Chapter 3

"Reencounter "

The night fall again over the world, the evil minions of Dracula attack again, the poor people only could expect the death, they has leave the frontiers of their dark domain, the area around Transilvania is now the new domain of the evil count Dracula...


Meanwhile in Dracula's castle...

In the center of a strange room, more than a room it looks alike a tomb, because or the coffin in the center, a tomb for some nobleman or a king maybe, suddenly the lid of the coffin open, Dracula awake from his day sleep, when he is totally awake, he turn his head to the right to see Shaft the dark priest, who has been hiding in the shadows.

"God night master " said Shaft with courtesy.

"Leave you courtesy Shaft, were is my son by now?" asked Dracula while he leaves his coffin, and look trough the window, large spiral of smoke and fire could bee seen from the distance...

"It appears he is searching for Simon Belmont in this moment master ".

"Simon " said Dracula satisfied, he turn around to Shaft, his dark cape turns around him, he looks at Shaft with a hand in his chin "My son is doing well, but I think is time to gave him some action, if we don't interrupt his task he maybe suspect about my plan ".

"I would put something to stop him a while " Shaft were about to leave the room but Dracula stop him.

"Make sure he survive " said Dracula turning around to look against trough the window, Shaft leaves the room, moments later a dark figure leave the castle and disappear in a flash of light.

"Its time to eat " Dracula turns into a bat, the window opens, Dracula leaves his dark castle behind in look for his prey of the night...


Two mans walk trough a small town looking for one house, they stop in front a house,the town was very quiet, almost all the people has retired to their houses.

"I guess is here " said Alucard looking the house "as I remember, John told me about the history of the Belmonts, he told the place were the more powerful Belmonts used to live ".

"I hope so, we have no time to lose " said Trevor a bit hurried.

"Well lets see if he is in home ".

Before they two reach the door a men jump from behind them, the men were dressed with an armor, he has blonde hair, and a whip in his hand, he attack Alucard with the whip, Alucard dodge the attack, the men strikes again, but this time his whip were stopped by the whip of Trevor.

"Who are you? "asked the men.

"Are you Simon Belmont? " asked Trevor.

"Who want to know? " ask the men pulling his whip back .

"My name is Trevor Belmont " said Trevor.

"Belmont? so you're from my family? " ask the men some confused, then looking at Alucard "What are you doing whit a vampire? " ask the men confused.

"I will explain to you Simon " said Trevor "don't worry about Alucard he is in our side ".

Both enter Simon's house, without knowing a dark figure watch they from the far roof of a house, his face can't be seen by the dark cloak he was wearing, in his right hand he was holding a scythe, from inside the cloak a pair of shines appears, then he disappear in the shadows of the night.

"So you are the son of Dracula and a mortal named Lisa " said Simon more calmed "and that's why I sense vampire blood around here ".

"Indeed Simon "said Alucard "know I need to explain you why we are here ".

"Go ahead, I listen to you ".

A shadow appears in the eyes of Alucard, he explain the same that he has explained to Trevor, while he continued his voice turn more and more hard, he crisp his hands, and he finally end his story.

"Well, as I hear your father is more powerful than never, and the Belmont clan in the future were annihilated by his minions " said Simon without much confidence "is too hard to believe ".

"I know is hard, but it is the true ".

"You must believe him Simon, as I said before, you can trust him "said Trevor "maybe he has vampire blood in his veins, but he is a human too ".

"Well, if another Belmont believe you, maybe you're telling the true, but I not going to trust you ".

"I don't care if you trust me "said Alucard leaving his chair and heading to the door "I only care about the defeat of my father, you're going to help us or not? ".

"I will help you, if you're going to fight Dracula then I must fight him too ".

"Ok, lets go " Alucard were preparing to call again the spell, but he stop suddenly, "Is too easy " he continue and the portal appear again to take them to the next epoch.


Maria were looking at the outside of the house of her sister Annette, they has moving a few weeks ago, in contrast with her sister she not was happy, her sister were happily married with Richter, but she... she feel like is something inside her were missed, her green eyes were dark, her thin lips open just to say:

"Alucard..." she murmured.

The door open slowly, Annette enter the room with a smile in his face "You're thinking on him don't you?, other men will come to your life ".

"No one could match him, he is the owner of my heart no one never could take his place " said Maria some sad.

"Well, I leave you alone with your toughs, the dinner is almost ready I wait you down stairs ".

"I will come in a minute ". Annette leave the room, Tears flow from Maria's eyes, but still in the dark there a ray of hope, a huge light appears in the center of the forest "What was that?" something inside Maria push she to go and discover the meaning of that light, something tell her that she must go, she take a cloak from their bed and open the window, she jump from the window, then she takes a horse and go after that light...

Meanwhile Annette descend the stairs, Richter were awaiting she, Annette were almost crying, she put her arms around Richter, he could only fondle his blonde hair.

"I don't know what to do, my love " Annette eyes were filled with tears, "it appears that she were losing her wish to live ".

"Don't worry Annette " said Richter trying to calm her wife, he remove her tears from her check with one finger "time will heal the wounds, my love ".

"Yes, but, how many time? " Richter kiss his wife in her lips, trying to comfort her,but deep inside something tell him that the things would change... soon.


