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Decrovania (castlevania style mmorpg game)
« on: January 14, 2016, 10:08:44 AM »

So, i'm making a new castlevania fangame called decrovania. This is a MMORPG -style game, meaning that many players can play it on the internet at the same time. At beginning an idea was to make this game to be something like “SOTN castlevania online”. Well, now it has many SOTN elements but also some totally new stuff that are rare for a castlevania game. At the moment game is maybe halfway completed and it only has three towns, three castles and three bosses. Main guideline in making of this game is to use open art instead of konami’s copyrighted stuff. So this game might be a quite different than other castlevania fangames, because i don’t have so wide selection of sprites and other graphics to use.

Some screenshots from the game:

Death is one of the bosses

and legion..

using sword

casting ice spell..

Link to demo video:

Game state and how to play?

Currently this game is in beta stage and it is open to play. If you want to test it, you don’t have to download anything because it is totally browser based. It can be tested here:

Game might be a bit laggy, because it is browser based online game. Whatever you experience lag depends on how good computer you have and what is your ping (visible on right corner). Server is located  in europe/germany, so if you live in USA you probably end up having too high ping. If lag is caused by the browser, a good way to get game running faster is to resize browser window to a smaller size.

Current features in game:
- Three towns, Three castles, Three bosses
- Stats, XP and level system
- Ability to play game as a “mage” or “warrior”
- 8 different spells for mage and 13 different weapons for warrior
- 13 equipment pieces
- 22 different monsters
- Double jumping (must be obtained)
- Ability to swim under water (must be obtained)
- ability to PVP with other players (level 15 needs to be reached)

Features planned for the future:
- At least three more towns/castles/bosses.
- Ability to fly or high jump.
- More spells and weapons.
- More character sprites instead of currently used alucard sprite.
- Playing with tablet & phone
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