A few notes on vampires

I hope you have enjoyed reading the previous story. This was my first attempt at Castlevania fiction, but not at fanfiction in general. This story has taken me a long time to write, not because it was particularly long, but because life was in the way! So if some of you were wondering why the hell it took so long between chapters, thatíd be why.

Iíve received lots of e-mail about my story and Iím pleased that some of you think Iím that talented. It made me very eager to finish the story. The only thing I regret is that I canít draw. Having tiny pictures at the beginning of each chapter would have been nice, but I digress. Please donít ask if Iím going to do another CV related fanfic. My imagination has been tapped out for this one as it is. If they ever make another CV game for Playstation, maybe then Iíll consider another story. Until then, Iím going to concentrate my efforts in other writing fields.

Maybe some of you are wondering why the hell Alucard spazzed in Chapter 8 after getting bitten by his father. Well, I think readers of gothic sorts of fiction have been heavily influenced by Ann Rice and her vampires. Her vampires indiscriminately make more vampires through shared blood. Iíve even seen somewhere that Alucard cannot be a half-breed because you either are a vampire or your not. Thatís because popular fiction is far away from traditional vampire stories. Vampire lore states that if a vampire isnít killed within seven years of showing up, it can have children the more traditional way. Seeing that most vampires in movies and stories are offed long before this period, itís probably why there arenít too many vampire half-breeds. So Alucard is unique. Why did his fatherís power hurt him then? Well, the bite pumped in dark power. It essentially tried to kill his human half. Figuring out what exactly is Alucardís human half was probably not something big to the power, so it decided to rearrange Alucardís whole being. Thatís my theory. It also made a nifty plot device. =)

Thanks to those of you who sent in what they knew of vampire lore. I should probably read some more on the subject. If anyone knows where I can find such information, let me know.

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