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Dragon Ball Heroes
« on: February 01, 2017, 07:23:28 AM »
they should add all the Super characters from the upcoming 12 universes tournament, which is introducing the most massive variety of powerful entities and warriors in the entire franchise's history!!  looking to be the ultimate arc in the whole series, and only Dragon Ball Heroes games can make them all choosable and playable within a decent timeframe

sure, DBH games are card games, but Namco are fools to not port and localize them on PS4.  the gameplay is accessible, the cards are gorgeous, the action is epic, the team ups are beyond what fighting games are doing,   and a lot of fans would play the latest Dragon Ball Heroes games if they were brought to the greatest modern market for the series.

3DS is in a decline.  it makes more sense to bring these games to PS4, which has even superior networking for online competitive possibilities.

also PS4 hardware would do the Dragon Ball Heroes arcade graphics justice.  3DS struggles to rival the arcade graphics. and the gameplay is great casual entertainment with adequate depth to it.

they really should port and localize these games on PS4.  it require less translations than the fighting games.

there are tons of cards, characters and the Heroes series has the most up to date and fastest growing selection in the series .

it's insane Namco doesn't do more for it at the international and console level. maybe they are waiting after they add the upcoming arc's Super characters before establishing the series on PS4.
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