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General Castlevania Discussion / Re: Here's our first look Castlevania: Nocturne
« Last post by JR on Yesterday at 08:53:10 PM »
I'll give this one a chance. I was at least entertained by the previous seasons, despite all of the flaws. I mean, it felt like it had as much to do with the already-established Castlevania lore as Lords of Shadow did, but I didn't hate it, I guess. I just didn't know Warren Ellis was that much of an edgelord. Some of his comic stuff I've read in the past, like The Authority and his run on Moon Knight, weren't really like that. And I really liked The Authority.
General Castlevania Discussion / Re: What is your biggest Castlevania achievment?
« Last post by JR on Yesterday at 08:25:23 PM »
Um, my collection of Castlevania stuff, I guess? Definitely not the biggest collection out there, but I have a good amount of decent stuff, imo. I just got a glass display case that my wife painted, and it houses my favorite stuff from the series. I may upload some photos if anyone is interested in seeing it.

As far as gaming accomplishments, I am competent enough to beat the CV games, but not great at them or anything. So maybe my best accomplishment is beating US CVIII using the Alucard path, or something. I don't know. I'm a lot better at the Contra games than I am the CV games, but I've always liked the CV series a lot more.

Hardcore Gaming 101 / Re: What game(s) have you been playing lately?
« Last post by JR on Yesterday at 08:15:24 PM »
Just played Night Slashers on the Switch. I've seen playthroughs of it before, but damn, that games pretty damn difficult as far as arcade beat-em-ups go. Love the visuals, though. The digitized voices of the characters talking smack before each boss fight sounds like it was made for a pro wrestling game instead, lol. Just awesome cheese.

Also finished Guacamelee 2 yesterday. Some of the optional stuff had some reeeeeally frustrating, tricky platforming, but I think the game did a good job ramping you up to it (talking about 2 of the key fragment areas and then the area after you get the key completed). I think I liked it more than the first one, and that one was pretty awesome, too. Some of the humor was pretty funny, as well. The only thing I never got down completely was the dodge timing. It feels like you have to anticipate attacks instead of just reacting on the fly. But the combat isn't really difficult in this one overall, just the aforementioned platforming.
General Castlevania Discussion / Re: What is your biggest Castlevania achievment?
« Last post by X on Yesterday at 06:23:00 PM »
But the highlight is definitely unearthing the Castlevania EGM fax and sharing it with everyone.

Now THAT was a treasure trove if I ever saw one! Really glad you sent out copies  :)
Well, I'm immensely proud of the work I've done on my Castlevania reviews on my channel. People seem to really like them. But the highlight is definitely unearthing the Castlevania EGM fax and sharing it with everyone. Just getting the info out to the public was the goal when I bought it and I'm glad that the community has been...mostly appreciative. Any positive contribution I can make towards the fandom is my goal.
General Castlevania Discussion / Huge Lot of Castlevania Soundtracks for Sale
« Last post by Dongled on Yesterday at 03:03:30 AM »
I'm not sure if this is against the rules so admins, feel free to take down if it is. I'm selling a huge lot of soundtracks, most of which are legitimate for Castlevania. Since I now own the Black and Red box sets, I figured I can part with these. I put bidding super low at $50 in hopes of keeping the price reasonable.
Guys, someone have the Interview panel of IGA in the TGS 2008?

and pew-pew-pew Cross.

This is what I was talking about, lol. It is in fact the pew-pew-pew cross/Rosary. Granted, it functions differently in Haunted Castle so that might have led to some confusion.
In Haunted Castle? I don't remember a rosary. Whip, Morning Star, Sword, Torch, Bomb, Boomerang, Pocket Watch, and pew-pew-pew Cross. I don't recall a rosary. Now, I know Castlevania was developed alongside Vampire Killer, and a lot of sprites from that game can be found in Castlevania's data. However, I didn't see anything about the rosary as a weapon in VK either.   :-\

I saw a video of a guy hacking LoI, showing off a Rosario subweapon, but that's all I've been able to find about any such thing and that's obviously unrelated.  :D
« Last post by Migami Games on June 27, 2022, 04:02:07 AM »
Screenshot of our lovely and so very helpful ferrylady! 🛶
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