There are many rumors already circulating about this complex game.
Some have some potential to be true, others are downright wacky.




You can play as Hugh, Morris, Alucard, Richter as an old man, etc.

True or False?
False as far as anyone knows (but I hope it's really true somehow)

A lot of Castlevania games have had multiple playable characters: Castlevania III, Bloodlines, Rondo of Blood, Castlevania 64, Legacy of Darkness, and both versions of SotN.
SotN for PSX had Richter as a secret playable character, who became available once you cleared the game and got at least 170%(?). In the Saturn version, Alucard, Richter, and Maria were all available from the beginning of the game.
Unfortunately, getting 100% in CotM and/or beating all 5 modes yields nothing but a congratulatory message. No extra characters here (but please, don't let that discourage anyone from trying!).
This rumor continues to persist because CotM seems like such a short game, while SotN was larger and longer... and plus it would just be damn cool to play as Hugh or Morris.




You can go outside the castle.

True or False?

There is a Castle Gate just like in SotN, but there is no trick like in SotN that allows you to get through the Castle Gate or otherwise get out.




You can get more than 100% cleared on the map.

True or False?
False, as far as anyone knows.

This could tie in with the "go outside the castle" rumor.
In SotN, it was possible, in more ways than one, to get over the intended map %. Konami learned their lesson when they released the Saturn version of SotN, and fixed one of the glitches. However, no glitch for mega-% has been discovered yet for CotM. 100% is the max.




There is a 2nd castle and/or an inverted castle.

True or False?
False... probably...

Some people have pointed out that parts of the castle might look better inverted. They also point out that CotM is a short game the first time through: 10 hours, give or take 2 hours. SotN on first playthrough took around 20 hours (including the inverted castle).
On the other hand, CotM has 5 modes to play in, and is considered much more difficult than SotN.
The whole issue of how much time you play, and replay value, also ties in with the rumor of extra characters. Neither seem true.
This rumor is almost as bad as the "3rd castle" rumor for SotN.




You can get alternate costumes for Nathan.

True or False?

Barring any unforeseen revelation, like a new button or name code, Nathan has one and only costume.
(In SotN for Saturn, Richter had an alternate costume accessible by a button code).




There are additional transformations, besides Skeleton and Bear

True or False?
It looks to be false.

It would be cool to be able to equip a few certain items and become the ghost of Trevor Belmont, but there's no evidence of additional transformations right now.


The Toy Ring has secret properties.

True or False?
It looks to be false, but then again an item that has no purpose whatsoever is suspicious.

The in-game description of the Toy Ring states that it is a "totally useless ring," so it probably has nothing special about it.




Equipping all Hakim equipment gives you a special bonus to your stats, or has special properties.

True or False?
Apparently False, but not a bad rumor.

In Symphony of the Night, equipping all "Alucart" equipment gave Alucard a bonus of 30 to his Luck. Could a similar trick exist in CotM?




The Agunea and Bibuti special weapons exist somewhere in CotM.

True or False?
False, unfortunately

The Agunea and Bibuti, featured in SotN, were innovative new special weapons that unfortunately disappeared for CotM. They don't exist in Shooter mode either, so don't reserve hope for that. I would have loved to see Nathan shooting a constant stream of Lightning from the Agunea into a Venus Weed or Lilith.




There is secret dialogue missing in CotM.

True or False?

There are two reasons for this rumor: SotN had dialogue recorded on the CD that was never used in the game, and in CotM Nathan has no dialogue with Death.
I really doubt this rumor.




You can skip Death and the Underground Warehouse area.

True or False?

Normally you would head to the Underground Warehouse after beating the Twin Dragons. After defeating Death there, you would receive an amulet that turns the red, harmful water in the Underground Waterway into harmless, blue water. However, if you're strong enough and lucky enough, you can head into the Underground Waterway without changing the water to blue. It's a considerable challenge to do, but it is possible. I would recommend this only for Fighter mode, otherwise you'll die often.




You can beat the game in 1 hour (or some other fast time)

True or False?
True, to an extent

You can beat CotM pretty quickly (around 6-8 hours) in VampireKiller mode once you've become experienced with the game, and less than that for each other mode.
Beating the game in Fighter mode in 2 hours is definitely possible. Other people have beaten Carmilla in less than 1:15 in Magician Mode. Anyone up to the challenge of breaking these records?
In SotN it was possible to beat the game with Alucard in around 3 hours, and in less than 15 minutes with Richter.




You can use DSS in the Battle Arena.

True or False?

Check the Battle Arena page for info.




You can walk through walls/get stuck in walls.

True or False?
There is some truth to this.

This is a glitch.




You can get a mysterious, poison-like effect from doing nothing.

True or False?

This is another glitch.




You can use two DSS combos at once

True or False?

As nice as this would be, unless someone hacks the rom, or a GameShark for GBA is released soon, this one is false.




There are swastikas in the background

True or False?

Judge for yourself.




Hakim is a snappy dresser.

True or False?

Just look at what he wears: a big brown cape with two blue bracelets? That's like wearing white shoes after Labor Day!