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Some thoughts should just be thoughts.
« on: June 21, 2017, 02:07:31 PM »
So, I had an altercation with a family member.
The nasty verbally-violent “I hate your guts” type.
It wasn’t pretty.
Things were said that neither of us (I’m sure. I hope.) really meant or are particularly proud of. And it was bad enough that my subconscious actually dredged up some cathartic murder fantasies. About a family member that, fights aside, I love very much and want very much to remain alive.

The Id is an absolute bastard.

There’s a place for thoughts and fantasy. It’s in your head. Let the fantasy take you somewhere in your head that is cathartic and relieving — that’s why your subconscious brings them forward to the conscious mind in the first place, after all. But no matter how sweet the Id’s whispers, don’t ever bring a finger of harm to someone else unless they are already trying to hurt you.
If there’s one  thing that my time studying the myths and legends of the Norse has taught me, it’s that the price of blood is always steep, and that kinslayers never end up in a good way. Never-goddamn-ever.
There’s a place for these kinds of thoughts, and it’s in your head.


Some thoughts should just be thoughts.

This has been a brief update and murky window into my life masquerading as a PSA.
How not to be a dark lord: the answer to that is a terribly interesting answer that involves an almost Jedi-like adherence to keeping oneself under control and finding ways to be true to yourself in a way that doesn't encourage the worst parts of you to become dangerously exaggerated and instead feeds your better nature. Also, protip: don't fuck with Alchemy or strike up any deals with ancient Japanese Shinigami gods no matter how tempting the deal or how suavely dressed the Shinigami is.

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Re: Some thoughts should just be thoughts.
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2017, 12:29:02 AM »
I totally agree. Some thoughts should just stay as thoughts and not intrude upon real life. I too have had my share of dark fantasies whenever conflict enters my life. I personally wish with all my heart and soul for said conflicts to just stay the hell away from me. They aren't pretty when they happen and it really makes me question whether or not we should be allowed to continue as a species, with such dangerous egos always waiting for the next fight to crop up and join in the fray. It's worse on the internet because we have these things called screens to hide behind like cowards while we dish out the bad behaviour just to get some sort of rise out of one another.
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Re: Some thoughts should just be thoughts.
« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2017, 05:18:54 AM »
Eh. Family disputes. These are bloody awful. Especially when some of your family members have over-inflated egos.
My grandmother is a loving, but extremely critical and dominating person who constantly tries to tell people what to do. I've come to selectively shrug off her weirder tips and recommendation.
And then I have an aunt an uncle that are, ugh. Good lord I like them but can't spend too much time with them. Close minded as heck. My uncle is one of the most racist people I know. He also believes in Alex-Jones style conspiracy theories. And he doesn't mind bringing up politics on almost every family meeting, and that is where I've learned to shut the hell up, otherwise, I could get into a pointless argument. Which is truly pointless because some family members simply wouldn't listen to arguments that contradict their worldview.
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Re: Some thoughts should just be thoughts.
« Reply #3 on: June 22, 2017, 05:43:28 AM »
I think as the heading suggests, some thoughts need to remain thoughts.

If you're with someone you love and you see a beautiful woman walking the other way down the street, do you automatically alert the one you love that for a fleeting moment you've thought about that other woman - whom you know nothing about - bare skinned as the day God made her? No. You straighten up and fly right, you man up and walk away because you know forgetting about your daydreaming (with is a healthy sign of an active mind btw) is the right thing to do I.e. Humanity's version of autocorrect.

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