Aria of Sorrow: The second wave of Tears

Done by: Lady Lunar Phoenix

Warnings: If you think I made the series I’d be still a member of the middle class? Rating may seem high trust me there’s a reason.

This is the slightly better version of the story that you'll find. Since doesn't like my choices of scene breaks and indicators of written words.





The room was rather well lit, the soft hint of incense flittered through the air and there was a soft hum as a computer ran. The room wasn’t anything special; it was almost severe in appearance, sturdy oak wood floors, stonewalls and a thick strong ceiling. There was a pair of paintings on the wall to the left, an ornate sword hanging from the wall on the right along with a family crested shield. There wasn’t much going on in the room; one would even say that it looked almost typical compared to any other office. If you ignored the man sitting at the desk then perhaps the room would look completely normal. Yet though the man looked normal himself, with his dark brown hair with faint traces of lighter brown, and his dark business suit, it was what sat on his shoulder that would stop a person. Perched on his shoulder like it was nothing at all, was a blonde haired faere. Dressed in a light blue gown she was sleeping soundly when a sound pierced the air like the quick swipe from the master swordsman whom she called *master*. Waking up in surprise, she looked about as she fluttered into the air.

Alucard sat behind his desk, his fingers typing away on the keyboard when the phone rang. Normally he didn’t use the phone; he used an instant messaging system to talk to others. There was only a very select few people who he talked to after all. By the second ring he had put aside what he had been working on. By the third ring he was tracing the line back to whoever was calling. A single touch on the pad brought the speakerphone online and his computer buzzed away, making connections.

Static seemed to fill the air, with the small pixie like being fluttering about the phone looking between the object and her master. She opened her mouth to speak when Alucard raised a hand to silence her. What the faere couldn’t hear, the dhampire’s more powerful hearing could.


It took a bit before she could understand why her master continued listening to the phone or had even spoken. Maps flared across the screen moving and being discarded in a rapid succession. News articles were the next to appear in rapid motion; some just words others with pictures. A choking crying type sound could be heard on the speaker while Alucard stared at it. The images began to slow down, localizing on one area of the map and a series of Internet stories. From there Alucard opened several programs and quickly began hacking into police databanks, hunting down his prey. The person had yet to speak, as the system finally provided him with the information he required.

“Mrs. Cruz. I’ll be on the next flight to Madrid. I’ll come straight to your home so don’t leave it if you can. I should arrive at 2 o’clock tomorrow afternoon, though I have associates who may arrive at later time.” He said simply as his eyes read the screen even as his mouse moved towards the messaging system.

The phone clicked and the dull tone of it filled the air before the Faere lowered herself, shutting off the speaker with a footstep.


“I’ll be leaving in fifteen minutes,” he said as the program finished loading up.

:I have a job for you. When you get this I’ll be in the second motherland. You know where. Things have gone critical.:

He sent off the message before turning his attention to another program and organized a flight for himself.

“Master what has happened?” she asked as she flew closer to his head level.

“They’re on the move again. We had hoped that with the head dead they would die out. Apparently we were wrong,” he said softly before leaving the office.