JUDGEMENT DAY


                                                 WRITTEN BY ROLF VINK







Land of darkness, danger, hidden secrets.

Living there is like a hell, like you were damned after a bad life you can think.

The moon there every night is like an evil eye watching you.

Barren lands, graveyards ,unprotected villages under an unsafe sky.

It all became because of the undead count, Dracula.


Vlad Draculea III, a blood-thirsty, evil count.

In his life before he was an evil prince, with the Turks as his enemies.

He fought them and made a lot of victories.

His hatred is untamed, strong and dangerous.

He slaughtered his enemies like a boy or girl can do with chickens, frogs or bugs.

After a false news of her husbands death his wife threw herself into the Prahova river.

After a victorious battle with the Turks he came back to home.

He heard of the news that his wife killed herself.

He announced God and sworn to rise from dead to avenge his wifes dead with all the powers of Darkness.

He was assassinated later.

After his dead, he became a vampire, hating all what's from God, an incarnation of evil...



Land of horrible creatures under command by an evil force.

Werewolves, bats, wandering dead...

All walking in the night, searching for preys.

Vampires searching for blood.

And Dracula, the evil count, undead, blood-thirsty and terrorising Transylvania with his powers.


Years after years Dracula tried to conquer Europe with his evil forces.

People in Transylvania are living in a scary world...


But there is a family, the family Belmont.

That family had strange strong powers.

The people feared them and they had to live away of the people.


Firstly, Sonia Belmont fought Dracula to stop his evil plans.

She managed to won.

Later there came Richter, Simon, Cristhoper and even the son of the count with the name Alucard.

They all fought Dracula and they all won.

The evil count was angry of the way Simon won of the battle.

He said to his minions that he torn his body apart and they hid the parts through Transylvania.

Simon found them fortunately and destroyed the count.

He fought him another time, that time the count put a curse on Simon, he fought Dracula because if he didn't, he could die.

But even then when he won, he died after.

(Not really, he came back later!)


Dracula fought much with the Belmont family.

Good vs. Evil in Transylvania.

But every time Dracula resurrects when it is time to fight again...

It seems endless..until the last day or all time...

Transylvania’s best warriors need to prepare themselves to fight.

These are the most important ones of the famous Belmont family and some others who fought evil.

They need to be prepared for the ultimate last day that came...


Judgement Day of Transylvania.



                                                                      ____ BEFORE____


Transylvania, June 15,1788,at midnight.

A group of researches under protection of  Simon Belmont found a little cave in a mountain.

They went inside of it.

It was dark, but with torches they found a little open place in this cave.

Simon went after a researcher.

He said to the leader: "Nice cave, but you can better let me lead this team, I feel that there is something waiting for us."

The leader said: "All right, I shall let you discover the cave further, for some reason I feel scared."


They walked through the cave, they tried to sleep on some places, but they couldn't.

Simon felt something strong, dangerous and powerful...

And that was a feeling he didn't knew...

A terrible strong kind of fear.

After more meters walking through the cave, a researcher with the fear on his face ran away, he screamed.

There was nothing to see, only a terrible fearful feeling inside of the researchers and Simon.

Later, another researcher became mad.

He sat on the ground, with his face on his knees, his arms quickly around it.

He cried and he was scared, very scared.

He ran away, he screamed, a scream filled with fear.

A sound full of fear!

Simon saw the other researchers running away, they were screaming, with a terrible face, like they saw billions of evil, scary monsters in front of them.

A researcher felt in a hole in the ground, screaming, then Simon heard a splash.

Simon went further, feeling stronger fear..further...filled with fear.

And he felt a strange might surrounding him, he fought with win the battle with this creepy might...he won at last.

He still felt the feeling...stronger.

Then when he went further, he saw an open place and he saw a hole with light on the top when looking up.

He ran to it and he fell down.

Then he saw a little squashed rock.

A black skull, with an amulet on it was in a stream of light.

