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Fan Stuff / Re: Simon's Curse, metroidvania game based on Simon's Quest
« Last post by Wanhus on September 03, 2023, 05:40:17 AM »
Thanks for the good feedback. Sure I'll chance some of the use control button commands out. Like maybe shops working with attack and jump button and shield is quick cancel. But yeah sorry the up button as use/activate/open/enter comes from my nintendo 8 bit and sega genesis/megadrive past. I used to own a lot (traded a lot of games back then, also made money collecting and returning bottles) of side scrolling adventure/rpg games so pressing up was often talk/activate lever/enter building.

OH and no there are no engine limitations I made it myself I can change all. Thou some things I wont change as at this point it would require immense amounts of work as some of the early engine coding is poor. The first version of this game came back in 2008 =D. But dont worry that was when I made like 1 update a year. This year alone atleast 5. I'm trying to get this done 2024 or sooner. But true now that I'm out of work I'm also working on 2 other games (lots of free time) for commercial purpose as one tends to needs money. So I'm making a lot of games right now. But making one game helps the other, I think of new ideas or better ways of doing things I try to move it to other projects.

Also its good to know its difficult I was fearing it was way too easy. For me its a bit easy but I have played it hundreds of times (I usually can get from jova to aljiba without a single hit. Unless spiders shoot in a row). I was considering making it more diffcult that was the idea for the next patch (make enemies have more abilities and better AI, also to add more variety). If you want a tip, no matter what buy the holy water from jova. It does very good dps and can reveal secrets and destroy certain blocks. There are nice secret items and gold to be found that helps along the way.

For the typos yeah im a poor writer. I make a lot of typos everywhere but once its nearly done I'll have some people look at the texts to make them have less typos and improve the overall tone and poor writing.

Yeah I will do more cleanup later and more polish like and portraits to npc, add a lot of missing sounds, add ambient sounds, add music swap zones like castlevania game since SOTN, more story elements, add warning to enemies befoer they shoot or use special abilities etc etc.

The falling blocks yeah they are fun. I think all the mario games on nes, maybe contra/robotector and at least castlevania 3 has a lot of them. So much so you have to cheat with alucard to get past some of those parts =D. There are also dropping down block that drop from above. Thou same as the falling block they do give out a warning like shaking.

Also the second mansion is very cool atleast to me and the boss is nice. Tip dont let IT break too many of the statues or none, that can have an effect to the games story (if I can still keep saves backwards compatible, I do try to keep it so).

Thank you very much for the feedback Foffy. I do enjoy feedback. It helps me improve =)
Fan Stuff / Re: Simon's Curse, metroidvania game based on Simon's Quest
« Last post by Foffy on September 03, 2023, 03:37:36 AM »
Really liking the vibe and presentation. Some of the early feedback I can give might feel like nitpicks, but it's a bit hard getting used to Up on the d-pad being used for so much. It being used to talk and enter doors, sure. But it's also the confirm button in shops and is the way you go down stairs? Is it an engine limitation where these features aren't like the NES counterpart or specifically a design choice?

Immediately I can tell this is an expansion to what the original game was, and that alone is praise. I've only dabbled up to the first mansion so I can't say how much this begins to deviate so my complaints are more of the really small stuff like the controls I mentioned and a few spelling errors. Clearly you made something that's solid so don't take my words here as hostile and harmful, but I imagine the cleanup happens further in finalizing the project. I'd rather say something now so they're possibly something to consider to make the game feel more polished and more "Castlevania" in the control differences especially.

I can already tell this will be a hard game, and I don't say that with criticism. I've died like four times already getting to the mansion. The fact blocks break and you can fall to your death is a change my old NES-driven brain isn't used to so I keep dying to what I'm not used to there. :P
Fan Stuff / Re: Simon's Curse, metroidvania game based on Simon's Quest
« Last post by Wanhus on September 03, 2023, 01:44:17 AM »
Yeah its been a long process Foffy. Feel free to leave any feedback on what you feel needs changing and what to improve. I have decided to be more active with it as I now have a lot more free time. Also it helps to cheer things up that some one made a video of it. Instead of getting 4 views a week maybe it now gets about 7-10 views a day thanks to that video.
Fan Stuff / Re: Simon's Curse, metroidvania game based on Simon's Quest
« Last post by Foffy on September 03, 2023, 01:34:28 AM »
Wonderful to see this still worked on! Will give the recent version here a try.
Fan Stuff / Re: Simon's Curse, metroidvania game based on Simon's Quest
« Last post by Wanhus on September 02, 2023, 03:05:48 AM »

And as always saves SHOULD be backwards compatible!

