10-31-01 - Happy halloween! Anyways, I suggest all you to have a fun time and go out egging or something ;) No, seriously, have fun before you grow out of cool things like halloween. Another thing, I have recently been thinking about how far exposure goes to CV sites, the only two real places that receive exposure are DCTP, COTM, and the CV Dungeon. Well, I want that to change and get more exposure to sites like this one and Bloodlines... so, in doing so, we can inform the world that CV freaks are... widely known :) One of those ways is by voting by clicking this link, Maybe it's just me, maybe i'm on drugs, I don't know... the thing I do know is that I want this site to expand getting more game coverage, and doing so will help the whole CV scene... so on with the work!

10-29-01 - Major Announcement... Today Kurt Kalata of the CastleVania Dungeon has granted me hosting for CastleVania HQ. So, with that in mind, you won't be seeing anymore blasted pop-ups anymore, so thanks Kurt for letting me have this site up. I'll tell you what, people who still visit this place are in for a surprise one of these days as I am learning ASP programming, so sooner or later you will see version 2 of CastleVania HQ! So, like... radical, eh? :D Ohh yea, roms, emulators and MP3's are up and ready for you to download! **Another note: now that I will try to keep my time only on CVHQ, i'll be adding many things like a topsites list and other neat gimmicks for those of you who are novice CV webmasters!**
9-08-01 - I moved everything to a tripod server now, since I won't be having illusionaryworld.net much longer, sadly. Anyways, use this site to it's extent, since it's the only CV site that I have made so far, and it's a pretty damn good one.

9-02-01 - The MP3 section has been DELETED. The major cause was that I would be fined over 500 US Dollars for every file downloaded after today. I would like to thank Activewebhosting.com for being such an ASS and telling me just now. I need to move this site onto another server... if you have recommendations for good webhosters or if you have at LEAST 20 megabytes on a server, contact me. The roms however... I just moved them to a geocities server, enjoy. Did I mention I hate activewebhosting.com? Because I do.

8-23-01 - Added the Cartridge Scan to CastleVania, thanks to Gaimphax for contributing the scan. Danke.

8-10-01 - Figured there should be a message board for the site, so go check it out. You need to register there first.
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