The light shone on it.

He saw the eyeholes, they were full of power, evil...or whatever you can call it.

He was scared, full of fear, he smashed himself through the wall, he screamed, he ran through a way to light...finally he found the outside.

He was scared, very scared.





                                                               ____    SLAUGHTERING    ____


It was night in Transylvania, December 31,1949,at midnight.

The people in a lot of villages quickly closed their windows.

A lot of them ran into their houses when feeling the strange wind, hearing the whispering of it.

Doors are closed, locked.

So are the windows.

If you should walk trough a village, you should see there is no life form to see.

Even the chickens weren't outside.

It was fully empty.

The people were scared like never before.

Howling wolves, wings of flying bats were the only sounds you could hear.

And that it warns the people for the coming evil.

Sometimes you could see a face looking trough a window to the outside.

It was full with fear.

People were so scared, that they even didn't try to kill their selves.

The evil that came was not the same as the resurrection of count Dracula, it was more.

The power was more dangerous, more filled with hatred ,more evil...

The sound of the whispering wind was blocked by the flying bats, a lot of them were flying over the villages to an empty field.

A scared face looked trough a window, it was looking to the field.

There, with the moon over it, a group of vampires came together to talk.

It seemed a discussion.

Then came the thunder, very loud, sometimes a tree was hit by the thunder.

The werewolves howling, bats flying, the wandering dead from their graves hungry and searching for preys.


The family Burnheart had locked their selves up in their house, in a undefended village.

They went to their friends, now they spend the night in a house in the village were their friends quickly ran with them to a house they built years ago for the family, to flee to when they were to scared to spent the night in their own house.

It was no wonder that they fled to their second house, because their first house was build in a village with a graveyard around it.

Whenever there came a zombie to enter the village, there was a guard with a shotgun to end the zombies hunt.

A guard quickly shot it's head off.

Then it the danger was gone, if there weren't more of them.

There was also a guard who warned the people for the coming danger, so that they could hid their children safety in the houses.

Also the parents ran in their houses whenever there is an attack like that.

Whenever there are lots of guards, still you should fear the sky and the creatures who lived in Transylvania.


The family finally slept.

The fear was written on their faces.

Then, in the midnight, the windows collapsed by a hand.

A son of this family awaked.

He screamed when he saw the white hand.

Then he saw the face, the face of a vampire.

The wooden walls of the house collapsed.

Two werewolves attacked the family, leaving no parts of their bodies.

They silenced the screams of the people.

The scream of dead, like a lion biting through the throat of an antilope, when it still screamed for help.

A lion becomes just nothing in your memory when you saw or just heard about werewolves...

The village was under attacking...

All of the people were killed, slaughtered, pieces of meat in the grass, blood streaming into the river south of the village.

The wind filled with screams....


The vampires who had a discussion on the field all went to the castle, the castle of Dracula.

Some guards who ran for the evil that tried to slain them, saw the vampires flying to the castle.

Then they saw claws of werewolves, or they felt the teeth of the undead in their backs, necks or arms.


A guard of a village near a lake fled to his house.

He kicked the door open, and fled into the basement.

He sat there, thinking.

He found a lighter.

Then he saw a silver bullet in a corner when shining with the lighter.

He loaded his revolver with it.

Quickly he went to the living room, then he ran the outside.

A werewolf attacked him.

Pain all over his body, his brains became frozen.

He felt terrible pain, his leg was gone, the werewolf ate it.

Then he slashed his left arm off, the guard still screamed of pain.

His brains recovered after the shock, the pain still all over his body.

Then he shot the werewolf with the revolver, the silver bullet was fired.

The werewolf still stood there!

He knew he shot him right, he did it before when he was attacked!

The werewolf was moving slowly to the poor guard.

The guard found another bullet in the grass, he loaded his revolver.

He shot again...

The werewolf didn't seemed to be impressed.

