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Re: SuperCastlevania
« Reply #30 on: January 17, 2015, 06:09:47 AM »
Good to hear you like it..thanks zerosabergreen!Yeah theirs defeintly things i've gotta fix..i wasnt techincally ready for a demo.. but yeah it's got some work to be done. Im not sure what you mean by merman unless iff you mean in level1..yeah just pass by the area it for now..i stillhave to figure out the shortcut stuff..It's a bit complex only because you walk up and down the same stairs..i may have to make it so you can't revisit it..i'm not sure...If theirs a way to make it so you can come back i'd do that..It's atleast something you guys can toy with for now..

the good thing with this is the mainstay of its' done..i have alot of fine tuning..and while i still need to the same with SCV3..theirs quite a bit in each left to do. It's muchmore complex when you are trying to code/fix and do becomes far more task oriented..

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