Last Update - October 27, 2021:

What's this? An update after nearly ten years...

Last Update - May 21, 2012:

There have been no news about a new Castlevania title for some time...
Apparently, there was a registered Konami title name "Castlevania: Mirror of Fate" since February.  Now, a N1ntendo.n blog post (in another language) shows us that there may be more to this title.  N1ntendo.n article here for great justice.  

The article mentions the title "Castlevania: Mirror of Fate".  From what the sources say, and from what Neogaf also says, the title is being worked on by David Cox and Enric Alvarez (Castlevania: Lords of Shadow).  The rumor in the grapevine says that it will be a title made using 3D Polygons, but with 2D gameplay (sidescroller) and Metroidvania elements.

Personal opinion by Jorge D. Fuentes:  I believe the title will play like a Metroidvania game, but will visually have a Polygon look, similar to Adventure Mode in the Super Smash Bros. Melee/Brawl game, or perhaps something like a Castlevania version of Kirby & the Crystal Shards.  It does not seem like the title will be a pure sidescrolling platforming game like The DraculaX Chronicles, though it may share in some aspects.

Head on over to the Forum Section for the ever-increasing discussion.  Though be warned; the fans who did not enjoy David Cox and Enric Alvarez's direction with Lords of Shadow are wary about this upcoming title repeating some of the supposed mistakes, and are being quite vocal about it.  Hot Topic!

Last Update - November 09, 2011:

There's a comedy web series out there on the Interwebs called "Vampirism Bites".  It seems to take on humorous and/or nonsensical takes on Vampire lore and archetypes, including Castlevania's own Belmont lineage, as well as Alucard, etc.

Last Update - September 20, 2011:

There's gonna be a Castlevania Series gameplay Pseudo-Marathon.  Read more about it here.
If you were looking for more Castlevania news... well, Harmony of Despair comes out on PS3 sometime soon-ish?

Any other news is depressing:  Konami revealed nothing about Castlevania in the Tokyo Gameshow 2011...

Last Update - August 23, 2011:

No news is bad news.  Click on our " What's New" on the left,there, to see the non-coverage Konami did with Castlevania on Gamescon.  It's only a tiny blurb, though.  On the very last day, before the end of the conference...

Last Update - August 16, 2011:

A picture was linked in our forums of a list of upcoming titles (more info on our What's New page).  On Konami's section it lists a "Castlevania: The Complete Works".  This list is speculative to be for the Playstation Vita.  Please stay tuned for more details!

Last Update - August 10, 2011:

Testing, testing!  Hi, this is Jorge D. Fuentes.  Since it appears that I can edit the site now, I think I will be able to update it and put up new content and the like.   For those people who frequent the forums, I ask that if you have spotted any errors around the website, to please post them here.

Last Update - June 24, 2010:

Now that E3 has come and gone, we get a few more tidbits on Lords of Shadow! Check out the post here.

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