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VR Castlevania? (continued)
« on: October 23, 2014, 08:47:45 PM »
Saw this article about the possibility of Konami moving forward with Virtual Reality, and had to start thinking about a possible VR Castlevania game in the future again.

The game I'm imagining plays almost exactly like the N64 Castlevania games, except it's in first person, it's on PS4 using Morpheus, and it's using Playstation Move to control the whip and other weapons.  Big departure from LoS games in that it only takes one or two hits to destroy most enemies (to save your shoulders).  Snap the whip to attack straight in a given direction, twirl it for an area attack, and no real combo system to speak of.  Not sure how precise the targeting would be, maybe an N64 style target could appear on the closest enemy the remote seems to be pointing at, and then attack it when you snap it back. 

I wouldn't mind them putting future 3D console Castlevania games on hiatus until they worked out a VR game like this. 

Here's an older thread on the topic,7125.0.html

Here's an earlier article from July 2013 about David Cox playing around with some Lords of Shadow 2 code using Oculus Rift