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The Castlevania Dungeon
The premiere Castlevania site
The Castlevania Quarters
Perhaps only second to the Dungeon in terms of amount of material and detail.
The Castle Bathroom
One of the great Castlevania sites, full of humor, fanfics, rants, and overall one of the most original Castlevania sites around. I even lent a scan or two of mine for a humor page.
Castlevaniac (formerly The Castlevania Pages)
Tons of info on all the games, and exclusives like manual scans.
The Realm of Castlevania
Lots of detailed info and exclusives like the "Megavania" crossover and comparisons of the castle in each game.
Brian's Castlevania
Very underrated CV site, with lots of exclusives like sprites and ending pics.
Ruins of CastleVania
Lots of original content! Features an Art Gallery, FAQs, screen caps, collection of icons, winamp skins, wallpapers, screen savers, desktop themes, and more.
Keep of Trav the Impaler
Unique CV site with lots of original graphics and FAQs
CV Interactive
"A site by the fans...of the fans... for the fans." The new reviews, articles, fan art, and fan fiction part of Belmont's Revenge, devoted to promoting CV everywhere. They accept submissions of all kinds!
Alpha and Omega's CastleVania: The Eternal Struggle
In-depth sections on all the major CV games, with exclusives like cool animations.
Structured Chaos
Pages on CV, CV3, Simon's Quest, SCV4, and Dracula X, lots of midis and complete maps of CV1, CV2, and CV3 levels.
The Castlevania Saga page
Exclusive fanfics, good design, sections on the real Dracula and his evolution into the Castlevania Drac we know and love, lots of general info
Castlevania X: The Page
Historical CV info and other general stuff
Italian and English versions
The Catacombs of Death
(formerly Death's Castlevania Dungeon) Freak's/Lord Death's site, nice design, over 2 years going strong. E-mail him to prevent him from abandoning it, especially since it's on nbci
Castlevania Legacy
Vampire Exterminator Pixelite's site, famous for its Belmont Family Tree. Also features animated pics, a timeline, "castlemorphs," and more.
Castlevania: Nocturnal Pulse
Nice name, nice design; various CV info and a cool merchandise page (under construction)
CV World
Standard fare: screenshots, timeline, art galleries, walkthroughs, characters, monsters, reviews.
Not currently updated.
The Castlevania Catacombs
Odd Flash site with general information
The Castlevania Classics Homepage
Freak/Lord Death's other CV site (besides The Catacombs of Death), this site has in-depth info on Castlevanias 1 through 4.
Short but comical features on CV 1 - 3 and ADX68000

CastleVania Dome
Info on CV1, SCV4, and CVAdv, and CV1 and 2 Sprites and Emulation
Anapan's CV Files
Tons of great miscellaneouus, exclusive CV stuff, including the infamous SotN ripped sprites
Addicted Gamer (formerly John and Audra's Castlevania Page)
Comical reviews of CV games
The Dominions of the Count
(Brazilian/Portuguese site)
Great design, general info about characters, art, timeline, etc.
The Castlevania Holy Bible
(Japanese site)
Great design and plenty of content on the site, if you can find it!
(Japanese site)
Featuring the Demon Castle Dictionary, some general info, and links
Al Azif, "Another World"
(Japanese site)
Mostly Fan art, but there is other content for NitM, CotM, and the 3 Gameboy games

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