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That a nice touch for a Genesis title :)

Although I feel it would pass better if you used a CD quality arranged track of the CV bloodlines boss battle music rather then the Dracula X one. But I'm guessing that there isn't one to be found yet.

Hello, here i bring to you the game "Castlevania Bloodlines" with CD quality music thanks to a MSU-MD patch made by the user "VOID" from the page "Zeldix". And the music pack was compiled by me.

For this patch i could not decide if i wanted orchestra like tracks or more rock/metal tracks. So, i asked Void to make a little different kind of patch.

On this game, starts the stage track , when you reach the miniboss the track changes to the miniboss track, and after defeating him/her, the stage track starts again.
So i asked VOID to make an extra space for each stage after defeating the miniboss. So , the stage starts with an orchestra like track, and after defeating the miniboss, a rock/metal version of the track will start playing.

This way, the soundtrack will be more diverse.

When playing on retroarch using the core genesis plus GX, enable the option "disable seek times" so the tracks starts faster and the loop works.

If you can left a message on the youtube video would be very appreciated

I played using a spanish patched rom, but, there is a link for the original english version in the description of the video.
General Castlevania Discussion / Re: What other composers should work on Castlevania?
« Last post by X on August 15, 2022, 09:59:25 AM »
Masanori Adachi and Taro Kudo from Super Castlevania 4's musical compositions. These guys are the ones' who cranked out 'Room of Close Associates'. I'd be very interested in what else they could do with any future CV music.
Hardcore Gaming 101 / Re: What game(s) have you been playing lately?
« Last post by zangetsu468 on August 15, 2022, 05:00:49 AM »
Aggelos (Hard Mode) and Blaster Master Zero 2, both on Switch.
I'd love to see Manabu Namiki returns and uses his unique retro sight to do more Classicvania tunes, both remixed track and completely new tune. It's so sad that Konami's "Rebirth" titles didn't continue afterwards, they're really, really good and had lots of awesomely remixed tracks.
Given Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 continues the disasterous Luminous Avenger iX2-style marketing involving DLC hell, my mind is filled with uneasy moods wondeing how Inti Creates will treat this upcoming title. I don't know why the sub-studios managing Gunvolt franchise are so greedy like all previous products weren't enough. Seriously don't want other Inti Creates franchises got "polluted" by Gunvolt-marketing-style.
Also how will Inti Creates deal with anything related to collaboration stuff with IGA - post Curse of the Moon 2?
After hearing his work on TMNT Shredder's Revenge, I'd kinda like Tee Lopes to take a shot at the series. Probably for a throwback Classicvania though, as opposed to a Metroidvania or a 3D title. I'd also like Kinuyo Yamashita and Satoe Terashima to come back and contribute a few tracks for such a game.

And I'm sure Nobuo Uematsu bringing his A-game to an epic, big budget Castlevania would sound phenomenal.
Purty kewl there's a new Symphonything, but way too moe moe kawaii desu kun for me-sanz, yo.
Hardcore Gaming 101 / Re: What game(s) have you been playing lately?
« Last post by X on August 12, 2022, 06:21:01 PM »
Live A Live. Found it for the Switch. Never thought I'd see it released outside of its Super Famicom iteration. I have yet to try it as I'm still going through AC Valhalla. And speeking of that game I did find Excalibur. Thought so  8)
Fan Stuff / Re: Castlevania Remix
« Last post by Chernabogue on August 12, 2022, 03:46:47 PM »
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