___ CLUES, CLUES___



After John was calmed down the group went inside the house of Ann.

Ann saw John coming with a group.

She began to look scared when she saw Richter and Simon with John.

Then she fled with frustration and fear out of her own house to the outside.

John saw her and sighed.

Of course he need to explain all to her now or later..what a strange business.

He went to the outside and he saw Ann on a stone.

A great moment, he and her alone to tell everything under each other and seriously, because now she didn't believe in jokes and when she sat on that stone, John knew that that was a moment for talking seriously.

He sat on the other stone and told her about everything since he left her.


Jim, Richter and Simon played a game inside of the house when they saw John and Ann coming inside.

Ann looked frustrated.

John tried to calm her down, fortunately it helped...

John also joined the game.

This day they needed to rest of their strange adventure, or better said: the beginning of.


The game was over, John won the game and that was no wonder, he played it every week with Ann when it was late in the evening and they had nothing to do.

John said: "We can better find the good monk tomorrow after we slept.

We need to find more clues, he said that we could find him by the cave."

Richter said: "Yes, and I am sure I shall sweep Dracula’s ugly head off this time.."

Simon said: "We can now go together, John, you and me of course..."

Then Jim said: "And I? Do I need to sit down here to play this strange game with the girls?

And don't forget that Sarah is a warrior too, we can join too, Simon!"

He thought a couple of minutes, then he said: "Well, train tomorrow when we visit the monk and I shall give you and that girl a good weapon that you two can use with your tactics and be sure you train a lot!"

They followed John to his house and they went down.

John thought when they entered that he gave them to a friend December the 30th so he was happy this wasn't that they, now they finally could be used by good warriors.

He gave Sarah a holy spear and Jim took the holy sword.

Then they went outside to the house of Ann.

They slept and John came in with a tired face.


The next day the group went outside when the sun went up.

It was the 29th today.

They went to the forest to talk to the monk by the cave.

And there came a couple of monsters ,a good time to try out the new weapons and it was a pleasure to fight with it, Sarah and Jim said to John.


The cave was dark and some eyes watching to the group disappeared when they came near it.

There was a rotten smell.

It was a big cave, it seemed long.

When they were watching the area around it, they found the monk sitting on a stone.

John said to him: "Hello, we are back and I read one letter I didn't read, the other one I didn't read was burned before my eyes, and the evil monk sent us to this time, but it seems you know of that..."

It was the white monk.

He said: "Discover the cave and see."

Jim said: "Why do we need to went inside of that disgusting cave, the smell is terrible!"

Then Richter already went in and the group followed him.

John used a torch from the right wand of the cave further inside.

He saw some bones on the ground and some plants.

There were also stones of different sizes.

He saw them on the ground, so it was not that impossible to fell over it inside a gate to the death...

They heard some strange sounds of bats and snakes inside.

They went further, armed with their weapons.

Then three snakes came, long ones with yellow eyes like fire.

John used the whip that swept one to damnation.

One tried to attack Sarah and the she used the spear that killed the snake.

The last one came to Jim, he used the sword to cut its head of quickly before it bit him.

They went further into the dark cave.

Then Jim saw a big, deep cliff.

But it wasn't that large to cross it with a fallen tree.

Then stepped backwards, he ran and jumped over it, he quickly used the stone on the other site and pulled himself to the site.

The others followed on the same way.


They saw that they needed to went further, it was a long trip.

They fought some skeletons during their way.

Then one jumped from a rock to the group and they destroyed it, also the other one that came after the first.

They saw some skulls on the ground.

Then, when they were deep into the cave there came a strange sound, they saw rocks falling from the top to them.

They began to ran, then a rock landed before John and a rock after him landed, they ran and fled from the rock-attack.

They arrived at an open place with bones, skulls and the smell was more disgusting then it already was.

There was also a hole to the north.

They saw a fireball coming out of it, they ran out of the way, it collapsed against the wand.

Then a long snake-skeleton came out of the hole with dark eyeholes.

It was very fast.

There was no way out, on the south where they came from there came a horde of skeletons.

John studied the movements, then when he saw him attacking again with his fireball, he began to ran to it and then he swept him a lot of times until it collapsed.

The others fought the horde of skeletons.

One skeleton threw a bone to John, he went out of the way and he threw a stone to its head, then Richter swept the skeleton away.