He became very aggressive, he ran to the guard and a young men in the grass with his arms and legs off, saw the brocks of meat in the sky, then with a splash it fell in the grass.

The men suffered.

Then a werewolf ate his head who was swept away from his heavy tortured body.

Blood was everywhere, the river was full of it.

The trees full of organs, legs or heads.

Eyeballs rolling into the river.

Sometimes a werewolf ran to it to ate it.

The eye squashed by the teeth.


The villages were destroyed by horrible creatures.

Houses destroyed, bodies torn apart...

There seemed to be more werewolves ever.

Unknown monsters came from the underground to torn away children from crying or dying parents.

Monsters with great strength.

Those who were killed by those monsters were sent to a horrible place, by the look of those monsters.


The evil what was coming, was strong, very strong.

And it is preparing itself for something what could be a battle.

It had to be important and it was.

And also the Belmont family knew about it.

They felt it.

The feeling was strong, very strong.

Stronger then it ever was.




                                                                      ____   THE FEELING     ____




John Belmont slept and awoke at 7.09 O’clock

People said that he is a special men, a member of the strong family Belmont.

They told him everything about Richter, Sonia, Simon, Christopher and Trevor C.

He was proud of their successful battles with the count.

And he still knew of the time of his turn to fight Dracula.

But there was a long interval between his birth and the battle with Dracula.

Too long.

People feared Dracula more.

It seemed that he prepared himself for something very big.

Evil became stronger, more monsters came, with big strenght, more people were slaughtered.

Mostly guards of villages.


He made a cup of tee.

It was hot and it tasted very good.

He felt a strange silence.

The face of Skull, his dog, was full of fear.

The eyes were looking to John.

He saw the fear in his eyes.

There must be something wrong, thought John.

Something very wrong.

He walked to the door.

He unlocked it.

There was not even a cat on the streets.

Everyone was in their houses.

John became angry, he went to the house of the mayor.

He knocked on the door.

He saw the face of the mayor looking through the window, filled with fear, like he saw a werewolf eating his wife while it looked to him.

John said: "Mayor, can I come in, I need to talk to you."

The mayor opened the door after he unlocked it.

The houses were stronger then the houses in the destroyed villages.

"Did you heard it, a lot of villages were destroyed, people slaughtered and torn in the underground by horrible monsters and even worse, there are lots of them, I feel they are coming here soon...",said the mayor.

"Please sit down mayor and don't be so scared please.

I don't know what happened there, but before it I felt month after month that evil was preparing itself for something.

But for some reason, I am not scared, I feel earlier strong and powerful!

My family fought Dracula and we know him very well...I think."

The mayor replied: "John, I need to show you something...follow me."

John said: "What is it, tell me!"

The mayor said: "I shall not tell you what it is, it is in your blood to carry it, to fight with it..."

John replied: "That must be...must be...the...holy..."

The mayor said quickly: "Yes, the holy whip, now it is your time to carry it, train with it."

The powerful something he felt inside of him responded and then he said: "I shall go to Dracula and destroy him!"

"No, no, it is too dangerous to do that, John!

You must train with it and I need to tell you more, wait!"

After the mayor said this he pulled John with him and they went to the basement.

John used his lighter to see what's inside of the basement.

There was a table in the middle of the dark, big basement.

Crates of beer on the background.

The sound of a rat made a bat fly away from his resting place.

There were three letters on the table.

He went to the table and took the left letter from the table.

He read:


                                                                               June 15,1788


Dear founder,


I am Simon Belmont, member of the famous Belmont family.

Today I protected a group researchers while they went into a discovered cave.

It was a big cave, there were a lot of paths to different ways and surprises.

I went further with the group.

Suddenly, some members became scared and fled out of the cave, or became lost and died.

I also had that strange scary feeling, it was a feeling full of fear, very creepy.

I went further, I also saw more researchers running away.

I followed that feeling, my holy whip in my hands.

I finally came on a secret or holy place, I felt it was holy.

