Cart, Box, and Manual Scans

Page of US scans of the manual, cart, and box

Japanese Front Box Scan

Japanese Back Box Scan, actual size


Electronic Gaming Monthly Scans

June 2001 EGM Editors' Favorite Games list

July 2001 EGM's CotM Review

July 2001 EGM's CotM Best-selling Games of June 2001 list

January 2002, EGM's Top 100 games of all time


Other Magazine Scans

Circle of the Moon print ad

Maxim feature


CotM Music, MP3s
This is from the Castlevania Dungeon's Soundtrack page, where Kurt Kalata has all the music from CotM uploaded to FilePlanet. Just scroll toward the bottom of the page.

Click here


CotM Movies
Gamespot's CotM page (which has six in-game movies for download)
and one 16.3MB video from an unknown site.


Unknown Site


Minibosses Interview, scans from EGM
The Minibosses are a southwestern band best known for playing videogame themes, two of which are great
renditions from Castlevania 1 and 2.

Scan One

Scan Two


Fan Reviews

Review of Circle of the Moon from Eric Roman


Fan Art

Andro by Eric Roman

Catacomb Buddies by Eric Roman

Nate Dogg by Eric Roman


ROM Patcher File and Program
This patches the CotM rom to become a "trained" rom, which allows you to select certain cheats from within the game.
Just run the program (ips.exe) from the same directory as the rom and it will explain itself.
Note: we cannot and do not provide the CotM rom, or an emulator to play it on. Check the Links section for emulation links.

IPS Patcher Program

IPS file for CotM