It was very late when they went further, but the cave was very long.

And the way was going down to the underground.

Then they saw bats and a strange lake of some kind of mud...

Then they saw a dirty monster coming out of it, Richter knew those and Simon too, they went to it and fought the monsters, while they were pulled into the strange mud!

The others came, hand in hand so that one could help the other to the other side.

They saw some bats flying to them, and they swept them out of the sky.

One fell into the mud.

After another lake of that mud they arrived on an open place.

John said: "This travel is long, very long and I didn't see a clue!"

Then they saw a strange, big and red skeleton coming out of the ground with a bone in his hand.

Then there came another one.

They were coming to the group.

There was still a passageway between them, and quickly together they ran through it, near each other.

They fled further, the skeletons after them.

Then they saw a long cliff with a broken bridge on it, they crossed carefully over it and when the skeletons came near them and they saw that a skeleton jumped on it, then the bridge fell down with the two skeletons.

The group heard cracking sounds while they went further.

There was another little open place, they saw the good monk on a rock!

John said: "What are you doing here!"

The monk said: "I found a book on this rock by a skeleton, you need to read the first page, the prologue!"

John said: "Give it then!"

The monk jumped off the rock and gave the book to John.

John opened it and read the prologue, after he did that he said:

"All what we need is written here!

Except one thing: we need to find out which Belmont need to carry the amulet and then he need to resurrect with it."

They saw an exit of the cave and they went out of it.




                                       ___ VILLAGE IN FIRE ___



At last they saw light and a forest.

John still had the mysterious book in his left hand.

They went through the forest.

It was a beautiful one, full of flowers, rivers and strange but beautiful, green trees.

There was also a village with people talking to each other on the market place and people reading books.

There was a big house north on a hill.

The village looked like a little Heaven.

Every one worked with a big smile, laughing and yelling at each other.

There was also a cornfield east of this village.

People worked on it and some were looking to them while eating bread.

John said when he saw this: "A nice village for a short stop.

It's the next day, the 29th,tomorrow that strange day comes, isn't it?"

Richter said while he was looking to women: "I don't know anymore, then we are in that time, then that time, I hate that!"

They went further through the village to a big house on the west side.

They saw that this was an inn.

They went inside and saw man drinking beer and someone behind the bar.

There were some chairs free to sit down.

They went to a table and they saw people looking at them.

John read the book.

He said: "For now on, I can't see any clues in that strange book."

He read the words on the cover: HOW TO PREPARE JUDGEMENT DAY.

He said: "Hey, that is what we need, we need to prepare for Judgement Day!"

He read further when a lady came with a glass of beer, Jim gave some money, she went to another table while she received it.

Jim said to John: "And, found something?"

He didn't respond.

Then he said: "No, only about resurrections and all that!"

Simon said: "We already know that!"

Then Sarah said: "May I look in the book, please?"

Jim said: "Give it to her, she want to read it!"
John gave it to Sarah.


After discovering the woods and the lovely village, they went into the inn to sleep.


The next morning they knew it was the 30th...

They went outside of the inn.

They saw the village, but everyone was in their houses...

Then John saw a woman looking through a window, her face was full of fear...

It was strange, yesterday they all were so happy and if they had known this earlier, then yesterday they had to be like that too, that face of her and the others were full of fear...

John said: "Look at them!"

Then Annette yelled that she saw some fire...

Jim looked and saw more fire, coming from the north to south!

Houses were set in fire, it streamed through the village, it became an huge inferno!

People burned inside of it.

Screaming, yelling for help, crying and suffering.

The group fled away from the big inferno, like more did, but then the inferno came with more speed, eating the people.

The group heard the screams, saw the burning bodies in the fire.

The thunder came, it destroyed houses.

The group went to the cave, it was not that far anymore, then some fireballs were floating through the sky, towards Richter and Simon, they jumped over it and the went out of the way when it came higher.

The heat was terrible!

They went into the cave, the inferno came too.

They saw a part of the inferno coming inside of the cave, they began to fled to water.

They went to the east and there was a little lake.

They jumped in it to avoid the fire, they managed.

Then, when they were on land again, they went to the village and they saw burned bodies and houses, everything was destroyed!

Also the thunder was there, they saw it when it destroyed a village further of this one...

Simon said: "This is the day; Judgement Day!"

Sarah replied: "And it seems endless!"

