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Re: The "Era of no Belmont"
« Reply #45 on: October 29, 2013, 07:25:58 PM »
One of my theories involves memory loss.  The Belmont remnants in Order of Ecclesia forgot about their monster hunting past.  Julius forgot he was a Belmont before Aria of Sorrow, why not before the Battle of 1999 as well?  I also suspect it might have been an intentional memory loss, perhaps figuring that the only way the family could follow the rules of that prophesy and "never touch the whip" until 1999 (why, I don't have any theories on) would be to forget who they were.  It is also "nice" that after so many centuries, the Belmonts "get a break" and let someone else do the heavy lifting, while they live out their lives in obscurity for a while.

I'm not certain I follow the reasoning why Julius would have memory loss before the battle of 1999. In AOS it's implied he lost his memory from the aftermath of the 1999 events. It's assumed the VK would have still been used by Richter after SOTN though before he could pass it to the next Belmont something changed. Think about OOE, their bloodlines were remaining in Wygol Village, yet there was no direct Belmont heir to the whip. Interestingly the Old woman Daniela is described as "An old woman with memories of fighting monsters with her grandfather." OOE is set in the 1800's, Richter defeated Dracula in the late 1700's, which probably does not leave enough time for another successor.

Edit: What I meant to add was, if all Belmonts had their memories wiped then Daniela wouldn't have memories of fighting monsters with her Grandfather.

Additionally in POR it's stated that using the VK ended up causing John Morris' (from Bloodlines) death. Hence after the events of POR Jonathan Morris will also die (after the best ending which included defeating the Whip's memory) as only the true Belmont descendants with the pure bloodline presumably could wield the VK without this happening.

For some reason the Belmonts went into hiding. Perhaps after Richter was controlled in SOTN they realised the whip's power would be used against humanity so they voluntarily lived in secret (perhaps fleeing Wallachia) until the time of Julius Belmont.

Reinhardt Schneider was originally intended to be a Belmont, but changed to a distant relative, for awhile these game weren't canon until CoTM...
Ironically, John Morris had no ties to the Belmont family until PoR, which was unnecessary because Nathan Graves can wield the VK without any blood ties to Belmonts.

John Morris in Bloodlines is the son of Quincy Morris from the Novel Dracula, that's the entire point - the Morris' came from the Belmont clan, Konami wanted to include the original Dracula Mythos in the timeline.
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Re: The "Era of no Belmont"
« Reply #46 on: October 30, 2013, 12:11:27 PM »
I also note that IGA wasn't a huge fan of using the Belmonts as playable protaganists because he apparently felt the whip was a play style in danger of becoming stale, as a real world explanation for the lack of Belmont butchness.

Harmony of Dissonance had one and so did Lament, but Aria, Curse, Dawn, Portrait, and Ecclesia all dodged it. HD had several, but as a spin off entry, it doesn't really count. If a Belmont was playable at all, they were a bonus unlockable character as a reward for finishing, with only Dawn daring to give a playable Belmont an actual storyline for his mode (such as it was-- but it was freaking awesome). Worth noting that Circle of the Moon, a non-Iga game that kicked off that series of Belmont-lite games, also dodged a Belmont protaganist (but had other reasons for it).
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Re: The "Era of no Belmont"
« Reply #47 on: October 31, 2013, 01:46:40 AM »
The image made me imagine this is ending to Igrashi Castlevania or Mercury Steam Castlevania but with Castlevania characters :P.
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In that video there's a Penguin with a nametag that says "Pen." 
In Wai Wai World, there's a penguin named Pentarou that works with Simon Belmont. 

Coincidence?  I think not. 

Clearly, if we understood penguin and could understand the penguin in that video, our questions would all be answered.