I saw light shining on a black skull, it had an amulet on it.

When I looked in the eyeholes, I saw evil and I became scared, it was so evil...

I ran away and smashed myself through the wand, then I saw a path to the outside, it was very spooky...


This is for a Belmont family member who can need this information soon...



         Simon Belmont.


John saw that this letter was from Simon Belmont, a member who fought Dracula and won.

He wanted to read the other letters, but the mayor said that those letters were not important to read.

He went to the outside of the house and he thought about this.




                                                     ____ BEFORE 2____



The year was 1801.

Trevor C. Belmont went to the woods because he heard of monsters who attacked an old man.

Before he entered the woods, he heard a girl saying something to her boyfriend.

That the old man came out of the attack and that he slaughtered the monster.

Trevor went to the girl and she was looking to him.

Trevor said: "Did the old man survive the attack?"

The girl said: "Yes, he came here to tell us that he is all right, you can find him in a hole, in the woods."

Trevor replied: "All right, but how did that old hug won the battle with that monster?"

With his holy whip sweeping to a bat flying towards his neck he waited for the girls answer.

The girl said then: "Well, I don't know, ask that to that old man, and tell him that you want to know everything about it and watch out, monsters are everywhere!"

Trevor went into the woods.

He followed a path, trees and sometimes irritating bats blocked his path.

He went further.

Then, hidden after some trees and bushes, he saw a little wooden house near a hole.

He ran to it.

Then he saw an old man with clothes of a monk walking to him, there was no face to see, the head was covered, a black shadow over his face.

The old man said: "Hello Trevor, I heard about your battle with the evil count Dracula, good fight!"

Trevor replied: "It runs in the family!

By the way, how did you won the fight with the monsters, you sounds poor and very old."

The man said: "Well, I am, but...well, that doesn't matter how I slaughtered that creeps, doesn't it?

And I want to know what you are doing here!"

The old man suddenly wasn't that kind anymore.

He even became angry, it seemed.

Trevor said: "You should tell me how you defeated that monsters, it is very unusual for an old man to kill monsters on that age and the girl seemed scared about you, maybe she thinks you're some kind of wizard!"

The eyes of the old man looked to him.

He said nothing.

Trevor said: "Tell me now, how did you survive......"

He couldn't finish the last words, a flash came...

He couldn't think, couldn't see a thing, then...


Trevor founds himself in the grass, in a village with destroyed houses.....

The old man stood also in the grass.

Trevor saw that the holy whip was disappeared.

Trevor said: "What happened, this is magic, this is..."

The old man replied: "Well,I want to show you some things...and also something very important, powerful and magical!"

Trevor said: "What happened here in this village, everything is destroyed!"

Trevor saw a car with pieces of horses in the grass, a skull with blood...

Trees lying on the ground, broken....

And the houses destroyed!

And also he saw pieces flesh, lying in blood, the flesh of people!

Trevor said: "Some kind of monsters did this!

Where am I?"

The old man answered: "You are in the year 1949,in Transylvania.

Powerful monsters from the underground came here, immortal werewolves...

He couldn't finish, Trevor said: "Immortal werewolves?

What is going on here, this is unbelievable!"

The man said: "Dracula found the black skull with the amulet in the year when Simon found it in a cave before he confronted Dracula.

Dracula carried it sometimes and felt the power, the evil in it.

He never used it when he fought with the Belmont family!

It was his secret.

But now, the amulet and Dracula found each other.

Dracula now haves the great power and might to use them when it is needed...

Trevor said: "Needed?

How do you mean, old man, needed?

I think you are drunk...I mean you aren' are a wizard and...whatever, show me that powerful magical thing, all right?"

The old man said: "That thing is the white skull with an amulet, it is also hidden in a cave.

When you are looking in the eyeholes you should feel courage, strength and power, but it is hidden well."

Trevor said: "I shall find it, but tell me where that cave is.

And tell me before you tell me where that cave is, who you are, I trust you."

