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I I've been playing for several days but I still can't unlock the secret endings. Does anyone know how to do it?
« Last post by Aceearly1993 on Yesterday at 06:45:51 PM »
Update: Brazilian-Portuguese translation is in the midst of reworking. Hope to get rid of the keyboard-only bugs and release the reworked version sometimes in the Q3!
Hardcore Gaming 101 / Re: What game(s) have you been playing lately?
« Last post by PFG9000 on Yesterday at 04:07:24 PM »
I've been working my way through Afterimage.  It's pretty stellar so far, and I'm maybe 10-12 hours in.  It has an awesome variety of weapons and the map is ridiculously huge.  It runs kinda terribly on the Switch though.  Usually that doesn't bother me much, but it has almost constant stutters and framerate issues.  It's still playable, but I hope they come out with a performance patch soon.
Off Topic / Re: Skinny Puppy
« Last post by PFG9000 on Yesterday at 04:02:26 PM »
Freak, you've been pimping this band for 20+ years.  I've never listened to them, because they're not a genre I'm into.  But reading this thread takes me back to my college days...thanks for that.
It's so irritating when people misuse the term Metroidvania to describe any sidescrolling platformer with exploration elements.  Part of the problem is that half of the fans can't agree on the definition, and the obvious solution is to use mine:

A sidescrolling game with platforming elements and a large, interconnected map, in which the player gains access to new areas by finding items that grant permanent traversal upgrades.

It rolls right off the tongue.  There should be something in there about backtracking too, but I hit my word limit.

Games like Turrican and Shadow of the Beast may seem like Metroidvanias, as they are sidescrollers with exploration elements.  But they're not.  Turrican doesn't have one big interconnected map.  Shadow of the Beast doesn't have permanent traversal upgrades.  Zelda is really similar; in fact SotN was supposedly inspired by Zelda and not Metroid.  But Zelda isn't sidescrolling (except for that glorious second entry and those terrible CD-i games), and the items you find don't generally enable traversal upgrades.
for Castlevania The Arcade
I like to make stuff so I made an improvement took me about 4 hours to make this, but go into your data/movie folder and replace your advDemo.wav with this wav I made if your a fan of Alucard😉  and thank me later, thinking about changing the voice for the rest of the game too. might idk. lol anyway enjoy if anyone on here plays it, or just want to hear Alucard talking lol
great news they is now a sound effects fix watch this video to fix the no sound effects on windows 7,8. 10 and 11. it was made for xp so newer haedware doesn't run sound effects sadly, but I just play through the whole game with sound effects and makes it so much more fun.
Gluh, aight; Steamdeck emulation it is, gotta have my epilepsy.  Thanks, Ace! 
The frequency of white flash in collection CV1 is reduced compared to the situations in good ol' emulation.
Are the bright flashes (such as when grabbing the Rosary, letting off an M-80,000 bomb, or hitting a Hard Corps boss weak point) console-accurate as opposed to the Switch versions which lower the frame rate or brightness (to reduce epileptic risks)? 

Cuz I don't like being tricked out of my $s.
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