell to the floor, he has a little vision before he dies, he saw a figure descending  on the roof, and he smiles for one  last time.

A man was in the roof, a man with a long white hair, the factions of a nobleman, his pale face were undisturbed, his golden gaze were looking to the now death John Morris.

"Too late " said to himself "Damn me! ".

"I see that you come Alucard " said the dark voice in the shadows with a sarcastic tone "Too late for you friends I think ".

"I can't believe that you and your useless horde of monsters can beat the Belmont's, Shaft " said Alucard from the roof.

A estrange figure come out from the darkness a kind of ball were around him, his faction were evil at all, his face shows a rarely happiness.

"Your the last obstacle in our way, you should die ".

"Try to kill me first, miserable servant of darkness " said Alucard.

"Oh no, I won't confront you, he would take you to the other world "said Shaft pointing with his right hand to a small shadow.

A louder howl came from the shadows a huge kind of dog with three heads appear...

"You think that Cerberus can kill me? come on Shaft " said Alucard a bit sarcastically.

"You we'll see "said Shaft with a smile in the face.

The louder laugh of Shaft can be heard at great distance, he and the wargs disappear in a flash light leaving a small group of zombies to help Cerberus, Alucard descend from the roof and pull out his sword...Cerberus strikes with his claws, Alucard dodge it jumping on the air but when he turns around Cerberus was behind him...

"What the... !!!!" Alucard shouted surprised.

Cerberus strikes against Alucard shoulder tearing his coat, Alucard fell down, landing in good position, he touch his shoulder...

"What is this?... Blood?! " Alucard shouted.

"How this can be? " Before Alucard can return to the battle Cerberus strike again this time with his mouths, Alucard dodge it, but a zombie grab him by the back...

"You miserable zombie... Get lost!!!! " Alucard try to throw the zombie, but he didn't, Alucard turn around his head and watch Cerberus coming at high speed, Alucard then hit the zombie with his arm and jump to his right, Cerberus slice the zombie in his mouth...

"What going on Cerberus? come on try again ".

Cerberus strikes again at Alucard, this time he dodge the attack, but Cerberus bites his left arm, Alucard scream in pain, his eyes turn red for a moment then he strike against Cerberus neck, Alucard's sword slice without problems, the he move the sword to the right decapitating two of the three heads of Cerberus, his eyes become normally again.

A howl of pain came out of Cerberus last mouth, then the monster retrocede a few steps, Cerberus fell down, the zombies attack Alucard, he then stand up...

"Burn in flames! " shout Alucard, a fire come out of his hand, the zombies and the rest of Cerberus disappear in the blast of fire, Alucard raise on the air and fly far from the place of the battle.


A tall figure watch the night behind a huge window, a man whit the dark around him, he was wearing a cape in red and black and a very expensive suit he also was holding a estrange book, suddenly a figure come out of the shadows...

"Master " he said "The job is done ".

"Well done, are you sure that the Belmonts are death??? ".

"Absolutely master, but we have other problem master ".

"What problem??? "ask Dracula.

"Your son has attacked the group that attack the Belmonts ".

"So my son is still alive " said Dracula "Well I like to have him at my side, he would be a powerful ally, bring him to me alive... ".

"Yes master ".

"Or death if is necessary " said Dracula with a strange red shining in his eyes...


Alucard was sit a chair, he was living in a house not far from Warakiya, He was thinking about his last battle, Cerberus never was so strong...

"Cerberus wasn't so strong, he never even touch me "Alucard pass his hand trough his teared coat "What going on this time? ".

He go to his cupboard he take his old clothes, he takes a change of clothes then he back to his chair and think about the latest success.

Suddenly a flash appear in front Alucard, he try to get his sword, but something inside told him not to do it, the light take a form, a form very especial and familiar to Alucard...

"Mother..." he said.

"My beloved son " said  the figure with an angel voice.

"What are you doing here??? ".

"I come to give a message to you, my son, I come to tell you why the hordes of you father has become so strong ".

"Mother... Tell me, why ? ".

"Your father has found the Book of Necronomicon, as you know the Necronomicon has all the spells and evil on this world, your father has reached an evil out of his own dreams, because of this his forces has become more powerful ".

"I can't believe it, what can I do to stop him??? " said Alucard worriedly.

"You can't alone, you need help, I can't tell you how to beat you father, because I don't know "said Lisa.

"Help?, were I can get help? ".

"Seek for the Belmont family ".

"I can't, they all was killed by my father force's, I couldn't help them " said Alucard with some sad.

"I say seek for the Belmonts, the Belmonts exist not only in this time, remember, my beloved son ".

Lisa begin to disappear...Alucard see at she, the woman who has bring him to life...

"Mother!, what your trying to say! Mother!.

Lisa disappear, Alucard then, understood the words of his mother, then turning his eyes to the sky he said "Thanks Mother ", the he fly trough the night towards his father castle.

To be continued...