Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

Damn, almost a month without an update. Here is what is going on. Right now the site will be hosted at some point at the Castlevania Dungeon on ClassicGaming. That will mean files will have to be moved. Until the move is done don't seriously expect an update. Monday I might possibly have a strategy for Dracula but no promises.

Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

Still haven't been playing much Circle of the Moon, some things have been happening so right now I can't write up a strategy. Tomorrow though I will have at least something to add for his boss strategy. Until then the enemies page has been updated with the last enemies added. And last if anyone knows how I could record the CotM music off my Game Boy Advance to MP3s please post it on the forum.

Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

The new enemies page is now linked in the frames menu. And also the enemies page is now very near completion, the only things left to add in are item drops. Everything on that page are the official US names. No I did not get a Dracula strategy up yet because I didn't play enough of the game today to get to him. Hopefully I will have it by Monday.

Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

Finally! My host lives again! Apparently a server in Houston turned the server off temporarily because of flooding to the host. But enough about the site's host problems, back to the updates on the site. One more thing before I go into it, I did snag a Game Boy Advance yesterday so that means I will most likely make MP3s for it as I said at the forum earlier. And back to updates for sure this time. First off I found an error in my map, so I now have a third revision which you can find right here. Also I have uploaded an improved enemies page. It has the official US names, and is about 40% complete. More will progresively added. Until it is linked to the frames you can visit the NEW enemy page here. And the third site update is the US boss names have been changed. That is about it for now. And on a final note I have just beat Camilla on the US game. So I may possibly have a Dracula strategy tomorrow.

Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

The rest of the US manual is up in miscellaneous.
As for why enemies has not been updated I am right now getting all US names. I will have a new enemies section up soon with correct names and information.

6/7--Part 2
Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

The US cart, front and back box scans, and half of the manual scans are up. After uploading 3 MEGs of scans I'm burnt out for now. I'll have the rest up today most likely.

Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

Some real quick news, I did get a copy of Circle of the Moon US. I am now scanning the cart, box, and manual and will have a page up later on it all.

Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

Not really an update on the site but this is more like news. Konami's official Circle of the Moon pages is up, you can go to it here. Also it seems some stores are already selling the game, I will go out and look for it tomorrow. If I get it expect manual, box, and cart scans. And yes I didn't get a chance to add new enemies but some will be up tomorrow for sure.

Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

A real small update today, an ad has been added miscellaneous. Thanks to Kurt Kalata from The Castlevania Dungeon for the ad. Expect an update in the enemies section tomorrow.

5/30 Part 2
Update written by: Gaimphax

I fixed up the DSS pages. Now all links are on the Card images, and all pages have Magic Point info. A couple of the DSS pictures for Diana are messed up. The descriptions are now correct, but the pictures no longer match. That will be fixed eventually.

I added some more pics to the Enemies page, and linked the menu to it.

The Miscellaneous page is up, and linked to the menu.

Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

The following card pages have been put up:
Black Dog
So that means the cards section is 100%, also I changed the link color so it's more readable. And lastly there are two more fanarts from Eric Roman. Here is the first one, and the second one. Later on I'll add fan art to a new page in the art section but until now they are only here.

Update written by: Gaimphax

I uploaded the Rumors page. It will be added to and improved upon more in the future. It's already linked to the menu.

I added a very preliminary Enemies page. It isn't linked to the menu yet so click here to go to it.

I linked the other DSS pages to the pictures again instead of a line of text. Wow.

Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

The Apollo and Uranus pages are up, also the Jupiter page was fixed up. Also the art section is now 100% complete (I think.) And speaking of art, the site has it's first fan art of Andromeleck by Eric Roman. See it here. And lastly check the links page for an added button for Eric's site. Possibly later tonight I'll get a review up from him too, (wow our first big contributor.)

Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

The Venus page is up. I said I would have more art and the miscellaneous section up yesterday but I don't have enough right now for misc, but later I will ask Gaimphax to update art for me.

Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

The Diana and Pluto pages are up. Later today I will have a part of the miscellaneous section up today and finally an update will be made to the artwork section.

Update written by: Gaimphax

First, a news tidbit:

VGBA version 1.0 for Windows has been released. However, there is no demo; the only version available costs $35. The VGBA link on the Links page can take you there if you're so inclined.


I did a lot of little things today:

* The Item Guide is now 100% complete, unless there are any mistakes. Pictures for all Items are now up, as are full descriptions for each.

* The Links page now has a link to Eric Roman's great Castlevania III page. Check it out.

* The Links page also has a new picture to go with the VGBA link. Wow.

* I changed the links on the DSS page to the pictures of each card instead of a line of text.

* I added Magic Point info to the Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn pages.

* I added the scan from EGM magazine to the main page. That will most likely be moved to Miscellaneous in the future, but I felt like adding it now.

* I added Vic's colored-in Map (revision 2) to the Castle Areas page. It may or may not stay there.

* I added the info under the counter to the main page yesterday. Congratulations to Evil Cactus for being hit # 1000.

5/23--Part 2
Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

The Jupiter page is up. I'll have the Diana and possibly Uranus pages tomorrow. I also would like to mention that this site now has over 1,000 hits, thanks for everyone who comes to this site.

Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

As I said in yesterday's update, the Mars card page is up. You can find it along with the Mercury and Saturn pages in the cards section. You can most likely expect an update later today.

Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

The Mercury and Saturn card pages are up in the DSS/Cards section since I forgot all about that section and thought it needed a revival. Expect the Mars page up tomorrow.

