Should the characters, as a whole, be buffed or nerfed?

Nerf the best characters, leave everyone else
0 (0%)
Buff everyone to be as powerful as Alucard
1 (25%)
Nerf everyone to be as weak as Dracula
0 (0%)
Adjust the whole roster to be as good as the current high (but not top) tiers
3 (75%)
Adjust the whole roster to be as good as the current low (but not bottom) tiers
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How would you fix Judgement?
« on: November 04, 2017, 01:56:50 PM »
I personally enjoy Castlevania: Judgement in a mostly ironic way, but part of me always wonders what would have made it something that I could enjoy less ironically. As it stands, it's horribly balanced and the gameplay is way too centralized around building up your super meter and using it faster than your opponent. Additionally, the camera always picks the worst angles and most of the character designs are awful(Especially Simon).

If I were going to fix this game, I'd focus mostly on fixing the balance of the game with a few other touches. First of all the camera needs to be fixed; it should always try to have one character on the left of the screen and the other on the right instead of going into weird over-the-shoulder angles if one player walks towards the screen.

The rest of my proposed changes have been condensed into spoilers to make this post easier to read.

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

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On a side note; anyone feel like delving into this game's files and finding out if it can be modded to the same extent as Brawl? I looked around and found quite a lot of useful files in the data but couldn't find/make sense of anything that could hold things like attack data or character animations(aside from Shanoa and Aeon's super animations, which are stored in the same file as their models and can be viewed with BrawlBox).

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Re: How would you fix Judgement?
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2017, 03:51:24 PM »
The game's files CAN be modified.
The wireframes for the models have been extracted and such.

The issues is, the developers never made 'bones' for any cloak work, etc, which I imagine was a pain in the ass to animate.  As such, no characters really have fluid movement AND flowing capes (Dracula has some flowy cape stuff but this is compensated by the fact that he DOESN'T MOVE).

I'd be fine with the models being modified such that they have more classic outfits (Cornell looks badass with the armor, but he'd look cool as just a Wolverine-ish-looking N64 Cornell, and characters like Death don't need to be completely different).  Maybe tone down on the ridiculous belt/metalplate usage that the concept art uses (there's no need for those Metal Nipple Armor plates that Dracula has on) as a start.
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Re: How would you fix Judgement?
« Reply #2 on: November 05, 2017, 01:46:45 AM »
1. Hire Ayami for artwork
(I mean, Obata Takeshi is a good artist, unlike that guy who ruined DS games for me, but it just doesn't fits the franchise. His artwork is rather modern and slick, which well fits for something like Death Note or Bakuman. I'd rather have Miura Kentaro or Araki Hirohiko for something like Castlevania.)

2. Make it in a console with better graphics TRADITIONAL controller (PS4, Switch etc.)
(I mean, Wii sucks as a 1v1 fighter. It would be a last thing to come up with when thinking about a console to make a tournament fighter)

3. Make the Characters look more "Castlevania-ish".
(Seriously, the characters attire dorsn't fit Castlevania. It'd be more likable to see those kind of clothes in Senran Kagura)

4. Add extra bunch of characters/variation to eventually have all major characters from Castlevania as selectable characters (Soma, Leon, SotN Maria etc.)

5. Have Musou-Style hack-and-slash style.

6. Change the stories inside-out.

That's about it. In my opinion, DoS and PoR needs fixing more then Judgement, because it was game with a potential, unlike Judgement, which was failure from the start.