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Good idea using Isaac’s voice for the Inccubus. I could hear that. 
well I actually was thinking about trying to train a voice from Castlevania curse of darkness use Isaac's voice for the male Succubus in the radio drama. far as the other voices I haven't made up my mind on yet, might try to train the Japanese voice's if I can't pull nothing else off. maybe use Alucard's voice from the PSP or Netflix show for his friend IDK. haven't finished the voices for SOTN yet. just figured snice I already training these voices. it would be nice to use them, and I wanted to do the radio drama a long time ago, I edited the first part years ago to take the Japanese voice off. now it's easier with AI. I got something called Rip X pro. that can separate music from voices. I couldn't wait to give them that 150 dollars. after all I use to do a bit of Dubbing in the past. and I took the whole Chinese movie Monkey king and edited the Chinese out and Dubbed it in English. very proud of that. took me a month of full long days to do that. now I can just load it up and strip it right off, I love it. and I want to be able to clone voices so it was a no brainer for me. anyway feel free to offer any idea's on voices for the radio show.
Oh wow, they "actually" fixed this issue with an update.  I also saw that there's a login bonus called "Romantic Ball" in celebration of Valentine's Day.  I was a bit disappointed that it just gave out Christmas and Halloween coins, and not something new, but maybe it's a sign Konami loves us after all?  Anyone recall if they had done this other years?  Description of the update just said "Bugs have been fixed".  Wonder what else might have been fixed if anything.
Fan Stuff / Re: Castlevania The Lecarde Chronicles May 2013
« Last post by Aceearly1993 on February 11, 2024, 06:51:40 PM »

A demonstration of how far the community goes on the attempts to rescue the fan game from the abyss.

More goodies will join the fun in the future!
it is pretty cool playing around with that stuff, so much you can apply it to.  for the audio drama, psx voices would be good when possible, i just wasn’t sure what you’d use for the original characters who weren’t in SotN.  not sure if models trained on Japanese voices would sound good at all in English.  or maybe it’d be better to just use a different voice for those.  i do enjoy listening to this kind of stuff while driving or walking. i appreciate the time and effort it takes to train these models too. it’d be interesting to hear games that had text-only dialog as well, such as Dawn of Sorrow.  at the very least you could use Alucard’s voice in that one, ha. 
Fan Stuff / Re: Simon's Curse, metroidvania game based on Simon's Quest
« Last post by Wanhus on February 10, 2024, 07:31:32 AM »
Hiya all!

And as always saves SHOULD be backwards compatible!
From version 0.73 onwards you dont have to move savefiles from old version folder to new version folder.

Download at!:

Update v0.78 D10.M02.Y2024


-added continue system (ruby icon in the hud) to the game, dying reset the location you are in but you lose a bit of gold and exp and you lose the continue, praying at the church replenishes the continue

-added map (very basic) that shows location of the player (accessed with triggers on controller while in menu, backspace on keyboard (cannot be changed, yet))


-added scanlines option to turn scanlines on and off


-added coin bounce sound

-added coin bag pickup sound

##graphics and effects

-added more animation frames to coin

-added coin bounce

-added effect ferry boat weight

-added ferry boat light

-added oar end piece to ferryman

-added effect for dropping blocks breaking when hitting ground

-added effect for some corpses/items colliding with liquids

-added effects for holywater water collision

-added effect for spider web bolt colliding with ground

-added hearts float on water

-added new tiles (joma marsh trees)

-added simon idle animation

-added button indicator for setting 5

-added few different button/key graphics for indicator

-added new church doors

-added lights out effect to candlesticks

-added new npc sprite

-added animation to shrine

-added wings to shrine

-improved shrine orb graphics and animation

-improved bonfires

-improved intro animation

-improved mausoleum platform graphics

-improved some decor object graphics

-improved menu border graphics and background

-improved many npc graphics

-improved device graphics

-improved death screen graphics

-improved several background images

-improved most tile graphics

-improved several enemy sprites

-improved several enemy animations

-improved waterfall graphics

-improved tree leaf graphics

-improved aljiba lampposts

-changed some text colors

-altered simon sprites

-altered simons curse logo colors

-altered vaniamania logo

-altered metzger made logo anim

-adjusted sunray visibility time

-changed simon midair attack sprite


-added area between carmilla cemetery and aljiba

-changes to joma marsh

-changes to dabis path


-added system to check if the player is using keyboard or controller (could be used to to show correct use/action/etc keys/buttons with the indicator)