Three man enter in a tavern from the town, the three seems very strange, one with the hair almost white, but he isn't much old, the eyes were in a clear color, his pale face were completely undisturbed, he was carrying a sword in the left side of his body, the other two were very similar one of each other, the two were holding a whip, one with the hair brown an long, the other with blonde hair almost at the same height of the other, but something in their eyes makes them look so equal.

The three sat in a far corner of the room, "what a misfortune don't you think? ", Alucard were only seeing at nothing his eyes were lost in the dark, " I think is better we leave " suggest Simon, "we don't know were they are, and nobody know about they " Trevor look at Alucard, while Simon examines his whip "Alucard, are you alright? ", Alucard raise his head a little "I'm fine " he said cutting.

"I don't why you don't want to leave Alucard " said Simon without stooping the examining of his whip "we 're wasting time ".

"Time is more than enough "said Alucard looking to the door "I know we will find them "

"Alright, we'll continue searching them " said Simon a little angry " but we need some rest before continue our search, I think we can look better after a good sleep ".

The three man stand up from the table, Trevor ask the barman for a room, moments later the three head for the second floor and enter into the room, a great storm begin at the same time.


Is midnight, the storm fall more strong every minute, Simon was in the bed but he isn't sleep, he was thinking about his soon wife Linda, Trevor was completely asleep, Alucard was seeing trough the window looking for something but only one thing was in his mind...

"You seem to be looking for something " said Simon seeing at Alucard "You better must  rest ".

Alucard turns around "I do, but I don't know what " he turn again to the window " I only know that I would find something, and I don't need so much rest as you or Trevor, remember I'm half human and half vampire ".

"Yes I know, that's why I don't trust you ".

Alucard, don't put much attention to Simon words, he find something, maybe the thing he was looking for, a few meters, from the inn door maybe 10 or less, a woman leading a horse by the reins, the woman was wearing a large cloak, but he can recognize she, she has the hair blonde like gold, two beautiful green eyes, also she was wearing a green jacket, It could be only one person, a person very familiar to Alucard...

"It couldn't be... " said Alucard surprised.

"What's wrong? " said Simon grabbing his whip "some monster outside or something like that? ".

"Maria... " finally said Alucard.

"Maria? who the hells is Maria? " Alucard didn't respond he walk for the door and leave the room leaving Simon very confused, Alucard was almost running, he down the stairs as quickly as he can he pass the door of the inn, and look at his left, there she was, so beautiful as ever, he only could say "Maria... ".

Maria turns her head, she couldn't believe was she see, "Its him " she tough "Alucard! "she finally shouted, and ran towards the half vampire, she throw her arms around him  " I think I lost you, were has you been? ".

Alucard was paralyzed, he only could managed to say "Maria... is really you? ".

"Of course I am, don't you see? " said Maria happy "told me were has you been ".

"Look at you, you 're shivering " Alucard put his long cape upon Maria shoulders.

"Thanks Alucard "said Maria.

"I will told you were I was, but, you need some hot drink, come on go inside or you will catch a cold " the two enters the inn, the storm arrange, a dark figure watch them from the corner, the same figure that was watching Alucard and Trevor before, "It looks like I have to intervene this time " two strange sparkles shine under his upper cloak, a scythe appears in his hand, then a feminine voice but, with some kind of darkness came from behind...

"It is not the time, not yet " said the voice.

"I will wait then, countess ", the two figures disappear in the night, a thunder crashes at the far distance, two laughs could be heard...


Richter Belmont travel across the forest mounted in his white horse "Damn Maria, why the hell you disappear in that form? " he think, his horse were running at his fastest speed under a strong storm, but suddenly Richter stop the horse...

"What that noise? " Richter saw in all directions, "Its look like I'm not alone " Richter dismount his horse, pull out his whip, and take a look behind the shrubs, "how this can be?, after Dracula defeat at the hands of Alucard all of this monster must disappear, what this things doing here?" behind the shrubs a small band of Axe lords were hiding   waiting for something,maybe waiting for him... "Well, if they want me... " Richter pull out his cross boomerang and jump forward tossing the boomerang at two surprised Axe lords, the Axe Lords disappear in flames...

"Its him, know do your job " a voice said from the darkness.

"That voice... I heard that voice before, but were? " an axe flying, near his head interrupt his toughs, he roll to a side and toss a small bottle of holy water to the owner of the axe, another one burst " 3 out, 3 in ", then his whip flew in direction of the face of another Axe Lord, another one less, but the other two don't want to be eliminated, the two attack at the same time, two axe's flying towards Richter, he execute back flip, and dodge one, the other pass near his shoulder, Richter throw a dagger, the dagger incrust in the upper body of the Armor Lord, finally he whip the last Armor Lord...

"Congratulations, Richter " said Death leaving the shadows, "you still are strong, but you are strong enough to avoid the death? "

"Why don't you probe me? " Richter hold his whip in front of him

"Not yet, but we'll see again, by the way tell to your friend the renegade Alucard, that he would fight me too "Death disappear in the same shadows that he came.

"Alucard, so that why Maria leave without telling us anything " Richter mount again his horse "They must be in the town " Richter leave the place, his horse run towards the town, he want some answers, and only one man could response... Alucard.

To be continued...