All spellbooks are listed in descending order in your inventory.
Name of Spellbook Location
Fire Spellbook In the Corridor of Marble, right near the entrance, Sylph's Feather may be a requirement.
Ice Spellbook In the Castle Entrance and can be found right away.
Wind Spellbook Located in the pinball room in the Clocktower.  Bolt+Cross is a requirement because you need to be sheilded.
Bolt Spellbook Found in the room after the Minotaur.
Summon Spellbook In the secret room above the save point in the Skeleton Cave.  Griffin's Wing is a requirement.


All relics are listed in descending order in your inventory.

Name of Relic Description Location
Lizard Tail Gives you the ability to slide. (down+jump) Found in the room after Living Armor.
Sylph Feather Gives you the ability to double jump. Found in the room after the Skull Knight.
Griffin's Wing Gives you the ability to do a super jump. (down, up+jump) Found in the room after you fight Death.
Soul Orb Let's you see how much you damage an enemy with your hits. Found in the Entrance (Castle A).
Fairy Journal Tells you the name of the enemy you are fighting. Found in the Entrance (Castle A.)
Monster Tome Keeps track of enemies information (name, drop items, etc..) Found in the Approach of Deplore.
Dracula's Eye Unknown Found in the upper Chapel; Griffin's Wing is required..
Dracula's Heart Unknown Found in a secret room behind the save room in the Corridor in the Air (Castle B).
Dracula's Rib Unknown Found where you start the game.  Griffin's Wing and the Crushing Boots are needed, super jump through the shaft where you originally start the game but in Castle B.
Dracula's Nail Increases Strength. Found in the Waterway of Aquatic (Castle A).  A big green knight guards a stone wall.  The upper part of the stone wall is fake, double jump through it.
Dracula's Tooth Increases Defense. Found in the giant pinball room in Castle A.  Go to the very edge of the room on your map and slide, the wall is fake.
Dracula's Ring Increases your luck. Found in the Corridor of Marble.