John replied: "And still we haven't found the right thing to do, no wonder Dracula haves the might, we need to do something and quickly!"


They saw the good monk coming to them.

He said: "I can still send you back to the time where..."

Then the evil monk came.

The good one turned around to face him.

They fought against each other.

Then, the evil one caste something, and then a big fireball with an inferno mixed in it attacked the good monk.

He screamed of pain.

Then the good one castled something, a thunderbolt came to the evil one and it was falling to the ground.

The evil one stood up and fired a fireball to the good one.

He repeated that three times until the good one was falling down.

He screamed on the ground.

The evil monk caste another spell and a thunderbolt was fired from his hand to the good monk on the ground.

He went out of the way, he seemed tired when he did that.

The evil monk, full of energy, casting another strange spell, this time there came a black demon, he attacked the poor good monk,he was falling down while screaming of pain.

Three other demons were caste, they attacked the good monk while he was trying to escape, the demons ran behind him.

Then, while he was casting a spell when running, the group saw him crouching.

Blood came out of his mouth.

His right hand fired a lighting bolt to a demon ,it was destroyed.

But the other ones still ran to the good monk.

Richter came to help, but he was swept to his place by the right demon.

The demons swept the good monk until there were only parts of flesh left in blood.

The group saw the evil monk laughing, then he disappeared with the black demons.

All seemed lost.

It was down and killed, the good monk.

Jim said: "This is terrible!"

The group was shocked.








They went to the cornfield.

All was burned.

Nothing was left in the village, also the other village was destroyed.

Bodies were everywhere, also the blood on the houses, trees and around the burned skeletons or what left...

They saw a mill destroyed and the big house on the hill was also destroyed, maybe due to thunder, maybe by a monster.

John said after they went to the village to the north: "We have to go to Ann, I want to see her, she may not be killed, never!"

Jim said: "The good monk is dead, there is no way maybe to find a way back to the village, I guess..."

Richter said: "I don't think so, I have met a half-man while I was abducted by the minions of Dracula...his name was and still is Alucard, he was the lost son of Dracula!"

Simon replied: "Nice, and where do we need to be to destroy that bastard?"

Richter said: "No, never destroy him, once he went on a trek to destroy his own father...!"

Simon said: "You won't tell me that that Alucard is a friend of us?"

Richter replied: "Yes, he is and he must be here, I can somehow feel that..."

Then Richter was pushed to on the ground.

Jim saw a strange man on him, his face looked like that of a woman, gray, long hair and with strange black clothes.

The strange one said: "I am Alucard, son of Dracula, I bet you need my help!"

John said: "Erm, yes, but we need to go to Ann, she..."

Then he saw Ann after Alucard...

Alucard said: "I met also that good monk and Ann was with him, somehow there came a flash and we were in a cave, we went further and we found ourselves in a burned village, that one here."

John went to Ann, happy to see her.


Together they went further to the noth.

Alucard said when they fought skeletons: "I think we are a good team...for now!"

Simon said to him: "One wrong thing and I’ll destroy you!"

Alucard said: "No, you need me, I swear!"

Simon said: "I work alone and I always won in battles, you know?"

Alucard said: "You cannot destroy me and you need me like I said before!"

Simon said to him: "We'll see about that, son of Dracula!"

Alucard laughed.

They saw that there was a river near, they went to it.

Jim drunk from it and he went to the waterfall.

He watched it.

Alucard said: "Never seen one, I suppose?"

Jim said: "Of course not,I am Jim, nice to meet you, Alucard.

He said "nice", but he didn't meant that.

The river was long, there was fish in the water, swimming with each other.

Ann went inside of the river and quickly she took one.

She was looking to it when Jim went further through the river to find a way out.

Alucard smiled to him.

He said: "That river ends with a waterfall, Jim.

If I was you, I should stop there and come back."

Jim said: "Since when are you the leader, brutal vampire!"

Alucard said: "Somehow I hate that word, you can call me Alucard!"

Jim said: "Allright, but mind your own business, Alucard."

Alucard said to Simon: "And you, don't call me Alucard, son of Dracula,I hate that, you understand?!"

Simon said: "Allright, I understand and I still trust you, I never did by vam..I mean half-man..."

Alucard said: "Please stop searching a way because we need to turn to the west, away of this!"

Ann and Jim came to Alucard and the rest, they went to the west.

