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Castlevania: Moonlight Rhapsody - Beta Gameplay zangetsu468113436
Test your knowledge about Castlevania: Symphony of the NightKorppi259729
Found a "hidden" dialogue on SotN for PSPLelygax53920
My Castlevania 3 romhackDrakon1415398
Can somebody explain what this is?Kaori2910715
Mirror of Fate story contradiction (SPOILER)Patheticmw104749
Castlevania: Souls Of Sorrow (Chapter 5: She-Warrior)djrunza03442
Castlevania: Souls Of Sorrow (Chapter 4: The 7 Divisions of Immortal Vampires) djrunza03397
SOTN Alternate DialoguesLelygax03708
The truth about MetroidvaniaLelygax156972
Dracula as a playable character.Foenix45750
Robert Belgrade interview Galamoth96439
Castlevania- The Tower of Wallpapers (1094-2036)djrunza128619
Castlevania: Mirror of Fate (3DS)? OMG! CHECK THIS OUT! 0o0djrunza34096
Castlevania: Souls of Sorrow (Searching with enthusiasm for Sprite Artist) djrunza2015024
Something that you might REALLY WANT to see! \:D/djrunza44873
Castlevania: Souls of Sorrow (The 7 Divisions of Immortal Vampires)djrunza25162
Castlevania: Souls of Sorrow (Old Jonathan Morris and Old Charlotte Aulin)djrunza89576
Castlevania: Souls of Sorrow (A little SPOILER for Chapter 4)! djrunza24109
PS VITA- Castlevania: Souls of Sorrow (Cover Artwork Box)djrunza4623036
Castlevania: Souls of Sorrow (Chapter 1: The Twist of Fate)djrunza37342
New Castlevania character designs by G.I.Joe artist Robert Atkinsquinnmjohnson4714932
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