The man said: "I am someone of the Good, I am here to protect Good.

I was sent because Dracula found the black skull, I travel through time."

Trevor said: "Nice hobby you should have, flying through time and now show me the cave!"

Trevor followed the man through the village.

He saw some flesh with blood, skulls and legs...

It is just that he saw more horrible things, because if he didn't saw them, he could puke.

They finally went into a wood.

Sometimes there even came a monster, but then Trevor and the man killed it easily.

They finally arrived at the cave.

Some bones on the ground, skulls and some blood.

But that didn't scare Trevor C. Belmont.

Trevor looked around him and saw that the man was gone!

He went into the dark cave, then suddenly, a torch lied on the ground, he was pleased to see it.

With his holy whip, Trevor went further.

After fighting irritating bats, monsters and a skeleton with a sword, he found an open place.

He saw nothing there.

Then, suddenly, a big mouth smashed trough the wand on the right side of Trevor and then he saw a strange dragon-like monster.

The face half rat, half reptile.

His eyes yellow with red pupils teeth with flesh and blood and a skull.

His breath was disgusting to smell.

He didn't really look like a dragon, his back was of a rat, with strange eyes in it, full of slime...

His tail with two arms, hands with long claws on it!

The monster was big, very big...

With it's big claws he tried to cut Trevor’s body, but when it tried that, quickly Trevor jumped out of the way, with the wand behind him.

The claws hit the wall, they began to shake a little.

When the mouth tried to ate him, he quickly got out of the way and it hit the right wand of the cave, the ugly head was stuck!

Slime, ugly water came out of slimy holes in his face, he eyes rolling out of the head, when a worm-like thing came out of it, the worm had the face of a half rat, half werewolf!

Also out of the other eyehole there came such a thing like that.

Trevor killed them with the sweep.

The big thing was blind.

It was smashing itself against the wand, Trevor ran into the hole mad by the thing when he first saw it's dirty face.

He heard collapsed rocks after him and a horrible scream of death, sounds like blood was stuck in it's throat.

This was one of the most dirty and strong things Trevor met.

When he went further, he saw a little open place, light trough a gate in the upper wand.

A white skull on a squashed rock was highlighted.

A beautiful amulet was on it.

When he looked to the eyeholes, he felt the power, the might...

He took the amulet and smashed with an axe he found near it a way to the outside.

He smashed for the final time and found...lava.

Also he saw a bridge on the right side of him.

On the small little path with the whip no longer in his hands he went to the bridge and crossed the heat.

He smashed a way to the outside further and he was in the woods again, but he couldn't found the way back.

Then he saw the man coming out of the dist.

He said: "You now have the Might and Power in your blood, later, someone from your family should need it..."

He showed him the way.

Trevor said: "Thanks!"

The man disappeared in the dist.

Trevor saw the village and went in it.

He put the amulet in his house in a hidden place in a little chest.

He couldn't sleep that night.

So much things to think about...

The amulet the black and white skulls with their eyeholes...

But the time will tell he thought only time will tell.




                                           ____ REVIVE THE MASTER____



In a dark passage between the destroyed house of the mayor and a destroyed wooden house was a man,he saw a lot of bloody things.

But he was hidden in a house the house destroyed on his left side.

His name was Jim Mortol.

People said always "Mortal" instead of Mortol, but you need to speak the "o" better he always said.

Now he was lying on the ground blood on his arm.

The pain was heavy.

He heard feet steps he was shocked for a moment.

Then he saw a woman brown hair, blue eyes like the sky in Spain, with the sun shining all the day...

Damn, he thought, thinking about Spain in Transylvania is just like thinking about the delicious heat when you're in Antarctica!

Jim said: "Please madam, can you help me, the pain is very heavy...aaargh..."

The girl said: "Of course, I searched for life, now I found you here.

I am Sarah Trimor,I am from a village far from here.

Wait a second, I need to yell to my brother, he is here too...


