Pictures and information on the characters from Circle of the Moon.

Nathan Graves

Nathan is a pupil for the master vampire hunter, Morris Baldwin. Being taught along side his "rival", Hugh Baldwin, Nathan was favored and given a whip by Morris. In 1830 when Dracula is about to be revived, he goes with Morris and Hugh to try and prevent his revival. Arriving just a few seconds late Dracula is revived and knocks the floor out from underneath the two pupils. When Nathan and Hugh land Hugh tries to convince Nathan to go back and let him handle things. Hugh then leaves you to choose your own path..

During the game he gets many abilities such as a double jump, super jump, and being able to breath underwater.

Hugh Baldwin

Son of the master vampire hunter, Morris Baldwin. He was raised as his student along side of Nathan Graves. When Nathan recieved a whip from Morris, Hugh was jealous of Nathan and always would try and rival and compete with him. In 1830 when Dracula was going to be revived, Dracula separated Hugh and Nathan from their master. Falling down on a platform Hugh tells Nathan to go back and let him do things before running off to try and save his father and master.

Morris Baldwin

Father of Hugh Baldwin, and teacher of Hugh and Nathan Graves, Morris Baldwin is the master vampire hunter. He once defeated Dracula and then taught Nathan and Hugh his skills. Favoring Nathan, Morris gave him a whip. When he learned about Dracula's revival he set off with Nathan and Hugh to stop it and defeat Dracula. When Morris got to Castlevania, Dracula was already revived. Dracula then seperated Hugh from his pupils.


Dracula was revived in 1830 by Countess Camilla. After his revival he was met by Morris and Hugh Baldwin, and Nathan Graves. Dracula was earlier defeated by Morris and with the raising of an arm knocked the floor out from under his pupils. Dracula would then try and use Morris to restore him to full power..


Camilla is the countess resposible for Dracula's revival. She helps with the ceremony to sacrifice Morris Baldwin to Dracula to revive him to full strength.


A follower of Dracula, he tries to stop Nathan from saving his master. Later on he tells Nathan his master will be sacrificed to Dracula during the full moon.