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Castlevania Bloodlines Beta (in ebay!)Lelygax126384
Castlevania Petitionshakyon62677
Minecraft Project: Castlevania: Rondo of blood Mathias_The_Resolute32410
Original Castlevania hack "Michael's Mod"Patheticmw168956
Kotai's Castlevania OnlineLelygax26116
I don't go anywhere without my beloved Castlevania!Jorge D. Fuentes73424
Angel of Destruction. Still looking for a new chief Programmer!FireSeraphim15932045
Castlevania: The Adventure on 3DS Eshop.Feralfang105007
My playthrough of Castlevania 3 for PDGFeralfang145243
Hello to all! =)Feralfang246874
Wii UHayoam175730
Castlevania Cross of SorrowDraculaFan198102296
A GameInformer short article about CastlevaniaJorge D. Fuentes5119098
(PS3) castlevania Harmony of Despair glitches and other stuff Kusanagi1910100
Castlevania Fan Series on IGN (Includes Michael Dorn)selaciousbcrumb113457
Castlevania TV DocumentaryBelmonto156575
Castlevania Gameplay and Combat DiscussionAyalaskin298157
Resting Again (music inside)Jorge D. Fuentes02123
Should there be a "Favorite Topics and Polls" SubForum?Jorge D. Fuentes165164
Wiched Child (MP3 Inside)Jorge D. Fuentes33705
OKADA 1/E (Unused Castlevania Legends music inside)Jorge D. Fuentes33386
Psycho Warrior (MP3 Inside)Jorge D. Fuentes114020
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate 3DS (Just the Info, no Discussion)Hayoam4825834
Daring Assault! (Music Inside)Jorge D. Fuentes12257
Lords of shadow 2 is on it's way Hayoam26563189
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