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Re: Question regarding battle of 1999/Aria of Sorrow
« Reply #15 on: January 15, 2021, 04:15:19 PM »
Aside from what's already been said in this thread regarding the use of the Whip to sever Dracula's soul from his magical power:I think it'd be reasonable to say that, in-universe, they didn't expect to have to deal with the castle reappearing ever again - and at that point, with Dracula presumedly dead for good, the Belmont bloodline would've effectively served their lifelong purpose in combatting him.

I might be assuming that, though, since Arikado was making visits to the Shrine for at least 10 years prior to the events of AoS - which seems to imply that he might've been testing the integrity of the seal placed upon the castle, just in case.

There’s two things that go against this though.

1 - Julius mentions leaving the VK in the Castle in order to ‘weaken it’, which implies even though Dracula was destroyed in 1999 that he expected to some day return to Castlevania. Presumably CV was sealed inside the eclipse even in part because a) there’s no way to eradicate it and b) there’s no way to stop it materialising under the right circumstances (the conditions of which vary drastically and are not necessarily controllable) so at least this way it guaranteed CV or a Dark Lord couldn’t return for 1/3rd of a century.
2 - Nostradamus’ prophecy mentioned the 2035 event which is AoS. Someone would have known about this, given its referenced in-game, given Alucard has lived through the ages and his intelligence and connection to Dracula, that this point relates to the above and Dracula is essentially the most powerful dark/ demonic force within the CV universe.
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