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General Castlevania Discussion / I know the feeling.
« Last post by Eric Roman on Today at 06:21:09 PM »
This recently came my way and it echoes some sentiments I have about what’s happening next with that videogame series I used to play a lot:
Off Topic / Re: Music you've been digging lately
« Last post by Abnormal Freak on Today at 04:58:03 PM »
Digging 3TEETH's new album. Mick Gordon features on a lot of tracks and I wish he'd become their full-time producer/collaborator.

This is probably my favorite song on it. Has some strong Antichrist Superstar/Mechanical Animals vibes.

Two episodes in and it's pretty crap, and then I get to the singing burial and feel like shutting this shit off for good, lol. This is boring.
General Castlevania Discussion / Re: Nocturne release date announced
« Last post by Sindra on Yesterday at 03:36:08 PM »
Watched all of it. It's basically high-production fanfiction.

It's not an adaptation (or if they're trying to make it be, it's a really bad one), but rather true to its "Base on Castlevania" even moreso in this new series than in the original Netflix show. It's a whole lot of socio-economic politics w/ vampires in a thin Castlevania shell. It feels like it would be better branded as an story in the Vampire the Masquerade world.

Animation is good, but I feel like there are more instances of quality drop that are glossed-over by flashy FX to make it seem more seemless than it actually is. That could just me being nitpicky though. Environment illustrations and still images are still very high-quality and some of the best shots.

The story is all over the place. They just inject all this weird fluff into the world for no reason other than to pad interest, but without having enough interesting game-relevant content to balance it out. That's why I say I see it like high-budget fanfiction. Hate what they did with most of the game-based characters, except Olrox where they actually made him interesting.

Watch and drawn your own conclusions though. These are just mine.
General Castlevania Discussion / Re: Nocturne release date announced
« Last post by Aridale on September 30, 2023, 08:25:35 PM »
Just watched all the episodes... not a fan at all. The animation is pretty great but the framing is pretty terrible at times and the story and writing is just awful. Richter is a sidekick for like half the season... it has absolutely zero to do with either game hes in or even anything in those games... like wtf
Hardcore Gaming 101 / Re: What game(s) have you been playing lately?
« Last post by konamiesque on September 30, 2023, 05:46:07 PM »
I finally caved this week and booted up Final Fantasy 7 after having it in my backlog for years. After a series of blunders that forced me to play through the opening reactor mission three times, I've finally been making good progress. If I had to guess, I'd say that I'm probably in the last third-to-quarter of disc 1.

Normally JRPGs are the genre I default to when I want to relax and play something mindless, but the combat in this game really makes me sweat.........
General Castlevania Discussion / Re: Nocturne release date announced
« Last post by VladOfWallachia on September 30, 2023, 04:58:48 PM »
I remembered this wrong, I was talking about season 3 in my last post but I meant 4... honestly, the storylines in those last two seasons felt so underwhelming to me that I already forgot these basic details. I don't know how this Nocturne season will turn out but I already like it a lot more than 3+4.
Fan Stuff / Re: Castlevania The Lecarde Chronicles May 2013
« Last post by Aceearly1993 on September 30, 2023, 03:49:57 PM »
We need 5 testers to see if the engine upgrade and file compile of Lecarde Chronicles 1 is successful.
If somebody not intended to take too much time and want to cut short to the locations that might have problem, here's save file placed right in the attachment of soft re-release page.

bug may happen in science hall part 1, part 2, and Katharina quarter part 3 where the game offers spiked ball hazard, if the build version of the engine is problematic theitr hit detections will be extended to wrong places upon walking to right side of the hazards (I'm not sure the exact situation unfortunately. Arrrrrrgghhhhh).
Save file may want themselves to be placed at: C:/User/(User name) (hidden folder)/Appdata/Roaming/MMFApplications

More in-depth talks will go to:

General Castlevania Discussion / Re: Nocturne release date announced
« Last post by Abnormal Freak on September 30, 2023, 02:26:04 PM »
Is the animation any better than seasons 3 and 4 of the original series? I'm going through those seasons for the first time and it's really noticeable how much CGI-made-to-look-like-handrawn-art is used, especially in S4 where it's outrageously ugly at times. It looks and feels cheap, and I've seen speculation online that it was due to COVID in season 4's case. S1 was so deliciously animated, it's surprising how progressively worse the art and animation gets the more popular the series became.
General Castlevania Discussion / Re: Nocturne release date announced
« Last post by VladOfWallachia on September 30, 2023, 01:22:57 PM »
Saw the first three episodes, and I like it so far. I've always liked the art and animation of this series, and this season looks great. The writing feels different enough under the new writer, and the new setting and characters are a breath of fresh air. Definitely what the series needed after season 3.

I know a lot of you guys here hate how much the  Netflix Vania deviates from the source material, but I mind that less as long as they are telling a good story, and so far I'm far more invested in the first three episodes than I ever was at any point in season 3.

I'll continue to watch more, good first impression for sure.
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