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Re: Carpathian Night - Some Legends Refuse to Die!
« Reply #270 on: August 03, 2022, 08:04:31 AM »
The Library

Dracula is immensely gifted. From a young age, the Prince obsessively consumed the books in this library, quickly mastering any subject he took interest in.

Dracula mastered the Devil’s Alchemy on his own, before ever setting foot in Scholomance. He inherited this library, which contains many ancient tomes regarding the craft.

Dracula is most unsettled by a wise opponent. He has no fear for the strength of others, but he takes a wise opponent very seriously.

The Lich is an undead being that thirsts endlessly for knowledge. They are grandmasters of Witchcraft, harnessing terrible magic that can only be attained by those with several lifetimes worth of study.