5/21--Part 4
Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

That's right, this is the fourth update for today, a pretty big day for the site being updated if you ask me. Anyway I just added some more enemies to the Catacombs page and changed the layout around a little bit. That's about it for today. Tomorrow expect the Abyss Stairway to be started and possibly more.

5/21--Part 3
Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

The Catacomb section has been started, it's not very detailed in my opinion. Expect more added to it within the next few days. Also I made a Death animation which is in the Boss section.

5/21--Part 2
Written by: Gaimphax

Basically all I've done today is tweak a lot of the pages. The Item Guide is now closer to being complete; all that's left is a few missing pictures. I have the picture for the Troop Clothes but I couldn't find it so I'll have to make a new one and then upload it.

Some typos were fixed in a lot fo the pages. A link to the Item Crash page is up in the Cards/DSS section under Pluto card, and I've added King Varda's Summoning/Crash animation to the page.

The Battle Arena page was put up today rather than yesterday. Well, actually I had the page uploaded yesterday but our webhost decided to gimp out on me before I had a chance to edit it and link it. It's up now, complete with Retro's spiffy map.

You may have noticed that the bottom of the webpages for our site are cut off a little bit. I hope this isn't too much of an annoyance. Most people haven't noticed, but if you're an AOHell user like me it might be more than noticeable. The cutoff is there to prevent annoying scrollbars from appearing in the left frame. Hopefully I can find a real solution to the frame problem in the future.

I haven't uploaded the FAQ page yet because I always end up working on 5 things at once. As it is now, it's maybe 50% complete and it's all unorganized text. Oh well.

Last but not least, I added a link to the main page that allows you to reload the left (menu) frame in the event that there's a problem with it loading. Don't I feel special?

Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

The boss section has been updated with a strategy and pictures for Hugh. Also I have a new revision of the map, which you can find here. Also I made a new FAQ button.

Update written by: Gaimphax

Some News first of all:

Retrogames has offered his assistance for creating some great maps of Circle of the Moon. The only one up so far is for the Battle Arena; it can be found on the Battle Arena page in the Castle Areas section.

iGBA was discontinued last week. No one knows why, no one knows when precisely. The iGBA homepage now simply has a notice that all work has ceased indefinitely. I managed to find the e-mail address for the ezOP of the iGBA ezboard, and sent him (her?) an e-mail asking just WTF happened. I've received no response. This was a very promising GBA emulator, and it's departure has been met with some anger. It was already head-and-shoulders above some emulators for most games. Check Zophar.net for more details.

Now for the updates:

I've added two pictures to the Item Guide page: X Potion (finally got it!) and Hakim's Robe.

I added a couple more tidbits about the Bear transformation on the Bear page.

I've uploaded a preliminary version of a Battle Arena page. So far it just has a few short paragraphs of description about the Arena, Retro's map, and a list of what enemies are in each room. Nothing big.

I've scrapped the Downloads button on the menu. We've decided to make the Miscellaneous and Downloads sections into one. If you're wondering, no, we haven't created those sections yet, but I thought I'd point it out.

I've added a FAQ button to the menu. You might wonder just where in the hell the FAQ page is, since I decided to mention it last week. I decided to finish as much of it as I could before uploading it. I didn't want to upload something that was incomplete, but now I've decided that something is better than nothing. I'll have it up in a preliminary state probably tomorrow.

Finally, we're trying something new on the page. A lot of people have complained about the amount of popups we get. We've decided to switch back to using banners instead. They make the pages look a little dumb, especially since they still say "Start Here" for some reason, but I think it's better this way. However, because of banners being in use, we've had to put the Menu frame on a different webspace altogether, so if you run into any problems with the new setup, please let us know. Some people get scroll bars in the left frame, and some people don't...

PS, the FAQ button I made looks dumb... it doesn't match the other menu buttons. Hopefully Vic will get off his butt and make a new one for us?

Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

I uploaded my map of the castle, each of the areas are colored in differently. It should be near perfect. If anyone notices any mistakes please email me about them. You can find the map here.

Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

I'm still working on that bigger update. Until that is done, the Uranus card was added to the card page and until I link to it in another section, here is the Item Crash page. As a side note half of May is almost over. Of course you know that but that's still big news because don't forget, July 11 is the launch date of the Game Boy Advance in America with Circle of the Moon as a launch title. Also why not come on over to the message board, not much activity there yet but you can share the anticipation of the launch, ask questions, or just talk if you want.

Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

Added pictures of Death's second form and of the Twin Dragons. Expect a bigger update later.

Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

The cards page is now half complete with the attribute cards up and all the card images are there.

Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

The cards section has been started. It's about one fourth of the way complete. Also a picture of the Golem boss has been added.

Update written by: Gaimphax

The Bear Ring Transformation page is up. Where ever the Bear Ring is mentioned in the Item Guide and Item Drop List, there will be a link to the Bear Ring page.
The Links section has been updated to note the fact that BoycottAdvance, another GBA emulator, now runs the CotM rom (albeit worse than VGBA).
Expect a preliminary FAQ page to be up tomorrow. That's all for today.

PS, I just felt like mentioning that we've yet to use 1MB of our web space. I'm not sure if that's good or bad...

Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

The boss section is up. Enjoy.

Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

The Characters page is up and mostly complete. Expect more to be added over time. Also the Castle Areas section has been updated with pictures. That's about all for today.

Update written by: Vic Rattlehead

The site has been opened for all. The Artwork section is up and ready. Also, the item drop list and item guide has been started. Over time more will be added to it such as pictures and descriptions. Expect an update tomorrow. If you have anything to contribute, please email it to Vic Rattlehead or Gaimphax. Until then come over to the message board to talk with other Castlevania fans.