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Fan Stuff / Re: CV Xtacy (NSFW)
« Last post by Abnormal Freak on April 23, 2023, 10:18:31 AM »
Look at how cute this is.

If anybody knows how to get in touch with the artist, I'd like to know if he (she?) has hi-res copies of all the Xtacy art. Some of the stuff online is really poor quality, and maybe that's just how the original JPEGs were. This was millennia ago in Internet years, after all.

So many Castlevania community members over the years who have just disappeared and that's sad. :'(

Pour/bust one out for all you lost souls.

MOD EDIT: Removed the picture, no porn is allowed.
Fan Stuff / Re: Castlevania Xtacy (NSFW)
« Last post by X on April 23, 2023, 10:05:30 AM »
LOL! If it isn't masturbating monkeys, it's this  ;D
Fan Stuff / CV Xtacy (NSFW)
« Last post by Abnormal Freak on April 23, 2023, 08:31:39 AM »
lol, perv alert

I recently played through Legacy of Darkness again and remembered all the Dracula Xtacy art of Ada, Rondo Maria, Carrie, etc. The artist used to post on CVDF and I remember posting a pic of a woman explosively lactating in eight different directions, and he quickly whipped up a drawing of Sonia Belmont in the exact same pose. That shit cracked me up and I wanna see it again.

His art style was also just really cool and there were some non-hentai drawings also, I believe done for the Castlevania Xtacy fangame. Google image search brings up some things but not everything. The aforementioned Sonia drawing was only ever posted on this board, I believe.

Also, I'm horny and just wanna see anime tiddies.

MOD EDIT: Removed the picture, no porn is allowed.
Off Topic / Re: Forum Maintenance 2023
« Last post by Gunlord on April 18, 2023, 08:27:32 PM »
Good luck t-t
Fan Stuff / Re: For Sale/For Trade Thread!
« Last post by zangetsu468 on April 17, 2023, 09:19:50 PM »
Apologies for double-posting, looking to sell or trade collectibles.
I have mainly sealed vide games, video games, cards, figures and some statues.
Even got a sealed iPhone 12 mini I may be willing to part with. DM me. 🤙🏻

EDIT: Also have pop vinyls, comics and manga
Off Topic / Re: Forum Maintenance 2023
« Last post by Abnormal Freak on April 17, 2023, 06:44:40 PM »
Off Topic / Forum Maintenance 2023
« Last post by Jorge D. Fuentes on April 17, 2023, 07:31:05 AM »
Hi everyone, Jorge here.

I'm going to attempt to update the forum software within this week.
The site admin and I have done a backup of the forum as of this last week, just in case there are issues.
Once the forum is back up, there might be glitches, but hopefully those registration and e-mail activation issues go away.

We will see.

If you spot forum issues during this week, bear with us as we update everything.
General Castlevania Discussion / Anit-Llords of Shadow fans/fans
« Last post by jestercolony on April 16, 2023, 01:43:41 PM »
Play the journal entiries


then fowards. :)
This is neat. It'd be interesting to have a randomizer version of BR where enemies and bosses are random (minus Dracula at the end) for speedruns or just for shits & giggles.
Hardcore Gaming 101 / Re: Zelda TOTK Aonuma gameplay trailer
« Last post by zangetsu468 on April 13, 2023, 04:24:50 AM »
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