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For Honor closed beta impressions
« on: January 27, 2017, 09:47:32 AM »
its up for 2 more days.

For Honor is the standard that weapons fighting games and Dynasty Warriors combat, camera, controls, and a.i. should reach

"Pushing opponents into
fires. Time to break out the marshmallows!
This is a deep game. I think Ubisoft has a hit on their hands."

"VERY different. This game is more like a fighting game than Mount and Blade. Spend a few hours dueling and you'll pick up how many nuances there are in the combat system. It's extremely deep, with every usual fighting game mechanic on top of the Soulsborne-esque character control. "

"From what I've played though I've had an absolute blast. It's a fighting game in chivalry: medieval warfare's clothing. The gameplay variety in terms of characters is INSANE. No two characters feel the same during combat, and I think that's what surprised me the most. "

"Tried out the 1v1 duel mode. This is a FIGHTING GAME.
Although not as reaction and execution focused. It's simplified and more about mind games. As someone who struggle to keep up with the complexity of most fighting games, I am really digging this.
Guard break really isn't a big deal. You get a very long window to deflect guard throws or just quick attack to prevent it. It's much easier than throw teching in most fighting games.

"this game man....this game is hype as f***. i can feel myself getting better every match i play.
I'm all in on this."

"Having an absolute blast playing this. Was looking forward to this and i'm glad I wasn't disappointed. Picking this up day one for sure."

"I liked the combat, feeback is good, directional strikes and guards is a good idea and IMO is well implemented here, makes for some great intense 1-1 fights.
The salt is real in duels.
I live for this s***."

"This game looks absolutely insane on the PS4 Pro. And those animations are fantastic. I'm a bit taken back by how fluid, polished and high quality everything feels."

Played it first night, won my first duel, played some more,  THIS IS THE WORTHY EVOLUTIONARY SUCCESSOR of Bushido Blade, Soul Calibur, and Samurai Shodown games

it raises standards that even Dynasty Warriors should learn from.

while I don't like how single player depends on online, over 20,000,000 players play Overwatch, and
majority of Star Wars Battlefront play it for the multiplayer (the single player modes are junk).

the only way Ubisoft could screw this up if they don't fix and improve and stabilize the servers so there are no matchmaking issues from day 1 launch onward.   server stability and smoothness are gonna be essential to keep it active.

but it really is extremely rare for a western developer to create a masterpiece like this.  it blows away mount & blade,
chivalry, and a lot of games can learn from its example in combat, camera, gameplay, controls, graphics, and more.

even its faction war systems and other things, has LAYERS upon layers of rewarding depth to it all. 
it makes Overwatch's play incentives look shallow and immature.

and while it is capped at up to 8 players, it's understandable, with the a.i. soldiers, and these state of the art graphics for the genre, it's better having a cap of 4 players per team, than downgrading the production values.

Also another thing, maybe because it's closed beta, but they should remove blocking of Share recording, so PS4 players can freely record and upload their play sessions to youtube.