Could Leon survive the night?

2 (50%)
0 (0%)
Maybe, given the right equipment
1 (25%)
Alucard Sword
1 (25%)

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How long would Leon Kennedy last in Castlevania?
« on: October 18, 2023, 05:38:28 PM »
How long do you guys think Leon, or any Resident Evil character, would survive a single night in the Demon Castle?

Hypothetically, since all RE games take place in “present day,” the most logical time any RE character could’ve found themselves there would’ve been in 1999. He wouldn’t be the first regular human that got magically transported to Castlevania. Would he lay low after witnessing he’s up against the literal hordes of Hell, or would he fight back as long as he could, maybe even providing aid to Julius if he gets far enough?

I think he would probably make it to the first boss, but after that he’s f*cked

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Re: How long would Leon Kennedy last in Castlevania?
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2023, 04:32:22 AM »
Real answer: Yes, specifically on the second playthrough

                                 ^      l   v  ^    v                 ^
                                 ^      l   v  ^    +<<<<<<<BE
                                 ^      l   v  ^    v                 ^  
                                 ^      l   v  ^    v     BE>>> VK<**   
                                 ^      l   v  ^    v     ^          ^   
            +<<<<<Legends>HC>OOS>LOD>64       ^
            v                           l              ^                ^
            v                           l     BE>> * <<<BE    RE
            v                           l      ^               ^       ^
BE=Bad Ending
RE=Richter Ending