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top 3 Castlevania IGAvanias with the most amount of bosses
« on: September 29, 2017, 08:36:27 PM »
there can be quality in quantity.   ;D

hey Castlevania gurus out there, what are the top 3 Castlevanias with the most amount of bosses?    it's kinda tough cause some seem like they have more than others, but some maye reuse boss rooms for an extra boss fight there.   so there could be more in total than it seems for certain IGAvanias.

so like which three Castlevanias has the most bosses, and how much in total do each of them have (and any extra uniquely named enemy in a single boss fight still counts as its own boss, unless they are a weak minion class).

and yea on the subject, I like it when there's lots of more bosses, cause it really gets developers to express more of their creativity, and as some IGAvanias like NITM and OOE showed, more bosses really does enhance the quality of the game overall because you have all these other bosses that add more variety and potential favorites, plus more challenges and combat styles and stuff, which can even enhance other aspects of the game like the lore, possible loot or skills gained, interesting boss room designs, and other things.  the bosses really add more flavor to the experience, and they naturally stand out more than regular enemies.