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Re: Season 3 obvious Anti-Christianity propaganda
« Reply #30 on: April 23, 2021, 01:31:20 PM »
I was hoping that we’d see more devout Christians who were ernest to do the right thing to balance out the Christians who did terrible things in the show.  What we got in season 3 instead was the figure of the judge, an apparently irreligious figure, who was still deeply flawed.  It seemed as if he was being propped up as a sensible man who won’t follow the nonsense of the religious fanatics and was thus a great ally to our heros.  But then his true nature was revealed.  It then seemed that the message was that it wasn’t necessarily religious blindness that caused some people to be terrible, but something from human nature instead.  I felt that at least still balanced the apparant bias a bit.

That's a good idea, I was hoping for the same thing myself.

I feel like you're giving that shitstain far too much credit.

My apologies.

It’s probably an exaggeration to say Warren Ellis has butchered Castlevania but millions of people who may have never heard of Castlevania before now recognize it as a vampire show filled with edgy atheism, explicit sex, and crass humor. I'm just hoping konami has no plans of transferring any of these things to future games.

In case it's gone unnoticed Warren Ellis' line about a certain important Christian seems to be copied almost word for word from a book called “the darkening age”. It doesn’t get more obvious that you have an ant-christian agenda than inserting anti -christian literature almost verbatim into your show.

I would also like to add that the line about driving sinners into traps refers to a homily by St John Chrysostom. In which he complains about how sinful he finds the games and theatre and implores his listeners to bar anyone who attends them from church, not talk to them, and not let them enter their homes. He compares this strategy to a hunter who chases his prey not from one side but by all sides. Warren Ellis intentionally uses this in a way that makes it appear more sinister than it really is.

This actually demonstrates how shallow Warren Ellis’s writing is. It’s very likely that he never even read the original homily and just copied the phrase from “The Darkening Age” changing a few words like a high school kid copying a text for their essay.

For comparison:

The darkening age:
As one influential Christian speaker put it, his congregation should hunt down sinners and drive them into the way of salvation as relentlessly as a hunter pursues his prey into nets.

Warren Ellis:
And one important Christian was heard to say, that the people should hunt down sinners and drive them into salvation as a hunter drives its prey into traps.

And from the books index you can see that homily is called Against the Games and Theatres.

^ This, well said.

Who doesn't love some obvious anti-christianity propaganda?

Totally me  :rollseyes: :rollseyes: :rollseyes: