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Making the Sega Saturn game more playable
« on: September 23, 2021, 10:34:26 AM »
Symphony of the Night received a second release on the Sega Saturn. Everybody knows that it has a little bit of extra content, a lot of extra bugs, and a major drop in graphical fidelity. Those issues are unavoidable, but it is still a "more complete" version of SotN that some people will definitely enjoy.
Luckily it seems a few talents in the romhacking community have produced 2 different patches, both of which have their own take on improving the experience of playing the game. Unfortunately it seems the two aren't compatible or anything like that at this moment, but both releases are compatible with hardware and emulation.

Nocturne in the Moonlight Extended by paul_met

"Main features:

Restoration of translucency of many objects;
English translation of some elements;
Direct access to the global map;
Finalization of the global map;
Restoration of the original proportions of some sprites;
Removing horizontal black bars of the screen;
Skipping videos and dialogues;
Access to Richter’s alternate costume;
Reduced loading time;
Support for 4MB expansion card;
Bug fixes;"

This version does not translate any dialogue, just menu elements. It is more focused on improving the playability and graphical effects of the game, which it does in many ways.

Dracula X English Translation by Knight0fDragon

This version is attempting to be a more complete English translation of the game experience. The dialogue text and menus are translated, but no English voices yet. While it lacks some of the quality of life features and speedups the other hack has, it still has its own host of improvements (which aren't organized in the thread so I didn't copy paste it all here)

I prefer the "Extended" version myself, but I greatly recommend checking out both versions if you're at all interested in the Sega Saturn release. Nothing can really fix the stretched out graphics yet but that can kinda mostly be circumvented with a good CRT filter. It's fantastic that people are actively working on this game and that these patches exist.

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Re: Making the Sega Saturn game more playable
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2021, 05:53:29 PM »
Well it was only a matter of time till somebody did it right? Frankly we should've gotten this a long time ago from the official source. Judging from the screenshots they are doing a good job at fixing the issues already mentioned.
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