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Konami made an Oculus Quest game, any hope for a CV Quest?
« on: March 14, 2021, 03:53:02 PM »
Nothing to get too excited about, but as a Castlevania fan and VR enthusiast, I’ve been hungering for a VR Castlevania for a long, long time now.  I saw that Konami is publishing a VR rhythm game for the Oculus Quest in Asia.  Couldn’t help but hope that’s a sign that the long shot might be just a little closer to reality.  Castlevania should always be on the leading edge of gaming technologies, such a shame it hasn’t been there for so long.  For now, the closest I get to a VR Castlevania experience on my Oculus Quest 2 is swinging my sword in the Ancient Dungeon demo while wearing headphones playing 8 bit Castlevania tunes, or swinging my hand as if swinging a whip against poltergeists that don’t die in Affected: The Manor.  Maybe someday I’ll experience the pleasure of killing undead foes with an actual whip in VR.  My best hope before was maybe one of those third party devs might be able to get the license and decide to do some vr stuff with it, but good to see Konami itself get into the VR game.

My hope is that any CV VR game can recapture the joy of Castlevania 64 and Legacy of Darkness’s simply being able to experience Castlevania from a new perspective.
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