-reworked most of the enemy AI coding (it does not show that much on the outside, but all the fixes with the enemies are because of it)


-can also equip item1 with the item1 use key/button

-pressing inventory or options button/key while either is active while now close the current menu instead of changing it

-both start and select work in death menu

-added gamepad setting 5 (up button does nothing, use/talking/entering is via top button, item use buttons are bumbers)

-gamepad triggers swap menus from inventory to options

-ingame options selection position resets when closed


-nerf: holy water is not very effective in water

-buff: when starting new game player has 3 more ingame hours before night time

-change: werewolfs now only roam at night


-fixed issue where player would take damage above noxius ponds without hitting them (turns out this was a conversion issue in hitboxes, should not cause anymore issues)

-fixed issue where player would take damage above spikes without hitting them (turns out this was a conversion issue in hitboxes)

-fixed player getting stuck on roof slopes

-fixed werewolf fixes: not using slopes, getting stuck on slopes when jumping, getting stuck on walls

-fixed slime not using slopes

-fixed some enemies shooting from outside of view

-fixed weird behavior with bone throwing skeletons (getting stuck, trolling platforms, staying airborne, getting stuck on ground, throwing bones without animation)

-fixed frog enemies sometimes getting stuck on walls while jumping

-fixed some flying enemies under some objects they should not be

-fixed player jumping out of water splash y pos too high

-fixed mausoleum exit door being closed when boss defeated

-fixed inventory clock not having minutes and hours in double digits (when less than 10)

-fixed certain drop that you were not supposed to die from

-fixed issue with new game in empty save slot trying to load a save

-fixed a lot of typos
thank you for replying.  ;D nobody wants to reply after 200 plus people seen this post. so glad you said something, and glad you enjoyed it. far as the radio drama I already plan on doing it but sorry, I'm going to do it with the PSX voices. I will finish this Japanese Translation fan dub first. after all I got a few more models to train. trained Richter the other day because I wanted better emotions from him than eleven labs. but like I said eleven labs have increased my datasets to help me train better models. Like with just the 5 minutes of audio from the game wasn't really sounding good when I trained my first Alucard model. but then I used my gospel of Mark I made with Alucard reading it on eleven labs, an hour and forty minutes. it came out great, so I been scraping up all my audio for each voice I train. anyway, yeah if someone wants to try to train the Japanese voices. I wish them luck, but IDK if you can scrape together enough audio to get good models. maybe. I guess if you took the Japanese audio from both the game and the radio drama it might work out IDK. but I tried to get good audio from the PSX Dracula, but only a minute and a half wasn't enough to get good audio from eleven labs or training a model myself. so went with PSP Dracula because he had audio from 5 games. and even then, it was only hit and miss on eleven labs. got good audio only 30% of the time. and depending on what I said, truthful the opening Dracula lines were changed many times and wasted a bit of money until I got good audio. so there not 100% faithful to the Japanese fan script. but closer than anything else. it's basically the same but just expanded like with the force and power part, But anyway, thanks to the good audio from Castlevania Arcade I made for him and the script for SOTN I trained me a good Dracula DXC model.

anyway cloning voices is very cool.
well that was fun, thank you.

i wonder if this could be used to make an English audio of the radio drama Nocturne of Recollection?  maybe train AI on the Japanese voices for some of the original characters?

 i was having some fun with ChatGPT playing Symphony of the Night, asking it to give Richter Mode a story.  I lol-ed after Richter threw a tantrum and trashed the place because the Master Librarian refused to help him.
Fan Stuff / Re: Castlevania The Lecarde Chronicles May 2013
« Last post by Aceearly1993 on February 06, 2024, 03:25:18 PM »
We noticed a weird bug about text in dx11 mode which text size will go incorrectly if set windows display scale to higher than 100%. Will have to leave this case to future roadmaps because my body is not in 100% perfect shape despite the body recover is going good.
General Castlevania Discussion / Re: Another Castlevania Add On
« Last post by Reinhart77 on February 06, 2024, 11:15:55 AM »
Brawlhalla is another recent crossover.  Nowhere as exciting as Dead Cells though.
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