Chapter 2

"Gates to the past"

The dark stand over the world, the end of all mankind will come soon, the evil has arisen from the eternal sleep in the underworld, only one person know about the coming onslaught, and only this person maybe could stop the evil King of Darkness.

A figure dressed in a long coat and with a cape upon his shoulders flew trough the dark sky, the wind shakes his long white hair, his clear eyes looks for something in the night, a castle raise in the far horizon, a castle in the far dark shadows of the night.

"At least " Alucard think "I hope that I can find it ".

While Alucard approach to the castle an evil gaze watch him from the one of the towers of the castle.

"As I expected,  come to me my son  ".

Alucard step in front of the door of the castle, he enter the castle, no undead form, nothing, nothing more than the darkness.

"Too easy " he think.

He reach an ancient huge door, the door open slowly, Alucard enter the room, he begin to seek one book a book with the title "Spells."

"Here is it "said Alucard after a while.

Alucard pick up the book from the shelf, a voice came from the darkness behind him...

"I know you would come, my son ".

Alucard turn around only to see his father Dracula, Alucard unsheathe his sword, while Dracula begin to descend the stairs, their gazes crossed the air, one with the evil in his eyes, the other with a kind of pain, but with justice in his eyes, so different but at least so equal.

"That wouldn't be necessary son " said Dracula.

"My sword would be necessary while you exist in this world as the King of Darkness" exclaim Alucard "but, how did you know that I would come, father? ".

"You 're my flesh and blood, I know how you think, and what you feel ".

"I must guess that " said Alucard, he saw his father arms, they were holding a book, a book with a red star in a circle and a word in ancient letters "NECRONOMICON".

"It couldn't be " said Alucard surprising "Mother was right is the book, the Necronomicon! " (Note: To the people that doesn't know what is Necronomicon, the Necronomicon is like the Bible for the darkness, The book contains spells and gives the owner incredibly knowledge and power).

"So... You are here to stole my book of  Spells, I guess you are going to travel among time and get some help to defeat me, maybe the Belmonts? ".

"What...! how did you know that?! " said Alucard with confusion in his face.

"I 'm more powerful than never I know everything!, stop of that foolish fight against me, against your kind, join me son, you will be the Prince of Darkness, let your true nature take the control ".

"Never!, I will stop you father, I never let my dark side take the control, that no my true nature, that's not me! ", Alucard begin to walk towards the window "I will stop you, at any cost! ".

"Then you should die "said Dracula as cold as ever .

"You need to stop me first " said Alucard, at the time he jump trough the window.

"Follow him, and kill it " at Dracula command a great number of Creatures bats leave the castle with only one simply mission: kill the renegade Alucard.

"Damn, I think here come some problems " Alucard turns around  and attack the creatures bat with his sword killing some of them but there are many more.

"Death to the renegade prince!!!!! " said one of the creatures with his hard demon voice.

One creatures hits Alucard's pale face, another throw Alucard trough the sky, three of them hit Alucard with all their fury...

"You miserable creatures never would defeat me! "Alucard blow in fury, his eyes turn red, the fangs grows in his mouth, he attack and slice the three that have hitting him, then pointing at the other Creatures Bat...

"Die servants of evil,!!!!!! " a ball of energy emerge from Alucard's cape hitting the creatures bat, killing them in seconds.

Alucard turn to normality "What the hell was that?" Alucard's toughs were interrupted by the sounds of more creatures bat leaving the castle "I must hurry, or they would kill me "Alucard flew at high speed and get into a little clear in the middle of a forest.

"This is a good place" said Alucard descending into the clear extremely tired.

The wind begin to arise "Portals of time, gates of time, open to me I command to you!  Portal of past, take me to the time of the first battle between my father and the Belmont clan, to the time of Trevor Belmont! " A portal appeared in front of Alucard, he pass trough the portal, and then he disappear in the night...


A huge light illuminates the night, the light takes the form of a portal, a tall man pass the portal...

"I hope I made it " Alucard think "If my memory doesn't fail Warakiya must be at the north".

Alucard takes the way to the north, a band of skeletons rise from the shrubs, Alucard unsheathe his sword, and slice them as easily as ever...

"It looks like I made it  " Alucard follow his way to Warakiya...


"You didn't kill him yet!? " Dracula shouted whit angry.

"No..o.o-o master, he call a time portal, and the..en he vanish " said the scared creature bat

"You idiot! " Dracula burst the creature bat into flames "I know he try to do that " said Dracula more calm "Leave me alone now " the Creatures bats leave the room, Dracula begin to laugh, from the shadows a feminine figure appears Dracula see her, and stop his laugh...

"Master I do want you told me, your son believe anything that I told to him ".

"God job, my dear Succubus "said Dracula with a smile in his face "My son must be searching for the Belmonts right now ".

"Master, why you want that Alucard seek the Belmonts??? "said the succubus confused "Why you want that him to believe that you have the Necronomicon??".

"Is simply, Alucard will bring the Belmonts to a trap without knowing, then, they will be at my hands "said Dracula "About that book is nothing more than a treat, I need to assure that Alucard will seek the Belmonts "Dracula burst the book in his hand "He fell so easy into my trap, I can't believe that he is my son ".

"Master, what next?, will I send something to follow your son? ".

"Not yet, leave him meet with the Belmonts ".

"As you wish master" said the succubus "Master I have a question, you always has been beaten by only one Belmont, how can you defeat more than one? " asked the succubus confused.

"You will see soon, my dear succubus " A strange shining appears in Dracula eyes, then he begin to laugh, his strident laugh can be heard in all the castle.


A figure looks trough the window remembering passed battles, remembering the battle between good and evil, maybe the last battle of his life, the fire inside him is so calm now almost extinguished...

Behind him a voice emerge...

"Long time no see Trevor ".

Trevor turn around to see a familiar face, pale as the snow"Alucard... what are you doing here... " said Trevor with a cold voice "I don't think you come for visit "

"I need your help ".

"My help? why? " Trevor ask.

"To stop my father ".

"Your father is dead by now ".

"Indeed Trevor, now, but not in 500 years " Alucard said whit a shadow in his golden eyes.

"500 years I don't understand ".

"I'm not the Alucard that you know, well I'm Alucard 500 years after this".

"You come from the future? "said Trevor "is this a kind of joke? ".

"I will explain to you ".

Alucard explain all that he know about his father, he talk about his long sleep, about all the events happening in the present, he explain how he reach the past, his plan and that his father maybe is just behind him...

"So... you want my help, and we are going to travel among time to get some more help ".

"Indeed, We need two more Belmonts, I know exactly which two could be useful ".

"Two more of my family?, your father is so powerful? ".

"yes, I'm afraid " said Alucard worriedly.

"Ok then, what we waiting for???, If your father rise to rule the world , no matter were or when, it is my duty stop him at any cost ".

"Well then, we need to move "said Alucard walking to the door.

Trevor pick up some thing including his famous vampire killer whip, he follow Alucard  outside the house, Alucard was standing there, quiet, too quiet...

"Is something wrong? " asked Trevor.

The eyes of Alucard took a little red shining, then they back to the golden shining of ever "No, nothing ".

"Let's go then ".

Alucard pronounces again the spell and they both disappear in the middle of the shadows in the dark night.

To be continued...