A long, strong guy with brown hair in a tail came and on his face, there came a smile.

He said: "Great Sarah, we finally found someone, I thought all was lost!"

Sarah said: "Protect him, I shall bring the wooden door with me when I'm back.

Then put him on it, and do that careful, I don't want him dead!"

He said: "Yes. Hello, boy.

I am Adam, but of course you heard that, my sister yells a lot.

But she is also a good warrior, she can kill monsters with her sword and her great skill!

Even when she's surrounded by a group of five monsters, she can save herself.

One day she brought cakes to her mother when she was young and then a water monster came from the water and it jumped on the bridge.

Then, she took her sword and with her skills, she managed to defeat it.

She trained a lot, you can talk about great fighting if it's about her!"
Jim said: "Great. She is coming back, I see her with a door..."

Adam said: "Yeah, we need to carry you to the hospital in our village, far from here.

Luckily we have a strong horse and a wooden car and of course there is a good doctor to help you further, don't care about that, all right?"

Jim said: "All right then."


Jim awoke in a room.

He saw the girl Sarah looking to him.

She said: "Good morning, you slept well we saw."

Jim replied: "Yeah, I know, I see that my wound on my arm is not bleeding anymore..."

She said: "Yes, but you can better stay here, it's more too dangerous there in your wrecked village..."

Jim said: "Yes, I was awakened for a while in the night and I heard howling wolves with a strange sound mixed with that howling...very strange.

There is something happening, I saw monsters I never imagined before...that evil, they ripped people and pulled them into the ground.

And the strong werewolves, the speed was unusual!"

Sarah said: "I am very afraid, that's truth."

Jim said: "Me too, but with the Belmont family, those strange spooky people with their scary never know."

Sarah said: "Hey, they are not spooky or creepy, they are very social and be happy they fought for us!"

Jim said: "That's truth, they fought Dracula and his evil minions!

Without them we were slaves for Dracula...I don't even want to think about that."


Jim felt well after resting a lot, eating good and drinking much.

He went to the outside of the hospital.

He had permission of Sarah to smell the air.

When he was outside, he smelled the air.

That wasn't a normal smell...the smell of blood.

He ran to the other side of the street, firstly he looked for horses with cars and all that.

He ran through the bushes, into the woods.


He watched the area.

Then he saw blood on the trees, on a lot of them...

He saw bodies in the bushes and organs near a little cave.

With his knife he approached the cave.

He found a lighter near a torn body.

A feeling of puking came when he saw more of those bodies, heads, eyes here and there...

What was going on here?

He heard a strange howl, a sound that made him scared mixed with this evil howl...

He saw a monster what looked like a werewolf approaching him with speed.

Suddenly, a man or woman who looked like a monk with a white sign on its back came between the monster and Jim, then a flash came...


He awakened and then he saw that he was on a field, it was midnight.

Some bushes on his back.

He saw the monk in front of him.

Then he was gone.

Jim was scared.

He went further into the field, then he heard talking, the talking of a group of strange man.

He saw them, they looked like evil wizards.

Their clothes were strange and by the look of them, you can say they were evil priest or something like that...

They ran away, speaking some words...

Then thunder came, a loud sound, a crash...

Howling of werewolves, flying bats flying through the sky, they made strange sounds.

Then he saw the castle in the horizon...the wizards or priests went to it.

He ran after them, not too near.

Strange thing was, that the priests didn't met any monster!

Jim felt not safe, those strange man planned something he thought...


When the evil priests slept, he slept too.

Hidden in a place where they didn't saw Jim.

But by their strange business, he knew that they arranged something sinister.

They used magic sometimes.

He went after the strange man and followed them.


Finally they arrived by the castle, now Jim saw that the castle was the castle of...count Dracula!

He saw the castle, the evil resting on it, the darkness coming out of it...

It carried the evil master of Transylvania in it.


He felt it, the evil, the fear...and he was unarmed.

He came inside of the castle.