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Re: Just another Castlevania fan-game...
« Reply #195 on: September 09, 2016, 04:41:20 PM »
The link doesnt work :-\ But if this is the same i'm thinking, maybe i have it here in the files, but i dont know where :)

Well, in the Youtube exists some remixes in SNES style, a few of them in SCV4 chiptune, but one or other are good enought

Thanks for pointing out. I have adjusted my post to explain how to download and have corrected the link.
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Re: Just another Castlevania fan-game...
« Reply #196 on: September 12, 2016, 02:51:05 AM »
The logic is that this work seems to be something that WOULD fit in a Castlevania Chronicles kinda idea (a retelling of Simon's adventure, for instance), but, as the definition of apocrypha says, the game is either "of unknown authorship, or of doubtful authenticity, or spurious, or not considered to be within a particular canon."

Whoah! That's just amazing how deep you're understanding this idea. Everything that you said is absolutely true. I think I can't use an "Apocrypha" word directly, but now I have a good direction. Thanks a lot!

Oh, and I've listened the soundtrack you gave me. Well... It really misses almost all low-tones, IMO. That's the common problem of many arrangements. The "deepness" of the original OST is maybe the most valuable feature for me.

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Re: Just another Castlevania fan-game...
« Reply #197 on: September 12, 2016, 02:24:28 PM »
Yeah, I understand this "deepness" thing, many fan-compositions feels a bit "empty" because of the ausence of the low notes.
anyway, Jorge's compositions at least try to get the closest possible of the original,
if you can give it a try to see if fit.... please take a look in this, its the complete composition of the SCIV OST
 ;) <(Jorge has composed almost every Castlevania title's music, at least listen to see if fit!! maybe you can use musics of other games as well!! )
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