Somehow the group didn't trust Alucard at all, he sounded a little strange.

They went through the cornfield along the destroyed house on the hill, smoke came out of it.




                                                ___ THE ABDUCTION___



They went to a forest while following a path to the west.

The group was bigger with John, Ann, Jim, Sarah, Richter, Simon and Alucard.

The forest wasn't big, but it was full of surprises for the group.

They went inside of the dark forest.

A horde of zombies from the graveyard near the forest came towards the big group.

Alucard ran to them, Jim saw his shadow following his body or something like that while he was jumping inside of the horde and he destroyed it with his weapon.

Jim didn't believe his eyes when he saw the shadow behind his body when he jumped through the air...

Jim said: "Good fighting, Alucard!"

Alucard said: "It runs in the family!"

Simon replied: "Well, I saw that when I fought your father, he isn't that hard to defeat in the times I fought him!"

Alucard said: "Whatever, I am a good warrior, you saw that!"

John said: "And so is Sarah, why don't you just battle in that field to the north, so we can see your skills,she is a good warrior!"


They went to the north, they arrived by the field.

Alucard and Sarah stood against each other without weapons.

Alucard went to her and kicked her, she took his leg,and threw him over herself.

He landed in the grass and stood up and he took her left leg and did the same, then he punched her on the ground.

With her leg, she kicked Alucard in his face.

He sighed and went backwarts, then he went to her and dove near her legs, she fell on her face in the grass.

Alucard then sat on her waiting for responding.

She pulled his hair and threw him forward into the bushes.

She was looking with a smile when he was lying in the bushes.

He stood up and gave her a hand.

He said: "I just want you to win always...good fighting warrior!"

Then they came to the others who looked.

They went out of the field talking about the battle.

They still went on the way they followed earlier.

They arrived by a destroyed village, monsters came to attack the group.

Alucard jumped forwards and killed a monster.

A skeleton came and Sarah kicked it away then she took her spear to finish the skeleton.

John took his whip and swept a skeleton to damnation.

The group was fighting a big horde of monsters.

Then the group saw a Hellhound approaching them on the front his hair was gone, he looked bloodthirsty when he came towards them.

He stood against the group, eyes with hate.

He opened its mouth and fire came out of it towards the group.

They went out of the way by strafing to the east and west, then Simon swept in the face of the Hellhound.

He screamed very high on a strange high tune, so high that some windows in destroyed houses began to collapse.

The Hellhound came forwards and he had taken away Ann in a couple of seconds, he jumped away with the screaming girl.

John went after it, but he lost the Hellhound.

John said to the group: "He is running to the north, what is there?"

Richter said: "The castle of Dracula of course!"

Alucard said: "It is time to stop him I think, isn't it?"

Simon replied: "It is and we shall give him a surprise he shall never forget!"

Alucard laughed and said: "A surprise, yes of course..."

Richter said: "And I shall sweep him with my holy whip to eternal damnation for ever!"

Simon said: "Maybe that's my job, Richter!"

Richter replied: "We shall see."


They went out of the destroyed village to the north.

John was behind the group, the girls in the middle and the rest on the front.

There was a burning village when they arrived by a river.

The river was between the group and the village what was under fire.

Luckily there was a bridge over it, the group went to the village.

There was nothing to do anymore and throwing water to the fire was impossible, the fire was too large and the village was burning anyway, a lot of trees were burned, people were burned, and some suffered in a big fire.

Bones and skulls in blood and fire was the only thin happening in the village.

The group went through it and they saw Transylvania’s new city to the north, its name was Tranfortium.

But monster were hunting people in the city and some houses were destroyed.

There was also a big forest to the north and further there stood the castle of the evil count himself.

They went to Tranfortium, the new city to save some people from the monsters and maybe the upcoming spell like thunder or an huge inferno...

They began to ran, there was no time, the people needed help from the group.

They saw monsters coming to them, skeletons, trolls and a skeleton on a horse, it was armed with another weapon then the skeletons had, the skeletons who walked carried swords and the skeleton on the horse had a spike ball with chain.

It was a big group of monsters, the trolls weren't so little they seemed when they were far, they were big and they carried axes with them, two a hand!

The group saw monsters killing people in the town, and a house began to burn.

The group stood against the horde...

John said: "Let's get some bones and troll flesh, I shall give the one who got the biggest sum of bones four glasses of beer, let's go get them guys!"

