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Title: spelunkyvania
Post by: redrum on November 26, 2020, 09:55:47 PM
after trying some things out, namely this - (

i'm considering a project.  you all probably know where i'm going with this...

there are some very effective tools for modding spelunky and i'm not unfamiliar with this sort of work.
i've already extracted all of the graphical data and they are simple PNG files.
these only require editing and being repacked into the game.
the tricky part would be the sprites - scaling, mapping contact points, collision boxes.

here are some examples of the graphics files that have been extracted.
character sprite sheet
complete level tileset
item graphics

the music, text and other things are also fully customizable as well, that would be another part of the project.
i'm willing to do the heavy lifting for this but i can't do it without some feedback/assistance.
post your thoughts, questions, comments, hate mail, love letters.  let's hear what you guys think about this.