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Castlevania Cross of Sorrow
« on: December 16, 2012, 03:22:55 AM »
My friend abroad wrote this Castlevania/Vampire Knight crossover on and i thought of sharing it here.

Castlevania Cross of Sorrow

1st Night: Rebirth.

"The war between Humanity and Lord Dracula raged on, Dracula's reincarnation, Soma Cruz has awakened and swore vengeance on humanity, the resulting war caused human civilization to crumble, the resulting despair made the immortal count nigh invulnerable, but through the efforts of the legendary vampire hunter Julius Belmont, Dracula's own son, Alucard and the Kaname Kuran, Lord Dracula was sealed. Ten thousand years have passed since that fateful battle and Dracula still sleeps in his eternal prison…until now."

It was a moonlit night and two figures, one of them a man with long light brown hair and the other, a younger looking man with long wavy auburn hair, walked into a dark castle that stood in the middle of a city. The pair walked deep into the center of the castle and they stopped when they saw a silver coffin with a draconic design and a large red jewel at the center.

"Are you sure we should do this, Kaname?" The light brown haired man was worried.

"We don't have a choice Kaien." Kaname approached the coffin. "Only Dracula is powerful enough to unify the pureblood families." He pulled out a dagger and cut his palm. "Only he can stand against the Bernhard family." He let his blood drip onto the jewel.

"This is very dangerous…" Kaien wore a worried expression.

As Kaname's blood made contact with the red jewel, it started to glow brightly and the coffin opened, inside it was a pale young boy with white hair in a tattered black coat.

"Awaken." Kaname dropped his blood on the young boy. "Dracula."

Dracula gasped as he woke up, his eyes were a blood red color and they glowed brightly.

"He looks so young." Kaien said as he looked at Dracula. "Just like a child."

"I want you to raise him as a human." Kaname said. "His powers will awaken when we need them too."

"Raising the legendary Dracula himself." Kaien was shocked. "You really think I can do that?!"

"At his current state." Kaname placed his hand on Dracula's forehead. "I can seal his memories and fabricate new ones."

"So long… I have no memories of how his happened…or who I am…" Dracula thought to himself. "But I do remember…being great and powerful once." His eyes glowed as he experienced visions of himself fighting a war and singlehandedly defeating armies. "I will return and take my vengeance!"

"I'll put your memories to sleep now." Kaname used his magic to seal Dracula's memories and to add additional ones. "You are Soma Cruz once more." His magic took effect. "The Bernhard family killed everyone you loved." He smiled. "Believe that and aid me in my cause."

"I'll take him to see his new family, Yuki and Zero." Kaien smiled. "With his looks, he can pass off for a twelve year old."

"The effects of the seal aged him backwards, raise him as your own, teach him to love humans." Kaname said. "And when the time is right, we'll rely on his dark powers."

Four years have passed since that night and Soma was now a student at the Cross Academy.

"My name is Soma Cruz, I'm a day class student and one of the school guardians, I don't have any memories of my childhood all I remember is being adopted by the headmaster, and the times I've spent with Yuki and Zero…and my hatred for the Bernhard family. My life now is very peaceful, classes are boring and Yuki loves to bug me about the smallest things, but I'd like to think I live a good life…but sometime I feel that all of it…is just a dream, I have strange visions, and I have strong magical abilities… what could this all mean?"

It was a cloudy afternoon and classes had just ended and Soma was walking towards the gate.

"Well, it's Friday." Soma smiled. "I'll have two whole days to myself."

"Soma!" Yuki called out to him with a smile on her face.

"I'll just pretend I didn't hear her." Soma got nervous and started walking faster.

"Hey!" Yuki was getting angry. "I know you can hear me!"

"What is it, Yuki?" Soma looked at her and smiled nervously.

"You weren't trying to ditch your duties as a guardian, were you?" Yuki glared at Soma.

"Yeah, it's a pain." Zero approached Yuki and Soma. "But she won't shut up if we don't take this seriously."

"I guess you're right." Soma sighed. "Well, I guess I can sleep this off tomorrow." He smiled.

"Hey!" Yuki pouted. "I can hear you two!"

Later that day, Soma, Yuki and Zero were waiting at the gate of the night class dorms.

"So, is Yuki going to act like a dumb fangirl over Kuran again?" Zero asked Soma.

"This happens everyday" Soma sighed. "The whole prim and proper thing he's doing really gives me the creeps."

"Vampires do that to lure their prey." Zero said in a disgusted tone. "They're all beasts…"

"I can see why you think that." Soma said.

"It's good that you don't argue with me on this point like Yuki does." Zero sighed.

"Anyone that threatens life is a beast in my eyes...I don't care whether they're humans or vampires." Soma replied coldly. "The Bernhard family is the worst…"

"Your family was killed by them, right?" Zero asked.

"And many more people." Soma clenched his fists. "I'll exterminate those demons." His eyes showed a clear hatred for them.

"I can relate to that feeling…" Zero remembered his family being murdered by a vampire.

"Soma! Zero!" Yuki called out to them. "Come on!" She watched Kaname and the night class students go through the gates.

"Time to get to work." Soma smiled at Zero. "Relax, as guardians, we're here to make sure no one else gets hurt."

"You're too nice for your own good…" Zero sighed.

"Hello, Yuki." Kaname smiled as he walked over to her.

"H-Hello Kuran." Yuki smiled.

"Please, just call me Kaname." He touched Yuki's cheek. "I feel so lonely when you address me so formally."

"O-ok Kaname" Yuki smiled and blushed.

"How typical of her." Zero was annoyed.

"Just ignore it." Soma said as he looked at Yuki and Kaname. "It's not like we can do anything about it."

"You're right." Zero replied. "We'll just be wasting our time."

A few hours later, night fell and while Zero was on patrol, Soma and Yuki were seated together near the fountain, Soma careful to sit two spaces away from Yuki.

"You can sit closer you know?" Yuki looked at Soma.

"I wouldn't be comfortable with that." Soma smiled nervously. "And you don't want Kuran to get the wrong idea, right?"

"W-we're not like that!" Yuki blushed nervously. "I'm just very thankful to Kaname."

"I see." Soma looked at the fountain.

"H-hey." Yuki looked at Soma. "When Kaname touched my cheek, did that make you jealous."

"I don't really care about your love life." Soma sighed. "You're more like a sister to me anyway." He smiled.

"I see…" Yuki looked down with a sad and disappointed expression.

"What's with her?" Soma thought to himself as he noticed Yuki's mood.

Around the same time at the headmaster's office, Kaien was stalking to a man in a black suit.

"I've raised him the best I could." Kaien smiled. "I raised Dracula into a kind young man."

"But how long can he stay this way?" The black suited man asked.

"We'll just have to see, Arikado." Kaien said.

"Kaname's plan is a very dangerous one…" Arikado said grimly.