The skeletons were the first to fight the group, the went to them and began to attack them, they were no match for the powerful team!

Then the big trolls came.

John went backwards when he saw a big one approaching with two axes and a hungry face...

He began to strafe while the trolls tried to cut him and the other ones of the team followed John, they were concentrated on the attacks.

Then John swept an eye out of the troll that came first and the other eye.

Then Sarah came with her spear through its heart, it screamed and died.

Richter fought another one and finally he managed to kill it.

Also the others managed to kill the trolls by working two by two.

Then some stupid monsters came, zombies and skeletons with bones, they were destroyed easily.

The only one left was the horse rider.

It began to ride to the group with its horse.

It missed its sweep towards Sarah and Jim and they pulled it of its horse!

It was falling on the ground, stood up and took a sword from its back, jumped in the sky with the sword towards John, and he tried to land, but then he landed on the ground, quickly Richter and John swept it to damnation.

They went into the city, what was destroyed by evil.

The only thing John wanted was Ann, Jim saw him looking to the north.

John saw the castle far from the place they were and sighed.




                                                 ___ THE WASTELANDS___




It was night when the group went into a dark kind of wasteland.

Trees without leaves or life, the ground without plants, only stones.

The place without humans, or banned ones.

A perfect places for Hellhounds to life.

A perfect place for bats and raves to fly...

John and Jim saw the place and began to have a tired face.

Only rocks, stones and dead trees was all it had to offer.

And then it was night, a horrible night in the wastelands...


Richter said to Aculard: "Nice place for you to celebrate a vacation, isn't it?"

Alucard said: "Not really, there aren't houses in this place."

John replied: "Why didn't your father built one for you, Alucard?"

Alucard said to John: "I don't care about him, that stupid count with his evil plans!"

After he said that a horde of ravens came from the a tree.

They began to attack the group.

The went down to attack, then they went up to fly and attack when they thought it was possible without being killed.

It was irritating for Jim and the Belmonts to catch them.

Then Alucard made a jump to the group and killed them, feathers were floating through the air, then on the ground.

John said: "Nice job."

Alucard replied: "I said earlier you guys needed me,and now you saw an example why, isn't that right?"

Jim said: "Well, we could kill them too, it wasn't that hard!"


The group came by a swamp.

There were bones and skulls lying on the other side.

The swamp was easy to cross, a jumping was enough.

There came more bones and skulls, sometimes even a dead body...

There was something on the trees on their way, could be blood or sometimes blood mixed with slime.

It was along travel, but John felt that they were on the good way for the rescue of Ann.

He saw Alucard talking with Simon while he went further into the wastelands.

He felt not really invulnerable with this group...sometimes even far from invulnerable.


The only obstacles that met the group were raves, bats or zombies.

Sometimes an armed skeleton, but that was all of the skeletons.

Richter had a tired look on his face, the first time John saw that on his face...


Finally they saw something that might have been useful on their quest for the rescue.

They saw a hole in a mountain.

Blood on the ground with bones on it.

They went to it, a smell of flesh and blood went in their noises when they entered the hole.

It wasn't so dark inside like the caves they saw.

Richter yawned, Alucard and Simon talked.

The group went inside of the hole.

Then they saw eyes looking to them, and they went backwards to see the Hellhound approaching.

John came closer to see hopefully his girlfriend in that disgusting hole.

Then the Hellhound attacked the group with fire while he was running after them.

Alucard jumped over it and jumped towards the mountain.

He was on a rock on the mountain and saw the monster attacking the group.

Then, when it moved backwards near the position of Alucard, Alucard jumped on his dirty back and it ran in circles.

It stopped and made its high howl again, Alucard was falling off.

Then when it was finished, Alucard took his tail and pulled.

Then Richter came and swept in the face until it was killed.

John went in the hole to find his girlfriend, but found nothing inside, only bones in blood...

Then Sarah came inside and felt something, she took it and went outside to show it to John.

He saw that that was a part of the dress of Ann, Sarah went to him.

He stood there, sad and confused about this and saw Sarah.

He became angry of this and kicked against the mountain, Sarah tried to calm him down, it didn't help.

Jim went to him and said something when the rest of the group went to the north.

John, Sarah and Jim followed the rest of the group to the north.

John still sad about his girl-friend.</