Download at!:

Major Update v0.60 D02.M09.Y2023

- added new story event

- added new tiles

- added new areas: veros to dabi, under river 1, under river 2, under river 3, dead river tunnel outside, debora woods 1, debora woods 2. debora woods 3, fetra debora, fetra

- added new decor objects

- added two new songs

- added new npcs

- added new shop

- added new item

- added new enemies

- added sound direction and distance (affect where sound comes from speakers and how loud)

- added item amounts to hud when equipped

- added sound to une dying

- added animated simons curse title to menu

- added menu bat

- added credits to menu screen

- added clouds to menu screen

- added slight color change to hearts value when at max hearts

- added axe blocked effect

- added garlic end effect

- added cat: you can pet it

- added new npc to veros

- added fire weakness to some enemies

- added ghost dying animation

- minor improvements to usable item graphics

- minor improvements to veros

- minor improvements to jova

- minor improvements to veros church again

- minor improvements to moving platform

- area changes: dennis woods 1 is larger now

- adjust: holywater changes: holywater drops down, holywater size increases, holywater sprite changes, holywater burnout effect

- nerf: reduced base heart max by 15: now 15

- nerf: level up heart max gain 10 -> 3

- buff: miniboss hp: certain miniboss hp 16 -> 18

- more zombies to aljiba


- fixed buying leather armor but not getting it

- fixed typo in getting an axe

- fixed indicator for signs

- fixed whips text in menu

- fixed story event

- fixed dennis woods music transition

- fixed heartbeat playing even when its off

- fixed missing indicator option from ingame menu

- fixed start menu buttons vanishing sometimes

- fixed bug in ghost spawner: if player does not exist game crashed

- fixed bug with ghost: if player does not exist game crashed

- fixed non syncing background in start menu

- fixed water sometimes getting drawn twice making it less transparent

- fixed using old garlic item with secondary use button

- fixed zombie dying direction

- fixed weird scrolling camera issue
« Last post by Aceearly1993 on September 01, 2023, 06:51:25 PM »
Small addition before a potential revamp of control config UI.
Fan Stuff / Re: Carpathian Night Starring Bela Lugosi
« Last post by VladOfWallachia on August 30, 2023, 07:09:36 AM »
Thanks for the encouraging words everyone!

Also, for the Kickstarter backers:

(click to show/hide)
General Castlevania Discussion / Re: LRG OSTs
« Last post by Abnormal Freak on August 28, 2023, 03:31:45 PM »
The indirect answer and mention of publishers sometimes supplying their own tracks leads me to believe it's the same shit soup we've been fed before. Konami gonna Konami.

I'm hoping the TMNT OSTs will be good. Audi Sorlie seemed pretty excited about them, and it sounds like he was hands-on with those. I pre-ordered the CDs of 1 and 2.

I'm just kinda baffled that some of these Castlevania OSTs haven't been redone, and that newer stuff also appears to be done poorly. I have cash and found a way to get the Dracula Black/Red box sets at a decent price, but I don't think I wanna bite because I heard the previously unreleased soundtracks like Dracula X SNES and Legends were done with a bit o' the ol' jank, either sounding bad or the tracks being presented out of order or something, coupled with (I think) CV3 Famicom still having sound effects and crud like that. It just sounds sloppy and I don't know if I wanna part with money for unprofessionalism. But I dunno, whaddya think of it, Sindra? I'm always looking for an excuse to waste money lol.

Edit - Totally missed this part from the above tweets: "We are using the files that we were provided by Konami. In some cases, tracks were missing from what they sent, and in those cases, we captured the tracks ourselves from hardware."

So like...yeah. TMNT may be affected too. But I don't think those had soundtrack releases before.
General Castlevania Discussion / Re: LRG OSTs
« Last post by Sindra on August 27, 2023, 12:50:08 PM »
I asked a similar question of LRG regarding how they source their stuff (as opposed to, say, Mondo....who we know used a CD-rip for at least their CV1 vinyl release). Here's what they said:

When we are given the responsibility or opportunity to source the music ourselves, it is always done direct from hardware; in many cases, though, the publishers will supply their own tracks and we are required to use those.

I've become less and less impressed by LRG in large part because they LOVE to do their "limited" bundled physical releases with a bunch of crap meant to help pad their "Ultimate Editions" that they sell for big bucks. They won't sell individual parts of bundles piecemeal, and they've a history of capitalizing on FOMO to help push sales. Thus, your only hope of getting some items outside of bundles is through likely scalpers on ebay.

I am interested in the vinyl OST releases, though I've also heard word there is to be a better alternative for those on its way in the future to hold out for.
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